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Landholder; Estate Location; Date Of Sale


1.      James Chapman BELL, assignee of Hugh LAWLOR, an 
insolvent, Owner, exparte Hugh ADAMS, petitioner- Several 
houses & tenements, situate at Bandon Road, Rochfort's Lane, 
& Crowley's Lane, Parish of St. Finbarr's, City of Cork- 16 
January 1852 (no maps).

2.      William Patrick Lewis HICKIE; James Percy HICKIE, 
minors, Owners, exparte Rev. Jasper GRANT, Richard Nevill 
PARKER, and Stewart LARGE, petitioners- Houses and Premises 
situate Bridge Street and Coburg Street, City of Cork- 12 
October 1852- (no maps).

3.      Edward ROBINSON, of City of Cork, Attorney at law, 
and James Scott MOLLOY, his assignee, Owners, exparte George 
MOIR, James Moncreiff MELVILLE, and William Thomas THOMSON, 
petitioners- 10 dwelling houses situate at Sidney Terrace, 
city of Cork, known as nos. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 Belgrave 
Place- 7 May 1850 (lot map).

4.      George Alleyne ROGERS, Owner & Petitioner- The 
Theatre Royal, situate in George's Street, city of Cork, and 
houses nos. 30 & 31 George's Street, incl. House and 
premises no. 74 South Mall, Cork City- 17 June 1858- (lot 

5.      Richard BEAMISH, trustee of William WILLES, 
deceased, Owner, Mary Anne WILLES, petitioner- Stores, 
Houses & Premises situate in Academy Street, Paul Street, & 
French Church Street, City of Cork- 18 February 1858 (lot 

6.      Chalotte [sic] MANNIX, & William MANNIX, an infant, 
Owners, exparte John CARROLL, Barcroft Haughton CARROLL & 
William CARROLL, trustees of the Will of Sarah CARROLL, 
deceased, by petition- Kilcully; Muckridge Close, known as 
part of Copper Alley; premises in the North Main Street, 
Youghal; Swordbeare's Close, called Brook Lodge; nos. 78 & 
79 North Main Street, Youghal; 13, 14, & 15 South Main 
Street, Youghal; no. 86 Grand Parade, City of Cork; lot in 
Fair Lane, Mannix's Square or Colling's Green; lots in Old 
Market Place, called St. John's of Jerusalem and part of 
same called Cattle Lane- 26 May 1857 (no maps).

7.      Charles CLERY, John Thomas CLERY, William CLERY, 
George CLERY, Anne CLERY, Maria CLERY, Helena CLERY, Richard 
CLERY, Joseph Bernard CLERY, Thomas CLERY, The Rev. Edward 
CLERY, & Henry CLERY, Owners and Petitioners- Premises 
called Catfort, otherwise Annemount, Parish of St. Nicholas, 
city of Cork, several dwelling houses- 29 June 1858- (no 

8.      William Appleby CLIFTON, assignee of Samuel ABBOTT, 
an Insolvent, Owner, exparte, Lydia ROCHE, John George 
ABBOTT, Samuel ABBOTT, & Charlotte ABBOTT, Petitioners- 
Brewery, Steam flour & malt mills, Malt houses, Stores & 
Dwelling house known as the Fitton Street Brewery, Cork 
City; two houses and premises on Spy Hill Terrace, 
Queenstown, Barony of Barrymore; Mill and Mill Lands of 
Ardorostig, situate in Barony of Cork- 10 July 1858- (lot 

9.      Daniel Bartholomew FOLEY & William FOLEY, Owners, 
exparte, James Barry GIBBONS, in the Matter of the Estate of 
Daniel Bartholomew FOLEY, & the Rev. Stephen Anster FARRELL, 
Owners, James Barry GIBBONS, petitioner- Houses situate on 
Pouladuff Rd., Barrack Street & Evergreen Street, City of 
Cork; Part lands of Ballynagoul; Part lands of Killeenagh- 
28 October 1858- (lot maps).

