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Cork Index
Contributed by: Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi

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1.      Elizabeth AUSTEN & Thomas HEWAT, owners, exparte,
William STAWELL, petitioner- Poulacurrihy, near Glanmire in
Barony of Cork-9 March 1858 (no maps).

2.      Henry DIXON, owner and petitioner - Rockborough,
Parish of St. Nicholas, part City of Cork- 7 January 1856
(lot map).

3.      Rev. Edward Henry NEWENHAM, owner and petitioner -
Ballincranig, Gurtagowlane, Lands of Lehenaghmore, Barony of
Cork-17 April 1857 (lot maps).

4.      Hatton Ronanyne CONRON, owner and petitioner -
Ballincollig, otherwise Colligtown, Barony of Cork- 29 June
1858 (lot maps).

5.      Peter Robert BURELL, Esq. & John Garden REBOW, Esq.,
Trustees of Sir Charles Robert PIGOTT, Bart., owners and
petitioners - Curriheen, Ardarostig, Ballinuskig,
Knockalisheen, Ballinlough, Killeenreendowney, Knockmullane,
Rathnaroughy- 26 May 1857 (lot maps).

6.      Cornelius SWINEY, Ellen SWINEY, owners, exparte Mary
CURTIS & Henry CURTIS, petitioners- Carrigrohane, Barony of
Cork, & Barnagore, otherwise Ovens, Barony of East Muskerry,
& Drumkeen West, Barony of East Carbery- 17 December 1858
(no maps).

7.      Nicholas SCOLLARD, Ellen SWINEY, Frances SWINEY,
Cornelius SWINEY, Anne SWINEY, Jane SWINEY, Richard DONOVAN,
Christopher Hutchinson SWINEY, John CASHMAN and said Richard
DONOVAN, Executors of Cornelius SWINEY, owners, exparte,
Denis CONNOR, Catherine CONNOR, & Ellen CONNOR, petitioners-
Ashegrove, otherwise Gurtagowlane, Barony of Cork &
Doughcloyne, Barony of Cork- 5 March 1853 (lot maps).

8.      James HORAN, Assignee of Sir John Judkin FITZGERALD,
owner, exparte James Richard PARKINSON, Eliza PARKINSON, His
Wife, Henry PARKINSON, Catherine INGRAM, & Thomas S. REEVES,
petitioners- Currybehy, otherwise Currybehig, otherwise
Currabaha, Barony of Barrett's- 2 April 1852 (lot maps).

9.      Samuel George BEAMISH, Adam Newman BEAMISH, William
Henry BEAMISH & George Gibson CUMMING, owners, exparte
Robert MURRAY, petitioner- Ballinamona, Barony of Barrett's-
12 November 1857 (lot maps).

10.  Samuel George BEAMISH, Adam Newman BEAMISH, William
Henry BEAMISH & George Gibson CUMMING, owners, exparte
Robert MURRAY, petitioner- Ballinamona, Barony of Barrett's,
including One-third lands of Manlenaskimnahane, Barony of
Barrett's & East Division of East Carbery- 20 November 1856
(lot maps).

11.  Mrs. Charlotte SYMES, owner and petitioner -
Carrigduff, Barony of Barrett's- 6 August 1850 (no maps).

12.  Robert Atkins ROGERS, owner, exparte Jane JOHNSON,
continued in name of William R. JOHNSON, petitioner-
Longstone, Knockanroe, Coolowen, and Barony of Barrett's &
Cork- 4 November 1858 (lot maps).

13.  Samuel George BEAMISH, [note-the next 3 names
handwritten], Adam Newman BEAMISH, Wm. Henry BEAMISH and
George Gibson CUMMING, owners, exparte Robert MURRAY- Lands
of Ballinamona, Barony of Barrett's- 7 May 1857 (lot map).

