Cork - Ballymartle Deaths 1875-1934 

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File contributed by:  Mary Simpson

p.a.d = present at death. 


3 Mar 1875	DANIEL McCARTHY  75, widower,  old age
		cert   JULIA BRIEN p.a.d. ( present at death ) 

5 Apr 1875	CATHERINE McCARTHY  60, lab's wid, chronic bronchitis
		cert John  x  Connor  p.a.d.

15 May 1877 	JOHN BARRY  20, single, lab, 7 day sloughing ulcer of throat, blood
		poisoning, cert.  Edward x Barry p.a.d.

20 Feb 1879	WILLIAM O'BRIEN  56, mar, farmer,  10 days paralysis, cert
		Thomas Haynes  p.a.d.

24 Apr 1881	ELLEN McCARTHY  80, lab wid,  old age n.m.a. ( no medical
		attendance )   James x Leary p.a.d.

22 Mar 1885	JEREMIAH McCARTHY  1 1/2,  lab's child, 5 days bronchitis, cert
		John Deasy  p.a.d.

11 Nov 1889	THOMAS BARRY  5wks, lab's child, 4 days acute laryngitis, uncert
		n.m.a.   Edward  x  Barry, father,  p.a.d.

21 Jul 1896	JOHANNA O'BRIEN  85, Farmer's wid,  senile decay, n.m.a.
		Daniel  x  Buckley  p.a.d.

14 Mar 1900	MICHAEL BARRY  8mths, lab's child, 5 days bronchitis, n.m.a.
		Ellen  x  Barry, mother,  p.a.d.

10 Apr 1903	MARGARET BARRY  5,  and
17 Apr 1903	PATRICK  9mths,  cert Thomas Barry, father, fowl merchant

22 Aug 1908	ELLEN BARRY  52, mar, lab's wife,  2yr nephritis, cardiac failure cert
		Margaret Barry  p.a.d.

22 Jan 1916	KATE KENNEALLY  16, lab's child, 1yr pulmonary tuber. cert
		Patrick  x  Kenneally  p.a.d.

17 May 1927	TIMOTHY LOONEY  67, mar, farmer, chronic hepatic lesions ( some 
		years ) cardiac failure cert.  Jeremiah Kelleher  p.a.d.

2 Jan 1933	HANORA LOONEY  83, farmer's wid,  senile decay  n.m.a.
		Jeremiah Kelleher  p.a.d.

27 Feb 1934	HANNAH McCARTHY  70, single, dom servant, chronic myocardius
		chronic bronchitis cert,   ELLEN McCARTHY, sister in law  p.a.d.
		Killaminoge, Innishannon 


29 Nov 1882	ELLEN LOONEY  54, mar, dairyman's wife,  12mths heart disease
		Mary  x  Murphy  p.a.d.

15 Jan 1885	DENIS LOONEY  64, wid, dairyman,  6mths gastric atrophy cert
		JOHN LOONEY,  son,  p.a.d.


10 Aug 1878     ELLEN MURPHY  70, wid, pedlar,  2wks pneumonia  cert
		Hesther ?  x  McCARTHY  p.a.d.

1 Jan 1882      DENIS McCARTHY  80, married, farmer,  old age  n.m.a.
		Mary  x  Murphy  p.a.d.  


25 Aug 1879	TIMOTHY McCARTHY  53, single, Dean of the Catholic Church,
		liver cancer, exhaustion, coma, cert   William  x  Pumpery  p.a.d.

19 Oct 1882 	CATHERINE McCARTHY  69, mar, farmers wife, long time debility
		uncert  n.m.a.  JOHN x MAHONEY,  grandson*  p.a.d.   Denis' wife? 

