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Landholder; Estate Location; Date Of Sale


1.      John LINDSAY, Owner, exparte Joseph Woodley LINDSAY, 
petitioner- Ballintemple, called Lindville, Janeville and 
Maryville; also part lands of Glankittane with Dwelling 
Houses situate on the Wellington Road, in the North 
Liberties of the city of Cork- 6 May 1856- (no maps).

2.      Estates of the Right Honourable Richard Earl of 
Shannon, Owner and petitioner [note-includes Cork & 
Waterford Estates, but only the Cork concerns are copied 
here]- Shannon Park, Kinalea or Cork Harbor Estate includes; 
Lands of Doonavanig, Ballinvarig, Aghnacarriga, Knockmanagh, 
East Farrenbrien and Minane Bog, West Farrenbrien and 
Farraneen; Charleville Estate includes Shandrum (part of); 
Bandon Estate includes Cloughmacsimon (part of), 
Clogheenavodig (part of), [houses on] Shannon Street, 
Bandon, also Boyle Street, Warner's Lane and Fox Street; 
Monarone (part of), Knockanreagh, Currivridy East (part of), 
Currivridy West; and Youghal property includes four Dwelling 
Houses and premises- 13 July 1852- (lot maps).

3.      Elystan Eyre EVANS, a minor, by the Right Honourable 
Edward Lord CROFTON, and the Honourable Sophia EVANS, his 
Guardians, Owners and petitioners, in the matter of the 
Estate of Anna EVANS and Elizabeth EVANS, Owners; John 
CHARLEWOOD, Andrew Roger SAVAGE, and Henry Frederick EVANS, 
Trustees of the settlement of John Freke EVANS, and Julia 
Bruce MONCRIEFFE, his wife, petitioners- [note-includes 
Limerick and Cork Estates, only Cork concerns are copied 
here], Gourtnagoul, barony of Orrery & Kilmore; Kilbolane 
(part of), called Wood Quarter; Mounteen, barony of Orrery & 
Kilmore; Kyle, barony of Orrery & Kilmore; Upper Kyle and 
Lower Kyle; Dooney, otherwise Dunah- 9 December 1858- (no 

4.      John D'Arcy EVANS, Esq., Owner, exparte Julius 
DELMEGE and John FERGUSON, petitioners- Coolnagour and 
Gurtysheedy; Derrylahan, and Coom; Mallabracka; 
Ballynabearna and Carrogar- 17 April 1857- (lot maps).

5.      Christopher Vaughan FOSS, Owner, exparte Thomas 
EXHAM, petitioner- [note-Estate includes lands in Tipperary 
not copied here] Certain undivided parts or shares of the 
Lands of Springrove, barony of Duhallow; Lands of Ryefield, 
barony of Barrymore; Premises situate on Lapp's Island and 
Morrison's Island, parish of Holy Trinity, city of Cork; 
Lands of Grange, barony of Cork; Premises situate Denroche's 
Cross, city of Cork- 17 June 1858- (no maps).

6.      Margaret JOHN, Robert McClure JOHN, Henry BOWLES, 
Rev. John Wright HOPKINS, Roger Green DAVIS and Spottiswoode 
BOWLES, Owners, exparte James Edward BUTLER and John 
PERROTT, Petitioners- [Estate includes lands in Cork & 
Waterford, only Cork lands copied here], Castlerichard, 
otherwise Inchyneragh, barony of Imokilly; Dwelling Houses 
and premises situate in town of Youghal- 29 October 1858- 
(lot maps).

7.      Edward Deane FREEMAN, Esq., Owner, exparte Anne 
DAVIES, petitioner- Lands of Ballycusheen, Parish of 
Ballyclough; Lands of Cremane, Parish of Clonmeen; Lands of 
Meenskehy, Parish Cullen & Dromtariff; Part East & West 
Clonbannin, Parish Cullen & Dromtariff; Part lands 
Derrinagree and Islandahill, otherwise Islandobilly, Parish 
Cullen & Dromtariff; Lands of Garryduff, Parish of 
Ballyclough; Lands of Knocknagree, Parish of Nohavildaly; 
Lands of Knockane, Parish of Clonfert- 4 June 1850- (lot 

8.      Right Honourable ROBERT EARL OF KINGSTON, of 
Mitchelstown Castle, in the Co. of Cork, Owner, exparte 
Eliza HOOPS and Sylvester YOUNG, petitioners- Bellerough 
(part of); Lyrebarry (part of); Gortnaskehy (part of); and 
Macrony Upper (part of)- 2 December 1851- (lot maps).

