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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


At 5 o'clock on the morning of August 3rd bailiff Robert 
CAMBRIDGE, of Clonakilty, accompanied by another of the 
class, entered Ballinspittle, and John SAVAGE, Sheriff's 
bailiff, Kinsale, put in an appearance shortly afterwards. 
The three Bailiffs then proceeded to Kilgobbin Cross, where 
they were met by a wagonette and a number of side cars, with 
a force of 40 Police, under the command of Mr. CARR. Thence 
the whole cavalcade shortly afterwards proceeded to the 
residence of Jeremiah MURPHY, snr., of Ballyhander and 
removed all the furniture amidst the murmurs of the family, 
and after a short space of time the work was completed.

The Landlord is D.B.JOHNSON of Cork. MURPHYS is about 90 
years of age as is also his wife. The tenant held something 
over ninety acres of miserable land most of it waste and 
barren, unable to produce anything except furze and heather.

The rent was raised some time since and the landlord 
compelled the poor man to take a lease of the holding, which 
could scarcely support a farmer if he got it for nothing.

Possession being given, the evictors proceeded to the 
residence of Jeremiah MURPHY, on the Gumbleton estate, who 
was evicted, as was likewise Daniel MURPHY, residing in the 
same Plough land. The latter has a large family, and the 
scene while the bailiffs were putting out his effects was 
truly heartrending. Two brothers named John and B. GRIFFIN 
were also evicted. Both had large families. The bailiffs 
next proceeded to evict Jerry and Tim McCARTHY, on the 
JOHNSON property, but through some informality or other they 
were left undisturbed. A man named Tim CALNAN, on the 
Beamish property was next evicted. In no instance was any 
resistance to the evictions encountered. More evictions took 
place next day on Lady BOYLE'S estate throughout the 
neighbouring Parish Barryroe. Jeremiah McCARTHY, of 
Barerough, was one of those evicted, but widow MURPHY, his 
mother-in-law, was put back in possession as caretaker.