19 Jan 1885	NORSY??  McCARTHY  70, mar, farmer's wife, 4 day bronchitis
		uncert  n.m.a.   William  x  Connolly  p.a.d.

3 Apr 1887	DANIEL McCARTHY  79, mar, farmer, 2yr epithefadena? of ?lip
		?hip  cert     Edward Walsh  p.a.d.

20 Oct 1888	MARY BARRY  66, lab wid,  exhaustion, hemiplegia, 3wk aphasia
		cert     John  x  Barry, brother - but  really brother-in-law,  p.a.d.

3 Mar 1893	MARY LOONEY  90, wid		old age, uncert,  n.m.a.
		Hannah  x  Finn?  Linn?  “ occupier “  p.a.d.
31 Jul 1893	JULIA O'BRIEN  35, mar, farmer's wife,  8yr chronic peritonitis, 4 day
		acute peritonitis  cert   

8 Sep 1895	DENIS McCARTHY  75, wid lab   senile decay cert
		JOHN  x  McCARTHY   p.a.d.

12 Jan 1896	MARY ANN LOONEY  33, mar, farmer's wife, 14 day acute 
		bronchitis, exhaustion, cert,   CORNELIUS LOONEY  p.a.d.

15 Mar 1897	JOHN McCARTHY  75, wid, farmer, 	old age  uncert
		Patrick Deacy   p.a.d.

11 Dec 1899	BRIDGET McCARTHY  6 days, lab's child, debility from birth, n.m.a.
		HENRIETTA  x  McCARTHY, mother,  p.a.d.

10? Sep 1900	JOHN McCARTHY  48, mar, lab,  6 day peritonitis, cert	         
		JULIA McCARTHY,  daughter,  p.a.d.

21 Jun 1905	THOMAS McCARTHY  85, wid, farmer	  senile decay  n.m.a.

29 May 1907	JOHANNA LOONEY  41, mar, farmer's wife,  6mth pul tuber. cert

5 Mar 1914	CORNELIUS LOONEY  61, wid, farmer,  pul tuber some years
		cardiac failure cert,   KATIE LOONEY  p.a.d.


26 Mar 1876	MARY CALLAGHAN  70, lab wid,  long time debility  n.m.a.
		David  x  Finegan   p.a.d.

21 Jun 1890	JEREMIAH O'BRIEN  62, mar, farmer, chronic nephritis  cert
		MARY ANN O'BRIEN  daugher  p.a.d.

2 May 1891	MARY O'BRIEN  97,  wid, farmer    old age  uncert  n.m.a.
		MARY O'BRIEN  grand-daughter  p.a.d.

10 Mar 1902	HANNAH O'BRIEN  28, single, farmer's daughter,  3 days acute
		appendicitis cert   TIMOTHY O'BRIEN  brother  p.a.d.

14 Jan 1908	MARY O'BRIEN  72, farmer's wid,     old age  n.m.a.


9 Oct 1876	JOHN LOONEY  80,  wid, lab,		old age  n.m.a.
		JERRY LOONEY   p.a.d.


10 Jul 1903	JOHN LOONEY  47,  single, farmer,  2yrs cardiac disease, 6mths
		hepatic enlargement, cert   WILLIAM LOONEY  brother  p.a.d.


3 Jan 1876	CHARLES TWOMEY  71, wid, mendicant,  several years disease
		of the heart  n.m.a.   DANIEL McCARTHY  p.a.d.

28 Jan 1880	BRIDGET COUGHLAN  78, lab wid, 	old age  n.m.a.
		Julia  x  Coughlan   p.a.d.

14 Oct 1880	JOHANNA BRIEN  73, mar, farmer's wife,   senile decay  n.m.a.
		DAVID BRIEN  p.a.d.

24 Dec 1880	JANE CALLAGHAN  41, mar, farmer's wife,  2yr phthsis  cert           

14 Dec 1882	ELLEN O'BRIEN  29, single, farmer's daughter,  6mths phthsis uncert
		n.m.a.   William  x  Stokes  p.a.d.

7 Jun 1882    	MARGARET BRIEN  37, single, farmer's daughter, unknown phthsis
		uncert  n.m.a.   MICHAEL CALLAGHAN, nephew,  p.a.d. 