9.      John HYDE, Esq., of Castle Hyde, Owner and 
petitioner- [Estate includes Lands in Limerick and Tipperary 
not copied here], First Division of the Estates of John 
HYDE, Esq., comprising the Manor, Town and Lands of Castle 
Hyde, including, Ballyvodoona; Strawhill; Carrigabrick and 
Rathealy; Ballyarthur; Kilquain; Connyberry; Clone and 
premises in Castletownroche; Castle Hyde; Coolmucky; 
Coolroe; Knockananig; Ashfield; Condon's Farm; Sheepwalk; 
Bawngarriff; North & South Acres; Cullinagh; Labocally; 
Farranlahessery East; Farranlahessery West; and Premises in 
the town of Youghal- 5 December 1851- (lot maps).

10.  Right Honourable VALENTINE, EARL OF KENMARE, and Edmond 
JERNINGHAM, Esq., Trustees of the Estate of Sir George 
GOOLD, Baronet and Henry Valentine GOOLD, Esq., and Others, 
Owners, exparte Jane ATKINSON, petitioner- [Estate includes 
Lands in Tipperary and Cork, only Cork copied here], Old 
Court otherwise Shanacourt (three miles from Cork City) and 
Ringroe, or Ballyorban; Rochestown (part of)- 12 March 1852- 
(lot maps).

11.  Frederick William DeMOLEYNS and the Rev. William 
DeMOLEYNS, owners, exparte Francis Spring WALKER, 
petitioner- [Estate also includes Lands in Kerry not copied 
here], Lands of Johnstown, otherwise Ballyshane, Parish of 
Dunmahon- 8 July 1851- (lot maps).

12.  Edward Deane FREEMAN, Esq., Owner, exparte Anne DAVIES, 
petitioner- [Estate includes Lands in Cork and Limerick, 
only Cork copied here], Castlecor, Parish of Kilbrin; East 
Ballyhest and Dromin, Parish of Kilbrin; Knockballymartin, 
Parish & Barony of Cork; Curragh and Ardtemple, Parish & 
Barony of Cork; Glounakiel, Parish of Clonfert; 
Ballymacpierce, Parish of Kilbrin- 26 November 1852- (lot 

13.  Daniel James MOYNAHAN, of Freemount in Co. of Kerry, 
Owner, exparte William FAGAN, of Feltrim in Barony of Cork, 
petitioner- [Estate includes Lands in Kerry not copied 
here], Lands of Cullen; in Cullen, Lands called two Gneeves- 
21 November 1851- (no maps).

14.  Henry PARKER, John Robert Theophilus Hastings PARKER, 
Henry Francis Hastings PARKER, John Godfrey TEED, Edmond 
WHITE, Thomas CONNELL, and Peter Hennis GREEN, Owners, 
exparte Roger Green DAVIS, petitioner- [Estate includes Lots 
situate in Cork and Waterford, only Cork copied here], Mills 
of Gill Abbey, consisting of Lands of Ballygaggin; North and 
South Cloghane; Lands of Modelligo and part of Coolebane, 
situated in the Barony of Condons and Clangibbon; Lands of 
Currebehy; Lands of Glenballycollinane, in the Barony of 
Kinnatalloon; part Lands of Carrigeen and Glanatore; Lands 
of Shanakiel; Lands of Kilcronart; Lands of Garrantaggart & 
Agherne, in the Barony of Kinnatalloon; Lands of 
Knocknastacane and Knockacorrocouse, in the Barony of 
Duhallow; Lands of Brookpard(k?), in the Parish of 
Kilcorney, in the Barony of West Muskerry; Lands of 
Lisgoold, otherwise Ballyvonteen, in the Parish of Lisgoold, 
Barony of Barrymore; Lands of Kilmagner, in the Barony of 
Imokilly; Liberties in the town of Youghal; Greenpark, near 
Youghal; Ballyling, in the Parish of Ightermurragh; Lands of 
Kilcoran, in the parish of Youghal; and the Lands of 
Summerfield, near the town of Youghal- 11 July 1851- (no 

15.  Christopher Hume LAWDER, Assignee of Rev. Gustavus 
WARNER, Owner, exparte Catherine KEMMIS, petitioner- [Estate 
includes Lands in Cork and city of Dublin, only Cork copied 
here], Lands situate within 5 miles of Charleville; 
Killabragher, in the Barony of Orrery and Kilmore- 20 May 
1853- (lot map).

