Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Benjamin Hill GILLMAN
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In the Matter of the Estate of Benjamin Hill GILLMAN - OWNER and Petitioner

CITY OF CORK:  To be sold by Auction:  AT THE COURT OF THE COMMISSIONERS, 14 Henrietta-
street, Dublin on Tuesday, 9th May, 1854 at the hour of twelve o'clock noon.

All further information may be obtained at The Office of the Commissioners-Dublin: or to
Thomas SHERLOCK, Solicitor-59 Lower Gardiner-street, Dublin and Bandon, County Cork;
Messrs William and John SHERLOCK, solicitors, as above address Dublin, and Fermoy, County Cork;
or to John Irwine WHITTY, C. E. &C. [Civil Engineers]
					RENTAL and Particulars of
		Part of the Lands of SANDYCOVE, otherwise ARDKILLY, Held (with others) under
		lease for lives renewable for ever. Situate in the Barony of KINSALE, County of Cork.

		Gale days 25th March and 29th September each year UNLESS otherwise noted

                                   			£  s  d
1] 	Sandycove. 	Thomas MURPHY			16 10 0		24a 3r 12p

Nature of Tenancy: Lease dated 24th January 1849 from Benjamin Hill GILLMAN to Charles CROWLEY
and Thomas MURPHY for 21 years from 25th March, 1849.

Observations: None
                                   			£  s  d
2] 	Ditto 		Margaret HANNAN and		22 2  0		28a 0r 15p
			Daniel HANNAN

Nature of Tenancy: Lease dated 30TH March 1848 from Benjamin Hill GILLMAN to Margaret and
Daniel HANNAN for 21 years from 25th March, 1848.

Observations: None
	                                   		£  s  d
3] 	Ditto 		In hands Receiver		16 10 0 	25a 0r 24p
			under Court of

Nature of Tenancy: Noted - the rent payable by last tenant is in the rent column

Observations: None
	                                   		£  s  d
4] 	Ditto 		In hands Receiver		1 10 0 		1a 0r 0p
			under Court of

Nature of Tenancy: Noted - The rent payable by last tenant is in the rent column

Observations: None
	                                   		£  s  d
5] 	Ditto 		Jeremiah M'CARTHY		3  0  0 	2a 3r 6p

Nature of Tenancy: Tenant from year to year, determinable 25th March each year.

Observations: None
	                                   		£  s  d
6] 	Ditto 		In hands Receiver		10 0  0 	4a 1r 24p
			under Court of

Nature of Tenancy: Mr. F A Klein's valuation in the rent column.

Observations: This lot consists of a dwelling-house, valuable orchard, two firelds and a
quay for sand.  Purchase will be entitled to immediate possession of it and Nos. 3 and 4
				Descriptive particulars
				[Edited and condensed]

	The land contains by recent survey, 86a 1r 1p situate within a mile and a half of the
seaport town of Kinsale and is approached by very good roads, with a great facility for
obtaining sea manure at trifling expense and a quay for landing sand &c. on the property.

	The original lease held by Benjamin HILL, dated 27th August 1700 from the Hon. Robert
SOUTHWELL for 99 years for lives renewable for ever;  Benjamin GILLMAN (the then owner] by his
will dated  17TH February 1892 devised the whole of Ardkilly to his son, Hill GILLMAN, who by his
will dated 8th October, 1817, devised that portion now offered for sale to the Petitioner,
Benjamin Hill GILLMAN.

	Said leases reserves all Lessors rights as well as the areas of Knockrush and Sandycove.
They contain a proviso against selling the premises without first tendering same to Lessor.  Also
a covenant that said Lessor, if doubtful of any life, may serve notice to prove existence.

	Also a covenant to let back to the Lessor 6 or 8 acres next to the old Mill of Ardkilly if
he should choose to set up the old mill again.

	The first renewal dated 20th February 1765 made by Francis KEARNY to Elizabeth KEARNY,
Mary WHITE and Benjamin GILLMAN and the last renewal bears date  21st August 1830 made by
Thomas Rochefort to Elizabeth GILLMAN, Hill GILLMAN, Richard GILLMAN, Benjamin Hill GILLMAN, and
Holmes GILLMAN, FOR TERM OF 99 YEARS, provided John GILLMAN, Richard GILLMAN. and David
GILLMAN (who are all still living) should so long live.

	The original lease of 1700 is not forthcoming and the renewals are in the possession of
other members of the GILLMAN family holding other portions of these lands; but compared copies
of the first and last renewals will be handed to the purchaser.


SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.