10.  William GOING, Owner and Petitioner- Dwelling houses, 
17, 18 & 19 John Street; 70, 71 & 72 Dominick Street; 20 
John Street; & 68, 69 Dominick Street, city of Cork- 14 July 
1859- (no lot maps). 11.  Thomas Hillgrove MAYBURY & George 
WATERS, junior, assignee of John Newton MORIARTY, an 
insolvent, & Sarah MAYBURY & Michael BARRY, her trustee, or 
some or one of them, Michael John RUTTLE, petitioner- 
[note-holdings include lands in Cork & Kerry, only Cork 
concerns here copied] Houses & premises situate south of 
Church Yard Lane, Parish St. Mary's, Shandon, & North 
Suburbs, city of Cork- 10 November 1859- (no maps).

12.  Frederick Marcus CALLAGHAN, Esq., Owner & others, 
exparte Richard CALLAGHAN, Esq., continued in the name of 
Alexander Foley M'NEMARA, Esq., petitioner- The Glen 
Distillery & premises; Part of the Lands of Ballintemple- 27 
April 1855- (lot map).

13.  Christopher Hume LAWDER, provisional assignee of Edward 
Ellis KNIGHT, Owner, James AHERN, petitioner- Lands of 
Ballinamought, called Mount Prospect or Lough View, situate 
in the North Liberties of Cork- 6 February 1852- (no maps). 
14.  Edward Richard CUMMINS, Frederick Joseph CUMMINS, 
William Henry CUMMINS, Arthur Bettesworth CUMMINS, Devisees 
of Joseph King CUMMINS, deceased & of Charlotte CUMMINS, 
James John CUMMINS, Executor & Executrix of said Joseph King 
CUMMINS, continued as to said Joseph Frederick CUMMINS, in 
the name of Thomas Mannix CUMMINS, his Heir-at-Law, exparte 
John SMYTH, petitioner- Ballycrenan; Part Ballinamought; 
Part Lotabeg, Myrtleville, Kilmichael & three houses in 
Wellington Place, Cork- 15 June 1854- (lot maps).

15.  Frederick Marcus CALLAGHAN, Louisa Margaretta 
Owners, exparte, Richard CALLAGHAN, petitioner- premises 
situate Alfred Street, & Penrose Quay, Parish of St. Anne 
Shandon, city of Cork; Glanmire, part lands of Poulacurry- 
26 July 1850- (no maps). 16.  C.H. LAWDER, assignee of James 
WALLIS, an insolvent, Owner, exparte John Thos. CLEARY & 
Another, petitioner- Premises Evergreen Street & Bandon 
Road, in city of Cork- 20 October 1856- (lot maps).

17.  John Newton MORIARTY, an Insolvent, continued in the 
name of George WATERS, junior, his Assignee, and of Thomas 
Hillgrove MAYBURY, Owners, Ebenezer PIKE, petitioner- 
premises Mallow Lane, now called Clarence Street, partly in 
Hillgrove Lane, partly in Allnutt's Lane & partly on the 
Watercourse, in the Parish of St. Anne Shandon, city of 
Cork- 11 February 1858- (lot map).

18.  Henrietta MARTIN, widow & Administratrix of Richard 
Alymer MARTIN, deceased, Owner, exparte Hedges Eyre 
CHATTERTON, petitioner- Dwelling houses & premises situate 
on Lavitt's Island, now the South Mall; Parliament Street & 
Charlotte Quay, city of Cork- 17 June 1853- (no map).

19.  William LANE, assignee of Samuel LANE, deceased, Owner, 
exparte Wright SHERLOCK, Petitioner- nos. 13 & 14 Winthrop 
Street, city of Cork- 4 July 1851- (no maps).

20.  Dame Henrietta Georgiana Marcia CHATTERTON, Owner and 
petitioner- Several lots in city of Cork; North Main Street; 
Grand Parade; Tuckey Street; Mills Street otherwise 
Fishamble Lane; Coal Quay; South Mall; Parliament Street & 
Patrick Street, in the Parish of Holy Trinity (Christ 
Church), Saint Peter's & St. Paul's- 1 December 1857- (lot 

21.  William LANDER, (since deceased, continued in the name 
of Eliza LANDER, as his representative, under order of 26 
Feb. 1855), James LANDER, and Jonas LANDER, Owners and 
petitioners- Part lands of Grange, Parish of Carrigaline; 
Houses and premises situate at Kinsale; Part lands of Mahon; 
Part lands of Ballinamought; Houses on Grand Parade, in Nile 
Street, James Street, Nicholas Street, George's Street, 
Mallow Lane, Rutland Street and Montpellier Terrace, all in 
city of Cork- 16 November 1855- (no maps).