23 Feb 1887	TIMOTHY O'BRIEN  87, mar, farmer,  old age probably, uncert
		n.m.a.  Jeremiah  x  Leary  p.a.d.

26 Jan 1891	DAVID O'BRIEN  47, single, farmer	5 yrs phthsis, uncert  n.m.a.
		JOHN O'BRIEN   p.a.d.
31 Jul 1893	JULIA O'BRIEN  35, mar, farmer's wife,  8yr chronic peritonitis, 4 days
		acute peritonitis, cert

21 Jan 1894	ELIZA McCARTHY  8, farmer's child,  3yrs phthsis uncert
		KATE McCARTHY,  mother  p.a.d.

29 Jan 1894	Hanorah Delohery??  89, farmer's wid,   old age  uncert
		KATE McCARTHY,  daughter  p.a.d.

18 Feb 1894	MARY ANN  McCARTHY  47, mar, farmer's wife,  typhoid fever
		cert,  DANIEL McCARTHY  son  p.a.d.

17 May 1896	TIMOTHY McCARTHY  63, wid, farmer,  12 day meningitis cert
		DANIEL McCARTHY  son  p.a.d.

19 Mar 1907	MICHAEL CHARLES O'BRIEN  10 days, debility from birth, uncert
		JOHN O'BRIEN  father, farmer,  p.a.d.

29 Jan 1911	WILLIAM O'BRIEN  73, wid, lab, 2 wks bronchitis, cardiac failure cert

26 Oct 1925	HENRIETTA McCARTHY  70, lab's wid,  liver cancer, cardiac failure
		cert   JAMES McCARTHY  son  p.a.d.


9 Apr 1876	MARY O'BRIEN  65, wid, servant		heart disease
		John  x  Collins   p.a.d.

3 Nov 1881	MARGARET CALLAGHAN  72, mar, lab wife,  senile decay  n.m.a.
		WILLIAM CALLAGHAN  husband   p.a.d.

12 Apr 1882	OWEN BARRY  65,  wid, lab,	9 days congestion of lungs  n.m.a.
		MARY O'BRIEN   p.a.d.

1 Aug 1882	DANIEL O'BRIEN  69, wid, carpenter   15mths chronic bronchitis      
		uncert   MARY O'BRIEN  daughter  p.a.d.
7 Apr 1884	ELLEN BRIEN  82, single			old age    n.m.a.                  
		HANORA  x  BRIEN  niece in law    p.a.d.

3 Mar 1885	MARY O'BRIEN  58,  lab wid,  6mths bronchitis, uncert  n.m.a.
		MARY  x  O'BRIEN  daughter in law   p.a.d.

17 Feb 1888	JOHN McCARTHY  93,  mar, farmer,  old age  uncert  n.m.a.
		JOHN J McCARTHY  grandson  p.a.d.

19 Mar 1889	PATRICK BRIEN  2, lab child, 	3wks whooping cough
20 Mar 1889	MARY BRIAN  40, mother,            3yrs ovarian dropsy
		Julia  x  Sullivan  ( Bawnleigh )  p.a.d.

26 Oct 1892	Ellen Kenealy					old age
		MARY BRIEN  daughter   p.a.d.

18 Oct 1899	MARY BRIEN  45, lab wid		cardiac failure  n.m.a.
		DENIS BRIEN  son  p.a.d.

4 May 1906	MARY McCARTHY  82, mar, farmer's wife,  senile decay   n.m.a.
		JULIA McCARTHY   p.a.d.

21 May 1908	JOHN McCARTHY  85, wid, farmer	old age   n.m.a.
		JULIA McCARTHY   p.a.d.

8 Feb 1910	JOHN McCARTHY  age?,  mar, farmer,  2yr vulvular disease of 
		heart, syncope, cert,   KATE McCARTHY   p.a.d.

4? Jun 1910	ELLEN McCARTHY  47, single, farmer's daughter,  4mths  pulmon
		tuberculosis  cert    JULIA  x  McCARTHY   p.a.d.