14.  John BARRY of Knockrour, in the County of Cork, owner
and petitioner - Lands of Oughtihery, in Parish of
Ahabulogue, Barony of East Muskerry- 3 November 1858 (lot

15.  John Henry COLTHURST, heir-at-law to John Bowen
COLTHURST, Esq., late of Dripsey Castle, in the County of
Cork, Insolvent & James ANGLIN, Assignee of said John Bowen
COLTHURST, owner, exparte Francis ALLEN, petitioner- several
freehold estates in Barony's of East Muskerry & Barrett's,
Carrignamuck, Lackennaghter, Callas, Court, Ballygally,
Ahreenagh, Cronodybeg- 25 October 1851 (no maps).

16.  William CALLANAN Esq. Carried in the names of William
CALLANAN, and Susanna CALLANAN, devisees of said William
CALLANAN, deceased, owners and petitioners - Rerour &
Knockanleigh, Barony of East Muskerry- 22 June 1857 (lot

17.  Henry Thorne COPPINGER, owner and petitioner - Carhue,
Coultimorroghue, Keelteenagh, Barony of east Muskerry- 17
April 1856 (illustration and lot maps).

18.  Justin McCARTY, owner, exparte Nicholas DUNSCOMBE,
petitioner- Cloughphillip, Barony of East Muskerry- 10
January 1851 (no map).

19.  James John GILTRAP, Administrator of Charles CONNELL,
deceased, owner, exparte William John SHEEHY, petitioner-
Lands of Dysart, Myshell & Tullig, Barony of East Muskerry &
Lands of Carhue, Barony of Cork- 17 April 1858 (no maps).

20.  Richard Henry RADLEY, owner, exparte Henry BIGGS,
petitioner- Lands of Upper and Lower Knockrour, Barony of
East Muskerry- 12 October 1858 (lot maps).

21.  John Hewitt WHEATLEY Esq., owner and petitioner-
Garryhestie, Farranavarragh, Knockanemore & Mahery, Barony
of East Muskerry; Annaghmore & Kilmenoge, Barony of Kinalea;
Brinny, Lisaniska, Dunkereen, Ballycoughlan, Ballinloughy
now called Scart, Arlandstown and Coolcullitagh, Barony of
Kinalea; Rathmaculig East, Barony of Cork; Melefonstown,
Barony of Kinsale, and Ballynamona, Barony of Kinsale- 3
December 1858 (lot maps).

22.  Thomas HORNIBROOK, Esq., owner and petitioner- Corran,
Barony of East Muskerry- 31 May 1853, revised to 24 June
1853. (lot map).

23.  Thomas Judkin FITZGERALD, Esq., owner and petitioner -
Coolflugh, Gortdonaghmore, Kileen, Dromin, Barony of East
Muskerry- 4 December 1857 (lot maps).

24.  Richard Henry RADLEY, owner, John GOULD, (since
deceased) & Edward BARRY, continued in the name of Edward
BARRY, surviving petitioner, petitioners- Lands of
Ughtiherrymore & Ughtiherrybeg, Barony of East Muskerry- 15
April 1853 (no maps).

25.  Daniel CONNER Esq., owner and petitioner, -
Mashnaglass, Parish of Ahena, PLU Macroom, Barony of East
Muskerry; Rosnacalp, Parish of Ahena, PLU Macroom, Barony of
East Muskerry; Rathcullen, Parish of Kilbolane, PLU Bandon;
Derrivecorneen, Parish of Inchigeela, PLU Dunmanway, Barony
of West Muskerry; Bahigolane, Parish of Fanlobbus, Barony of
West Division of East Carbery; Collenagow, Parish of
Fanlobbus, Barony of West Division of East Carbery;
Lisheenleagh, Parish of Kilmichael, PLU Dunmanway;
Shanlaragh, Parish of Kilmichael, PLU Dunmanway; Ardkitt,
Parish Desert Serges, PLU Bandon, Barony of East Division of
East Carbery; East Manch, Middle Manch & West Manch, Parish
of Fanlobbus, PLU Dunmanway, Baonry of West Division of East
Carbery- 9 July 1852 (lot maps).