16.  Robert Power RONAYNE, Esq., Owner, Andrew CARMICHAEL 
and John MacDONNELL, Esq., Surviving Executors of Richard 
CARMICHAEL, Esq., deceased, petitioners- [Estate includes 
Lands in Cork and Waterford, only Cork copied here], Part 
Lands and premises known as Pike Park, situate in the town 
and liberties of Youghal; Town Fields, liberties of Youghal- 
20 June 1851- (no maps). 


1.      Jeremiah O CALLAGHAN, of Lahern in the County of 
Cork, Owner, exparte Robert Francis M'LEOD, petitioner- 
Lands of Kilpadder, with its subdenominations of North & 
South Carricleena, and East & West Glashaboy, in the Barony 
of Duhallow- 10 January 1852- (lot maps).

2.      John Robert ATKINS, Owner and petitioner- Lands of 
Coolmahane, in the Barony of Duhallow- 19 April 1855- (no 

3.      Letitia PURCELL, of the city of Manchester England, 
widow, Owner, exparte Thomas SADLIER, petitioner- Lands of 
Upper Gurtinard, in the Parish of Clonmeen, in the Barony of 
Duhallow- 20 February 1852- (no map).

4.      Christopher Hume LAWDER, provisional Assignee of 
Richard LEAHY, an insolvent debtor, deceased, Owner, exparte 
Charles John DALY, petitioner, continued in the names of 
Robert ORR and Michael MURPHY, official Assignees of Richard 
LEAHY, an insolvent debtor, deceased, Owner, exparte Charles 
John DALY, petitioner- Lands of Ballybane called 
Coolnahilla, in the Barony of Duhallow- 25 March 1858- (lot 

5.      Michael MURPHY and Charles Henry JAMES, official 
Assignees of Richard LEAHY, an insolvent, deceased, Owners, 
exparte Charles John DALY, petitioner- Lands of Keelnahulla, 
otherwise Keele, in the Barony of Duhallow- 23 June 1859- 
(no map).

6.      George THOMAS, Trustee and Executor of John CONNELL, 
deceased, and Christopher CONNELL, Heir-at-law of said John 
CONNELL, Owner, exparte Mary Minton CONNELL, Executrix of 
Mary Athins CONNELL, and John Minton CONNELL, her husband, 
petitioners- Lands of Upper Scarteen and Lower Scarteen, in 
the Union of Kanturk, in the Barony of Duhallow- 30 May 
1857- (no maps).

7.      Denis LANE and William Rogers JOHNSON, Owners, 
exparte Thomas JOHNSON and Joseph Rogers WISEMAN, 
petitioners- Lands of Bannagh, otherwise Banny, in the 
Barony of Duhallow- 9 February 1858- (no maps).

8.      Thomas TANGNEY. Assignee of Henry WRIXON, Owner, 
exparte Nicholas WRIXON, petitioner- Lands of Ballinbrittig, 
otherwise Cecilstown, called the Demesne Lands; also that 
part called Ballinamona, in the Barony of Duhallow- 6 March 
1856- (lot maps).

9.      Bartholomew GIBBINGS and Others, Owners and 
petitioners- Lands of Ballynoe and Garrane, otherwise 
Gurrane, otherwise Marybrook, in the Barony of Duhallow- 24 
May 1860- (no maps).

10.  Charles WRIGHT, Esq., Devisee in trust of Michael 
CREAGH, deceased, Owner, the Reverend Morgan O BRIEN and the 
Reverend Edmond MURPHY, petitioners- Annakissy North; 
Cooldurragha and parts of Clenor; Rossankneau, called 
Bettyville; Pulleen; Six Gneeves of Garrantifineen, Two 
Gneeves of Garrantifineen called Blue Pool, Eight Gneeves of 
Garranaglossy called Springgrove; Grenane; and Ballyandrew- 
25 July 1853- (lot maps).

11.  Denis O CALLAGHAN and Moses MULCHINOGH, Owners, exparte 
Averina GUBBINS and Letitia GUBBINS, petitioners- Part Lands 
of Gortnagross, called Righiberg, in the Barony of Duhallow- 
4 May 1852- (no maps).