1 Jan 1918	KATE McCARTHY  60, farmer's wid	bronchitis, cardiac failure
		n.m.a.	    David  Sullivan  p.a.d.  ( from Cork )


8 Sep 1875	JOHN BRIEN  85, mar, lab,	old age    n.m.a.
		ELIZA  x  BRIEN    p.a.d.

18 Apr 1890	WILLIAM McCARTHY  62, mar, farmer,  10 days bronchitis  cert
		James Crowley  lab    p.a.d.

20 Jul 1901	MICHAEL O'BRIEN  80, mar, lab,  senile decay   n.m.a.
		KATE O'BRIEN  daughter    p.a.d.

12 Jul 1901	KATE McCARTHY  75, farmer's wid   old age    n.m.a.
		Jeremiah Kiely    p.a.d.


15 Jan 1888	JEREMIAH O'BRIEN  16, farmer's son,	cardiac disease, 2yr dropsy
		MARIA O'BRIEN   sister    p.a.d.

10 May 1878	RICHARD BARRY  71, mar, farmer      8 days bronchitis  cert
		RICHARD BARRY   p.a.d.

24 Feb 1880	ELLEN BARRY  85, farmer's wid, 	old age   n.m.a.
		Laurence  x  Dorney   p.a.d.

14 Nov 1894	JEREMIAH COUGHLAN  4mths	3wks bronchitis
		PETER COUGHLAN  father   p.a.d.	


19 Feb 1880	JOHN COAKLEY  4yrs,  lab child,  dropsy after scarletina  cert
		MARY  x  COAKLEY   p.a.d.

7 Dec 1882   	DENIS McCARTHY  10, farmer's child,  several years disease of the
		spine, uncert,  n.m.a.  MARGARET  x  MAHONEY  cousin  p.a.d.
17 Nov 1884	JEREMIAH McCARTHY  50, mar, farmer,  4 days congestion of the
		lungs, cert	JEREMIAH  x  McCARTHY  son   p.a.d.


3 Apr 1878	DENIS McCARTHY  67, mar, farmer,	12 days pneumonia  cert
		DENIS McCARTHY   p.a.d.

27 May 1882	MARY McCARTHY  65, lab wid, 	2mths bronchitis  cert
		DANIEL McCARTHY  son   p.a.d.

4 Mar 1888	DENIS McCARTHY  8mths, farmer's child,  2 days measles, uncert
		n.m.a.	   Catherine  x  Hayes   p.a.d.

18 Jun 1908	ELIZABETH McCARTHY  50, mar, farmer's wife, malignant disease
		of stomach, cert	MARY McCARTHY   p.a.d.


6 Jan 1877	MARGARET McCARTHY  65, lab wid,   12 yrs chronic bronchitis
		n.m.a.	   Timothy  x  Coughlan    p.a.d.


19 Apr 1883	JEREMIAH CALLAGHAN  57, mar, farmer,  4mths gastritis, 2 days
		asthma, cert	  MARGARET CALLAGHAN  wife   p.a.d. 