22.  Leslie Craggs O CALLAGHAN, Esq., Owner and Petitioner- 
Houses at Hanover Street, Parish of St. Peter's; Wood's 
Lane; Christ Church Lane; all in city of Cork; Lands of 
Clashnascoub and Ballinure, otherwise Besborough; Dwelling 
house on the Mardyke, or, Red House Walk; Lot in 
Carrigrohane; & Lands of Ashegrove, otherwise Leaseland- 26 
June 1858- (lot maps).

23.  Ernest DeTOCQUEVILLE, of Bordeaux, in the Republic of 
France, Devisee of Richard BEARE, late of Copstown, in the 
county of Cork, deceased, Owner, exparte William FITZGIBBON 
of Sidney House, in city of Cork, Esq., petitioner- Killeen, 
alias Ballygurrane alias Copstown; Glankittane; 
Ballintemple, and Half-Moon Street (Cork)- 20 October 1851- 
(no maps).

24.  Christopher Hume LAWDER, Assignee of Rev. John SMITH, 
an Insolvent, Owner, exparte Michael TOBIN, petitioner- 
Houses and premises situate in George's Street, Merchant's 
Quay, and the South Mall, city of Cork- 13 November 1857 (no 

25.  Terence FITTON, Owner, exparte Denis SHEA, petitioner- 
Plot of ground, being part of the Lands of Evergreen in the 
south suburbs of city of Cork- 17 November 1857- (lot map).

26.  Richard Longfield JAMESON, Esq., Owner and petitioner- 
Houses and premises situate on South Mall, Morrison's Quay, 
Queen Street and Logan Street, in the city of Cork and at 
Blackrock- 20 January 1859- (no maps).

27.  Frederick Marcus CALLAGHAN, & Others, Owners, exparte 
Richard CALLAGHAN, petitioner- Glanmire Mills; Offices, 
stores and premises on the South Mall and Beazley Street, 
city of Cork- 15 October 1851- (no maps).

28.  Dame Henrietta Georgiana Marcia CHATTERTON, Sir Edward 
John GAMBIER,  & The Rev. Richard DICKSON, Owners, exparte 
Charles Douglas HALFORD, petitioner- in city of Cork, Paul 
Street and Brown Street, in Parish of St. Paul; Part lands 
of Ballinfellick, Parish of Dunderrow; in city of Cork, 
South Terrace, (formerly called Morrison's Place), and 
Warwick Street in Parish of St. Nicholas; Houses situate in 
George's Street, Caroline Street, & Pinchin's Lane in Parish 
of Holy Trinity; Lands of Illane Roe, otherwise Red Island 
in Barony of Cork; in city of Cork, George's Street and 
Grafton's Alley, Duncan Street, Nile Street, Broad Street; 
Part lands of Farranmacteighe (held by lease from the 
Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland); in city of Cork, 
Dean Street, Parish of St. Finn Barr's; Lands of Mahon- 1 
December 1857- (lot maps & illustrations).

29.  Michael ROBERTS, Owner and petitioner- in city of Cork, 
dwellings at Prince's Street; Part lands of Knockanemore;    
 Bride (flour) mills & premises, Barony of East Muskerry; 
Carrigaline Mills and mill lands; Part of town of 
Carrigaline; Lands of Beaver (otherwise Coolmiller); Part of 
lands of Kilnagleary called Boherboy, Barony of 
Kerricurrihy; Parcels of lands of Kilmoney, Parish of 
Tracton- 12 October 1858- (lot maps).

