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Whereas it has been a custom for Gentlemen to give money to 
servants after being entertained at dinner by their masters, 
and as such a custom is contrary to hospitality, and 
generally attended with many mischief's to men servants, We 
the Grand Jury of the County of Corke, being thoroughly 
persuaded that an immediate stop ought to put to such a 
practice, have unanimously resolved to suppress it for the 
future, by neither giving money ourselves, not suffering our 
servants to take it from others. April 1st 1765.

John Conway Colthurst,
Richard Townsend,
William Connor,
Richard Fitzgerald,
John Hyde,
Richard Longfield,
Abraham Devonsher.
Riggs Falkiner.
Robert Uniake Fitzgerald,
Robert Rogers,
Samuel Hutchinson,
John Rye,
Abraham Morris,
Boyle Aldworth,
Wallis Colthurst,
John Colthurst,
Roger Bernard,
Francis Kearney,
Emanuel Moore,
Henry H. Wrixon,
John Bernard,
Thomas Boles,
John Parker.

We the Grand Jury of the County of the City of Cork, do 
agree to the above resolution or the Grand Jury of the 

Walter Traverse,
Usher Philpot,
Joseph Witherall,
Andrew Franklin,
John Wrixon,
Stephen Denroch,
Kevan Izod,
Godfrey Baker,
William Parks,
Thomas Owgan,
Francis Rowland,
William Coles,
Hugh Lawton,
George Pigott,
Luke Grant,
Henry Moore,
John Lapp,
John Wrixon the younger,
John Bullen,
Christopher Conron,
Humphry Crowley,
Wills Crofts.

From the Freeman 04/04/1765