Land: CORK, To Be Let - Estate of Earl of Barrymore, 1791
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy
From the Clonmel Gazette Feb. 9th 1791.
To be let from the 25th March and the 1st May for Three
lives or Thirty One years, then following land and houses,
part of the Estate of the Right Honorable, Earl of
Barrymore, in the County of Cork. Proposals to be received
(and kept secret in required) sealed up and delivered to
Edward Collins, Esq. at the Agent's Office, Ana-Grove near
Cork, and duplicates thereof, forwarded to him, No. 9
Piccadilly. London.

BARRYMORE. February 9th 1791

Denominations. Present Tenant. Acres.
Part of Moneniegue Dan Mccarthy and partners 152
Part of Ditto Thomas Murray and Co. 266
Part of Ditto and Shanballyreagh. Denis Canna and son 282
Rest of Ditto. Derby and John Brooder 227
Part of West Old Court. James Cotter. 19
Part of Same Cornelius Curtin. 43
Carrigbranagh. Exors of James Fitzgerald. 171
First part of Ballyspillane. Denis Cahill 140
Second part of same, Late Pat Cahill's. Denis Cahill 161
Third part of same. Exors of Daniel Hartnet 136
Kiln part of Water Rock. Patrick Leahy 46
House, Offices, Demense, of same. Mrs Wakeham and Partners 80
Part of Water Rock. John and Garret Barry 31
Part of Water Rock. Patrick Donovan 40
Rest of Water Rock. Martin Kearney and partners 133
Two thirds of a field at Water Rock. Same 4
Ballyleary. Patrick Barry and partners 79
North Part of Lackenbehy. John Murphy, Michael Barry. 19
Middle part of same. Patrick Barry and partner. 79
South part of same. John and Tim Daly. 104
Garranes. Tim Carthy and partners. 291
Part of Woodstock. Exors of Dr. Fitzgerald and J. Barry 275
Lycet's Town. John O'Hea. 265
South Part of Ballirichardmore. John Moore. 120
Middle part of same. William Cotter. 73
North Part of same. William Hegarty 88
House and House division of Rossmore. Thomas Coppinger. 149
Part of Same. John Sullivan. 47
Part of Same. William Leahy. 13
Part of Same. John and Patrick Hely. 37
Part of Rossmore. John Cotter. 45
Part of Same. Denis Kinnelly 85
Burgess Land. Thomas Coppinger. 120
Part of Gurtnamucky. William Fenaghty. 13
Fields in Carrigtowhill. Roger Griffin. 27
Part of Fontarabia. Edward and Garret Barry. 46
Same. John Dooly 19
Same. Ellen Connel 21
House and quarter of same. Rowland Jackson O'Connor. 36
House and house quarter of Belvelly. William Barry 73
Castle part of same. Mau. Kidney and John Mara. 101
Part of same. David Coffy 29
Part of Belvelly Patrick and Cornelius Kidney. 55
Part of same. William and John Flyn. 65
Part of same. David and Patrick Heafe. 46
Kiln Division of same. Wm. Maurice and John Kidney. 41
Manning, part of same. John Fowlowe. 4
Mansfield's Town. John Coppinger. 24
Part of Ballydanielmore, Coolbroe. Widow Wooll. 69
Part of same. Exors of John Condon. 94
Part of same, Curriheennabeiky. James and Edward Barry. 113
North Part of Glanmore,Ballydanielmore. Tim Lynchy. 17
South Part of Glanmore,Ballydanielmore. Rev. Dr. Harrington. 45

Mill and Mill land of Burrane. Exors of Robert Crowly 7