12.  Richard NAGLE, Assignee of Charles Joseph CURTIN, Esq., 
M.D., Owner, exparte William CREAGH, petitioner by Original 
& Supplemental petition and James BARRY, Assignee of William 
CURTIN, Esq., Owner, Philip William CREAGH, petitioner- 
Lands of Clonmeen, called Coolroemore, about ten miles from 
Mallow, in the Barony of Duhallow- 26 September 1857- (no 

13.  Thaddeus CALLAGHAN, Owner and petitioner, in the Matter 
of Thomas Francis O CONNELL, John O CONNELL, Ellen Maria O 
CONNELL, William Peter O CONNELL, and Charles O CONNELL, 
Owners and petitioners- Lands of Lower Knockduff, situate in 
the Manor of Newmarket, Parish of Clonfert, in the Barony of 
Duhallow- 3 November 1851- (no map).

14.  Thomas James NASH, Christopher Crofts NASH, or Thomas 
NASH, Owners, exparte The Reverend William CROFTS and 
Christopher CROFTS, petitioners- Lands of Rockfield, called 
Upper Ballyheen and Lower Ballyheen, or Rockfield Demesne, 
in the Barony of Duhallow- 24 June 1858- (no maps).

15.  John Maunsell PEARD, Esq., Owner, Marion PEARD, 
petitioner- Lands of Glanatore, in the Barony of 
Kinnatalloon- 27 April 1858- (no map).

16.  William SEALY, Esq., Owner & petitioner- Island or 
Lands of Spike Island, harbour of Cork, Barony of Barrymore- 
10 February 1859- (no map).

17.  John SEALY and John YOUNG, owners, exparte Winspear 
TOYE, deceased, continued in the name of Jane HUNGERFORD, as 
his Administratrix, petitioner- Lands of Ahadalane, Barony 
of Ibane & Barryroe- 29 April 1858- (lot map).

18.  Hamilton WHITE, and Elizabeth WHITE, Richard WHITE, 
Elizabeth Warren Lucy WHITE, Anna Maria WHITE, Francis James 
WHITE, Rosa Elinor WHITE, Edward John WHITE, Frances Maria 
WHITE, Walter WHITE, Alicia Olivia WHITE, and Charles Henry 
WHITE, and of Elizabeth Davis GILLMAN and Thomas GILLMAN, 
Owners, exparte The Reverend John St. George WILLIAMS and 
Lemuel Ebenezer WARREN, petitioners- Deryginah, about 2 
miles from Bantry; Raheen; Cahernacrin; Drumbroe; 
Droumadoneen; Skahanagh; Shandrum; Inchiclough and its 
subdenominations Shanacknock and Laheran; Stores in Bantry; 
Lower Gurteen; Reenavannah (in Whiddy Island) and Hog 
Island; Kealkill (part of); North Glounaglough &c.; South 
Glounaglough; Oughterrybeg- 3 December 1852- (lot maps).

19.  Thomas BARTER, Owner, exparte Richard Nevill PARKER, 
petitioner- Lands and premises of Kilnahone, Lisnegree and 
Lisnemona, called the Demesne Lands or Lower Kilnahone- 5 
March 1852- (no maps).

20.  Elizabeth TRESILLIAN, Widow, Stewart TRESILLIAN, 
William D. TRESILLIAN and Elizabeth TRESILLIAN, Owners, the 
said Elizabeth TRESILLIAN, widow, petitioner- Several Well 
Circumstanced Dwelling Houses and Premises in the town of 

19 October 1855- (no maps).

21.  James HANNING, Owner and petitioner- Lands called 
'Evergreen' in the Parish of St. Nicholas, city of Cork; 
Friar's Walk in the city of Cork; Maypole Rd., city of Cork; 
Ingreaga and Scarriffe, situate in the Barony of Imokilly; 
Glenager, in the Barony of Imokilly; Lands of Kilcrone and 
Ballyfin, in the Barony of Imokilly- 1 May 1858- (lot maps).

22.  **This entry concerns Estate Lands in County Tyrone 
belonging to Sir Thomas STAPLES, not copied here.

23.  Margaret JOHN, Robert M'Clure JOHN, Henry BOWLES, Rev. 
John Wright HOPKINS, Roger Green DAVIS, and Spottiswoode 
BOWLES, Owners, exparte James Edward BUTLER and John 
PERROTT, petitioners- Dwelling House and premises South 
Abbey Street and in the North Main Street, in the Town of 
Youghal- 8 January 1859- (no maps).