1.      Eugene SWEENY & Honoria HARRINGTON, or either of 
them, Owners, exparte James GREENE, petitioner- Houses and 
premises situate at Castletown, in Barony of Bere- 19 March 
1858- (no maps).
2.      John Richard Hedges BECHER, Esq., Owner and 
petitioner- Portion of lands of Hollybrook, known as 
Hollybrook House & Desmense, Parish of Abbeystrowry, Barony 
of West Carbery- 16 April 1858- (lot map).
3.      Edward Baldwin BECHER, Esq. And of George BECHER, 
Esq. (deceased), continued in the name of the said Edward 
Baldwin BECHER, Owner, exparte Alicia Gahan BECHER, 
continued in the names of Samuel TOWNSEND, and Patrick 
RONAYNE, Esq., petitioners- Lands of Hare Island and Mutton 
Island (a subdenomination); Curravoley; Lisaclarigmore; 
Lisaclarigbeg; East Skeams & South Marahin, barony of West 
Carbery; also Lands of Rathruanemore; Rathruanebeg; 
Quoleaghmore; Quoleabeg & Banaknuckane- 5 May 1854- (lot 
4.      Jonas Morris TOWNSEND and John Henry TOWNSEND, 
Owners, exparte John LIMRICK, petitioner- Lands of 
Ballinatona, Coursecroneen and Ardra- 26 November 1850- (no 
map). 5.      Alexander O Driscoll TAYLOR, a minor, Owner, 
exparte Daniel McCARTHY, petitioner- Lands of Drishane; 
Shountallagh, otherwise Laharn, and Madora, barony of West 
Carbery- 15 July 1851- (no maps).
6.      Daniel O CONNOR, Joshua Richard JAGOE, Samuel JAGOE, 
Anne JAGOE and Ellen O CONNOR, Owner, Thomas Somerville 
FLEMING, petitioner- Lands of Knockavolig; Cloderagh; 
Dereengrenough; West Caheragolane; Ardra and East 
Caheragolane, barony of West Carbery- 15 June 1857- (lot 
7.      Charlotte JERVOIS, the Younger, Francis WOODLEY and 
James JOHNSON, Assignee of Samuel JERVOIS, and MathewO Hea 
JERVOIS, Insolvents, Owners, exparte John ALLEN, Francis 
ALLEN, Daniel McCARTHY, Maria ALLEN, Eliza ALLEN and 
Catherine ALLEN, petitioners- Lands of Ballinringlanig, 
Parish of Nohaval, barony of Kinalea- 17 January 1856- (lot 
8.      Rev. George C NASH, Owner, exparte John WHEELER, 
petitioner- Lands of Brinny, barony of Kinalea- 19 October 
1854- (no maps).
9.      Horatio Nelson DUGGAN, Assignee of Edmond SCANLAN, 
an Insolvent, the said Edmond SCANLAN Executor of Peter 
DOWNING, Anne FITZGERALD, widow, Barry DELANY, Catherine 
DELANY, and Anne DELANY, William SCANLAN, now deceased, 
continued in the names of John SCANLAN, Peter SCANLAN, 
George SCANLAN, Mary SCANLAN, Margaret SCANLAN, Johanna 
SCANLAN, Ellenor BOURKE and James BOURKE, or some or one of 
them, Owners, Paul McSWINEY, petitioner- Mill & Mill Lands 
of Ballindinisk and Belgooley, otherwise Lyle, Parish of 
Kilmonoge, barony of Kinalea- 29 May 1857- (illustrations & 
lot map).
10.  Charles COTTRELL, Assignee of Jane Elizabeth JEFFERS, 
Owner, exparte William DAUNT, junior, surviving Executor of 
Benjamin ROBERTS, deceased, petitioner- Donneen North, 
Parish of Ballymartle, barony of Kinalea- 9 May 1855- (lot 
11.  Charlotte JERVOIS, the Younger, Francis WOODLEY, and 
James JOHNSON, Assignee of Samuel JERVOIS, and MathewO Hea 
JERVOIS, Insolvents, Owners, exparte John ALLEN, Francis 
ALLEN, Daniel McCARTHY, Maria ALLEN, Eliza ALLEN and 
Catherine ALLEN, petitioners- Lands of Ballinringlanig, 
Parish of Nohaval, barony of Kinalea; also Lands of 
Kilcussane, Parish of Kilfaughnabeg, West Division barony of 
East Carbery- 11 October 1855- (lot maps). 12.  Justin 
McCARTHY, Owner, Anna-Maria MURPHY, petitioner- Lands of 
