Cork - Eviction of John SULLIVAN of Curramore

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy

Sept.30,1889 From the Times.

John Sullivan of Curramore, Borlin, was evicted recently for 
non payment of an impossible rent. An emergency man, bearing 
the very significant title of Lynch, was put on the land as 
caretaker. Mrs. Sullivans geese did not think Mr. Balfour 
meant to include them in the “Crimes Act” and quietly 
strolled into their old haunts. The emergency man thought 
they were going to take “forcible possession” and drew his 
revolver, killing some geese. Mrs Sullivan seeing the havoc 
done, remonstrated with Lynch, and his reply was a shot at 
herself, which, fortunately missed. Two magistrates were 
applied to for a summons against the ruffian, and they both 
refused. This respectable family are, therefore, debarred 
from getting any redress for this outrage.