24.  Robert Uniacke Penrose FITZGERALD, Esq. Owner & 
petitioner- Reishe, in the Barony of Barrymore; Woodstock, 
in the Manor of Barryscourt, in the Barony of Barrymore; 
Drummin, otherwise Dromin, in the Barony of Orrery & 
Kilmore; Ballynagrath, otherwise Ballynagragh, in the Barony 
of Fermoy; Coolmanagh, in the Barony of Duhallow; Sleveen, 
otherwise Slaveens, in the Barony of Imokilly; Ballycourlea, 
otherwise Ballincorlea, subdenomination of Oxmarsh, in the 
Barony of Imokilly- 28 May 1852- (lot maps).

25.  Richard Thomas GOOLD, a minor, Owner, Catherine Anne 
GOOLD and Lucinda GOOLD, petitioners- The Lands of 
Curryglass, otherwise Curraghglasse, in the Barony of Orrery 
& Kilmore- 7 May 1852- (no maps).

26.  John BENNETT and Freeman CROFTS, Owners and 
petitioners- Lands formerly called Nielands Fields and 
Callanan's Fields and the Flax Field, but now known as Lands 
and Premises in and adjoining the town of Charleville, in 
the Barony of Orrery & Kilmore, in the Parish of Rathgoggin- 
8 February 1855- (lot maps). *See also #30.

27.  Christopher Hume LAWDER (Assignee of George Freeman 
GLOVER, deceased), Robert Mitchell GLOVER, Susan GLOVER, 
widow, and George GLOVER, Owner and petitioners- The one 
divided fourth part of the Lands of Curraghclonbroe, in the 
Barony of Orrery & Kilmore- 2 December 1856- (lot map).

28.  John Nicholas LYSAGHT, Esq., and Rebecca LYSAGHT, 
spinster, Owners, exparte James LYSAGHT, Esq., petitioner- 
Lands of Derryorgan and Tullacondra, in the Barony of Orrery 
& Kilmore- 26 October 1852- (no maps).

29.  Robert BULLEN, Owner, exparte Thomas Henry ALLEN, 
petitioner- Lands of Coolbane, Faha and Inchibull; Lands of 
Ballinamuddagh, otherwise Rockspring, being Part of the 
Lands of Liscarrol, situate in the Barony of Orrery & 

19 October 1855- (no maps).

30.  John BENNETT and Freeman CROFTS, Esqs., Owners and 
petitioners- Castlewrixon, (part of) called Ballinrahy; 
Castlewrixon Middle; Castlewrixon (part of) called 
Ballinling; Ballyroe and Moneline; Part town of Charleville; 
Ballyhesta or Wills Grove; Corroghclonbroe East and West, in 
the Parish of Shandrum- 15 November 1851- (lot maps) *See 
also #26.

31.  Estate of the Right Honourable STEPHEN, EARL OF 
MOUNTCASHELL, William CALLAGHAN, Assignee of William CROFTS, 
a Bankrupt, Samuel WILLIAMS, Carden Terry WILLIAMS, John 
WILLIAMS, Stawell WEBB, Humphrey Evans WILLIAMS, Catherine 
GILLESPIE, otherwise WILLIAMS, and William GILLESPIE, Sarah 
MASSY, Sarah MASSY, Jane MASSY, Christopher A. BULL, Arthur 
W. J. BULL, Mary W. BULL, Jane W.E. BULL, Marianne C. BULL, 
and Joshua Frederick BULL, Owners, exparte Edward Wight 
SEYMOUR, petitioner- Towns and Lands of Ballybeg, in the 
Barony of Orrery & Kilmore; Ballynafanna and Glandolane OR 
Clondulane, in the Barony of Condons and Clangibbons; Lands 
of Lagg and Garryard [note-Garryard is crossed out]- 9 May 
1856- (lot maps).

32.  George Thomas DeMASSY, Esq., a minor, Owner, exparte 
Anne O DELL, petitioner- Lands of Knockough, otherwise 
Knockcough, in the Barony of Orrery & Kilmore- 17 November 
1857- (no maps).

33.  Monsell WORRALL, Assignee of the Estate and Effects of 
Edward GLOVER, an Insolvent, and John Power GLOVER, Owners, 
exparte Anna DeBURGH, petitioner- one divided Moiety of the 
town and Lands of Curraghclonbroe, in the Barony of Orrey & 
Kilmore- 17 June 1858- (no maps).