26.  Antony Butler ST. LEGER, owner and petitioner -
Rathconey, Arderrow, Ballyharrune, Ballincrossig,
Poulacurry, North Main Street (Cork), Coleman's Lane (Cork),
Duncan Street (Cork), Glankittane, Blarney Lane, Blair's
Hill, Bishop's Marsh- 18 January 1851 (lot maps).


1.      Hodder William ROBERTS, now deceased, continued in
the name of John Knight J AUNCEY  & Martha Wilhelmina
JAUNCEY, otherwise ROBERTS, his wife, as Administratrix of
said Hodder William ROBERTS, owners and petitioners- Grange,
Barony of Fermoy- 19 June 1855 (lot maps).

2.      Sir Edward HOARE, Baronet, owner, exparte William
LECHMERE, petitioner- Couranig, Togher, Naiskin, East and
West Dromerk, and part of the Lands of Annabella, Barony of
Fermoy- 27 April 1855 (lot maps).

3.      Mary FOOT, (widow), and Thomas FOOT, owners, exparte
Walter HUMPRIES, petitioner- Shanballymore, Kilclemsky,
Templeruane, Castleruane & Cloon, Barony of Fermoy- 2 April
1852 (lot maps).

4.      Sarah Dean OLIVER, Rev. Thomas GIBBINGS & Rev. John
ALDWORTH, trustees of will of Charles Dean OLIVER, Esq.,
deceased, owners and petitioners, also in the matter of
estate of St. Leger ALDWORTH, Esq., owner and petitioner-
Rock Mills, Barony of Fermoy- 10 June 1856 (lot maps).

5.      William Barry DWYER, owner, exparte Susanna Roebuck
MOODY, petitioner- Slymanagh & Curraghanaltig, Barony of
Fermoy- 10 July 1852 (lot maps).

6.      Edmond BYRNE, Owner & James BYRNE, Petitioner-
Killenuale & Scroby, otherwise Newgrove- 9 August 1851 (no

7.      *See number 3 (same), [possible filming mistake](lot

8.       Edmond BYRNE, Owner & James BYRNE, Petitioner-
Killenuale & Scroby, otherwise Newgrove- 19 December 1851-
(no map).

9.      Margaret Anne HILL, owner and petitioner -
Curraghanaltig, otherwise Tullig, Barony of Fermoy- 29 June
1858 (lot map).

10.  Thomas Travers ADAMS, Trustee and executor of will of
Llewellyn NASH, deceased, and Thomas CARMICHAEL and James
CARMICHAEL, owners, exparte George SHERLOCK, petitioner-
Lands of Ballyquane and Ensinrosty, Barony of Fermoy &
Blarney Lane (Cork)- 16 November 1854 (no maps).

11.  Henry SMYTH, owner, exparte Thomas EYRE, petitioner-
Renny Upper and Lower, Parish of Kilcummer, Barony of
Fermoy- 16 May 1851 (lot maps).

12.  Richard ASHE, of Ashgrove, and Alicia, his wife, James
Scott MOLLOY, Assignee of said Richard ASHE, owners, exparte
Thomas BARRY and Ellen BARRY, petitioners- Curraghue
otherwise Corraghemore, Carrigafooka with its
subdenominations East Dromony, West Dromony, Inchibricane
and Cooldorihy, Baronies of Fermoy & West Muskerry- 10
December 1850 (no maps).

13.  Margaret Isabella FLYNN and Anna Matilda FLYNN, a
minor, owners, exparte Thomas CARMICHAEL, petitioner- House,
Desmense and Lands of Killetra, otherwise Mountruby and
premises at Cold Harbour, Parish of Mallow, Barony of
Fermoy- 26 November 1850 (no map).

14.  Edmond BARRY, owner, exparte Esther ELLIS, petitioner-
Houses in New Street & Main Street, Parish of Mallow, Barony
of Fermoy- 26 November 1850 (no maps).

