Cork - Tithe Prisoners in Cork, 9-Dec-1836  

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


William SHEEHAN, aged 60 years, his wife deranged and bed 
ridden these nine years, committed to gaol on the 1st of 
May. 1834, where he remains to this day, at the suit of the 
Rev. John GAVIN, Rector of Wallstown, for contempt of court.

Thomas NORRIS, aged 80, nine in family, in gaol since Sept 
1834, for contempt of court, at the suit of Rev. John GAVIN, 
Rector of Wallstown, for contempt of court.

Michael COTTER, aged over 80 years of age, in gaol since May 
last, at the suit of the Rev. J.B. RYDER.

Michael MAHONY, over 60 years of age, has a wife and five 
children, in gaol since Sept. last at the suit of the Rev 
Hume BABBINGTON of Moviddy.

Jeremiah DELANY, aged 52, wife and three children, in gaol 
since Oct. last, at the suit of the Rev. W.L. Beaufort. This 
poor man was never served with any notice, but the Rev. 
DIVINE got a person to do the needful.

John CONNELL, over 70 years, in gaol since October last, at 
the suit of the Rev Mr. PENROSE, the tithe and costs not 
ascertained as it is for contempt of court. The amount was 
tendered to Bastable, the plaintiffs attorney, before he 
received any notice, but the sum 17.10.0., besides 3.7.0., 
due by others on the plough lands, would not be received 
without 8/., costs.

James LYONS, aged 40, in gaol for the last fortnight, is now 
in typhus, committed by a creditor, his corn having been 
first seized, and sold by the Rector of Mallow, under an 
Exchequer process.

James BARRY, aged 52, committed on an I.O.U., for 6/., 
balance of tithes, he having paid the Rev. Mr. RYDER of 
Castle Lyons, the plaintiff, about 20/., for costs and 
tithes within the last four months.