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Newspaper: CORK, Freemans Journal -  April 1765
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The Rev. Richard Townsend, Clerk, Susanna his wife, and 
others, Plaintiffs.

Henrietta Barry, James Barry, and others, Defendants.

Pursuant to a Decree of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery 
of Ireland, made in this cause, bearing date the 14th Day of 
December last, I will, on Monday the 20th Day of May next, 
at 6 O'clock in the afternoon, set up to be sold by public 
cant, to the highest bidder, at the Chancery Chamber, the 
Manor, Town and Estate of Rathcormuck, in the County of 
Corke, with the appurtenances, or so much thereof as shall 
be sufficient to satisfy and discharge all Principal, 
Interests, and Costs, decreed to the Plaintiffs, Defendants, 
and other persons in said decree mentioned---Rent Rolls of 
said Estate, with a state of its circumstances are to be 
seen in the hands of Samuel Smith, Esq. at the Old Jury, 
London, Samuel Sedgely, Esq. Bristol, and James Meade, Esq. 
Dublin, who will satisfy the purchaser as to the Title.

Dated the 3rd Day of April 1765.

C. Walker.

N.B. The above Estate is a complete Manor, within one 
Boundary, consisting of Eleven Thousand odd hundred acres of 
land, in a fine Country, within 10 Miles of Corke, has a 
Borough and a good advowson on it.

Freeman 9-4-1765 County Corke.