Gortatagill, otherwise Ryefield, barony of Barrymore- 7 
November 1856- (lot map).
13.  Robert BAILEY, Assignee ofThe Rev. Peter BROWNE, Owner, 
exparte, WOODROOFE, petitioner- Lands of Lisfihill, barony 
of Kinalea- 26 June 1857- (lot map). 14.  Rev. George 
Cornwall NASH, Owner, exparte, John WHEELER, petitioner- 
Lands of Clashanimod, barony of Kinalea; Lands of 
Twoghicushin, barony of East Muskerry; Lands of Kilbane and 
Knocknaheily, barony of East Muskerry- 16 May 1857- (lot 
15.  John Thomas Hungerford SEALY, Owner, exparte Edward 
Richard TOWNSEND and James CARNEGIE, petitioners- Lands of 
West Kilcoleman; Lands of East Kilcoleman; Lands of part of 
East Gully, all in barony of Kinalmeaky- 26 October 1854- 
(lot maps).
16.  Anna BELCHER, widow, Hester Waring BELCHER, William 
BELCHER, John Waring BELCHER,John Tresillian BELCHER & 
William DOWDEN, Owners, exparte Alice BELCHER, petitioner- 
Tulligmore & Tulligbeg, barony of Kerricurrihy- 10 June 
1852- (lot maps).
17.  Hill GILLMAN, Owner, exparte Charles DALY, petitioner- 
Part of lands of Ardkilly, otherwise Sandycove, barony of 
Kinsale- 10 October 1857- (no map). 18.  Robert BICKFORD, an 
infant, Owner, The Reverend Richard Boyle KIRCHOFFER, 
petitioner- Liscahanbeg; Blackhorsefield called Goughs Park; 
Ardmartin; House in the town of Kinsale, barony of Kinsale- 
9 August 1851, revised to 7 October 1851- (no maps).
19.  Marion PEARD, owner and petitioner- Lands of Glanatore, 
barony of Kinnatalloon- 2 November 1855- (no map).
20.  John Maunsell PEARD, Esq., Owner and petitioner- Lands 
of Glanatore; Lands of Carrigeen- 27 April 1858- (no maps).
21.  William McCRIEGHT, and Mary McCRIEGHT, otherwise 
BALDWIN, his wife, John HERRICK, Martin HENNESSY, and Jane 
HENNESSY, otherwise WARING, his wife, and which said Jane is 
Executrix of Henry BALDWIN, deceased, Louisa HERRICK, John 
Edward HERRICK, Isabella Shaw HERRICK, Henrietta HERRICK, 
Eliza LEADER, Herbert BALDWIN, Herbert BALDWIN, the Younger, 
and Elizabeth McCARTHY, Owners, exparte, Martin HENNESSY and 
Jane HENNESSY, his wife- Lands of Lisnegat, barony of 
Kinalmeaky- 15 October 1857- (no maps).
22.  William HUNTER, Owner, exparte, Roger Green DAVIS & 
others, petitioners- Part lands of Derrygariffe, otherwise 
West Rough Grove, barony of Kinalmeaky- 5 June 1857- (no 
23.  John BOWEN, Esq., Owner and petitioner- House and 
Desmense lands of Roundhill, barony of Kinalmeaky- 4 June 
1855- (no map).
24.  John SULLIVAN, William TOWNSEND and Morgan M'SWEENY, 
Owners, exparte Daniel Joseph O KEEFFE, petitioner- Dwelling 
house and premises situate in the town of Kinsale- 1st March 
1853- (no map).
25.  Mary BRIBOSIA, wife of Francis BRIBOSIA, Esq., Owner. 
The said Mary BRIBOSIA, by Philip LAWLESS, her next friend, 
petitioner- Lands of Curriglass and Lisnabrin; Lands of 
Ballynakelly, alias Glengariff; Lands of Munee, or 
Muneedleigh- 29 June 1859- (no maps).
26.  Benjamin JEFFERS, John JEFFREYS, John JEFFERS, Hugh 
McCLELLAND, the Younger, and Christopher Hume LAWDER, 
Owners, exparte Rowland DAVIES, petitioner- Lands of East 
Ballygarvan, barony of Kerricurrihy- 12 November 1857-
(no map).
27.  Benjamin Hill GILLMAN, Owner and petitioner- Part lands 
of Sandycove, otherwise Ardkelly, barony of Kinsale- 9 May 
1854- (lot map). 28.  Thomas WARE, Owner and petitioner- 
Farranivane and Lisnabauree; also house situate in Castle 
Street, Parish of Holy Trinity, city of Cork- 1 March 1851