15.  William Lane HYDE, Esq., owner, exparte Augustus
MacMAHON, Esq., petitioner- Castlelands of Cregg and
Templenoe, subdenominations of Ballynoe- 9 July 1850 (no

16.  William Spread HENDLEY, Robert HENDLEY, Eliza HENDLEY,
Caroline HENDLEY, Mary Jane HENDLEY, and Francis HENDLEY,
minors, and of Daniel MORLEY, administrator of Roger
HENDLEY, deceased, and Richard HANLEY, administrator of
William Spread HENDLEY, deceased, owners, exparte John
HAYES, petitioner- Middle Downing, Downing South- 16 October
1855 (lot maps).

17.  George Cooper STAWELL, Esq., owner and petitioner-
Ballyveiniter [sic] Middle, Ballyveiniter Lower and
Ballytrasnane, Barony of Fermoy- 30 July 1852 (lot maps).

18.  Garrett NAGLE, Esquire, owner, exparte Ellen BRASIER
(deceased), continued in the name of Henry Braiser MITCHELL,
Esq., petitioner- Boulinigiah, Tourmore, Knockahullata- 22
June 1853 (no maps).

19.  James O DONNELL & Mary O DONNELL, his wife, owners,
exparte Peter GLEASURE, petitioner- part of the Lands of
Upper Downing- 16 July 1851 (no maps).

20.  Sybella MOCKLER, owner, exparte Mathias Christopher
HENDLEY, petitioner- House and Desmense lands of Rockville,
otherwise Licklash, otherwise Ileclash, Barony of Fermoy- 16
July 1851 (lot map).

21.  Pierce NAGLE, of Anakissy, in the County of Cork, Esq.,
owner, and James HAMILTON, Esq. , petitioner- Anakissy,
Clenor, Naglesborough, Cahirduggan, Shanballymore, Mount
Nagle, Cloughbouly, Nagles Mountains, Dundannion or
Webbville, and Ballintemple- 27 June 1851. (no maps).

22.  Francis Edward HOLMES, a minor, Owner, Mary O KEEFFE,
petitioner- Shirana, Imphrick, Lisballhay, Ballyhoura,
Loughleigh, & Bowling Green Street (Cork)- 12 May 1853 (lot
maps and illustrations).

23.  Edward STANNARD, Esq., owner, exparte Sarah Maria
FITZSIMONS, wife of Walter FITZSIMONS, and Bernard MANLEY,
petitioners- Lands of Ballindeague & Mountain, Grange called
the rock of Bridgetown, and Lisnagoureen- 10 March 1853 (lot

24.  George CROFTS, of Streamhill, in the County of Cork,
Esq., owner, exparte Rev. George GWYNNE & others,
petitioners- Streamhill and Knocknamodera, and Lands of
Ballynamodihinigh- 20 March 1851 (lot maps).

25.  Frederick William DeMOLEYNS, of Kerry, Esq., owner,
exparte Catherine MORIARTY, petitioner- Ballyshane,
otherwise Johnstown West, Parish of Dunmahon, Barony of
Fermoy- 17 December 1852 (no maps).

26.  Mary ROBERTS, widow, & others, owners, exparte Michael
MANSFIELD, petitioner- part of the Lands of Bridgetown,
Barony of Fermoy- 21 August 1855 (lot map).

27.  Sir James COTTER, Bart. Owner, exparte Catherine
COTTER, spinster, petitioner- Knockbrack, otherwise
Ballygriffen, and Ballymagooly otherwise Knockbwee, and part
of the Lands of Rockforest called Woodlands- 4 June 1850 (no

28.  Edward SAYERS, Owner, exparte George HEWSON,
petitioner- Croghnacree- 4 November 1859 (no maps).

29.  Frederick Marcus CALLAGHAN, Esq., & others, owners,
exparte Richard CALLAGHAN Esq., continued in the name of
Alexander Foley M'NEMARA, Esq., petitioner- Convamore,
Gortroche and Ballyhooly- 8 July 1853 (lot maps).