13 Apr 1876	ELLEN BARRY  77, mar, farmer's wife		old age   n.m.a.
		THOMAS BARRY   p.a.d.
KNOCKALOUSY  ( Knocklucy )					 		        

26 Jan 1879	MARY McCARTHY  80, single, mendicant	   old age   n.m.a.
		Miles Murphy   p.a.d.  ( Mullough )

19 Oct 1920	TIMOTHY McCARTHY  78, mar, farmer    senile decay, cardiac
		failure cert,   JAMES McCARTHY  son  p.a.d.

14 Jun 1931	JULIA McCARTHY  80, farmer's wid,   old age, cardiac failure, cert


14 Apr 1917	TIMOTHY McCARTHY  84, mar, lab,		senile decay  n.m.a.
		John  Ahern  ( Coolkirky )    p.a.d.


11 Jun 1887	WILLIAM CALLAGHAN  76, mar, lab,	   3wks bronchitis  cert
		Julia  x  Dineen    p.a.d.

25 Nov 1911	JEREMIAH O'CALLAGHAN  75, mar, lab, 28mth cancer of face,cert
		John  x  Dinnen   p.a.d.

22 Dec 1911	MARGARET O'CALLAGHAN  75, lab widow,  senile decay, cardiac
		failure, cert	Denis Murphy   p.a.d.

23 Feb 1905	MICHAEL McCARTHY  64, single, lab,   1 wk influenza, cardiac
		failure  cert	MICHAEL McCARTHY  nephew   p.a.d.

7 Mar 1908	JEREMIAH McCARTHY  94, wid, lab,	  old age   cert
		ELLEN McCARTHY   p.a.d.

5 Nov 1908	LIZZIE BARRY  33, single, servant,  	1yr pul tuberculosis  cert
		ELLIE McCARTHY   p.a.d.

28 Dec 1912	ELLEN McCARTHY  44, single, housewife,  3yr cardiac disease
		cardiac failure cert	Michael x Donovan? (smudged )   p.a.d.

8 Jun 1921	MICHAEL McCARTHY  57, single, lab,  death from kick of horse in
		stomach, 4 days peritonitis, cert,	MARGARET BARRY  p.a.d.

25 Jan 1932	DENIS McCARTHY  66, single, lab   bronchitis, cardiac failure  cert


4 Jan 1882	CATHERINE McCARTHY  1yr, lab child,   14 days whooping cough
		ELLEN  x  McCARTHY  mother   p.a.d.

24 Feb 1882	HANORA McCARTHY  6yrs, farmer's daughter,  whooping cough
		n.m.a.	  ELLEN  x  McCARTHY    p.a.d.

1 Jul 1889	ELLEN McCARTHY  5mths, farmer's child,   1mth  diarrhoea              
		PATRICK  x  McCARTHY   brother   p.a.d.

31 Jan 1892	ELIZA McCARTHY  8 1/2,  farmer's daughter,  1wk congestion of
		lungs, cert.	PATRICK  x  McCARTHY  brother   p.a.d.

1 Nov 1894	FRANCIS McCARTHY  11mths,    3 wk enteritis, diarrhoea, vomiting
		JOHN  x  McCARTHY  father,   p.a.d.


29 Oct 1905	MICHAEL McCARTHY  48, mar, farmer   1yr chronic nephritis,
		cardiac failure, cert	Cornelius Murphy?   p.a.d.


30 Apr 1880	TIMOTHY McCARTHY  67, mar,  2yr chronic bronchitis   n.m.a.
		John Connolly   p.a.d.

DURRAH?  ( Curra? )

7 Mar 1897	HANNAH McCARTHY  15, single, lab child	2yr phthsis  cert
		MARY  x  McCARTHY  mother   p.a.d.

23 Dec 1899	JEREMIAH McCARTHY  13, lab's son,  2yr nitral? disease of heart,
		syncope  cert     TIMOTHY x  McCARTHY  father   p.a.d.


23 Oct 1905	JOHN LOONEY ( Cooney?)  58, mar, lab,  6mth malignant disease
		of stomach,  cert,	BRIDGET McCARTHY   p.a.d.  Kinsale

30 Oct 1882	CATHERINE McCARTHY  37, single, servant,  long time lupoid
		ulceration of face, uncert,  n.m.a.  Mary  x  Murphy   p.a.d.	


26 Dec 1876	MICHAEL BARRY  43, single, lab,   several years chronic bronchitis
		n.m.a.     MARY x BARRY   p.a.d.

4 Feb 1897	DANIEL BRIEN  39, single, farmer, peritonitis from accidental
		injury to abdomen, ill for 19 hrs.  Information from Cork Coroner, M J
		Horgan,  Cork.