Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Benjamin JEFFERS; John JEFFREYS;
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In the Matter of the Estate of Benjamin JEFFERS; John JEFFREYS; Hugh McCLELLAND, the younger and Christopher Hume LAWDER; OWNERS
Ex parte;  Rowland DAVIES, Petitioner

CITY OF CORK:  To be sold by Auction, BY THE COMMISSIONERS at their Court, Henrietta-street, Dublin.
on Thursday 12th of November, 1857 at the hour of 12 o'clock noon.
Pursuant to the absolute order bearing date 20th April, 1854

For further information Contact: Office of the Commissioners, William Adams SHERLOCK. Solicitor
No. 59 Lower Gardiner-street, Dublin; Messrs. W. and J. SHERLOCK, Solicitors, Fermoy, County Cork:
Rowland DAVIES. No 66 Old George's-street, Cork or Rueben Thomas HARVEY, Solicitor, 13 South Mall, Cork.
				[Edited and condensed where possible]
				RENTAL and Descriptive Particulars of Sale of
		Lands of East Ballygarvan in the Barony of KERRICURRIHY. County Cork
			Held under lease for Lives renewable for ever, containing almost
	288 acres and 32 perches, English Standard measure are situate within five miles of
the city of Cork, and two miles of the village of Ballinhassig and are held under lease dated 1st
January 1799 made between Henry COULSEN and the Right Hon. Elizabeth Baroness TRACTON, his wife
of the one part and William HARRIS of the other [art, which granted and demised the lands and premises
therein referred to for the three lives named, subject to the yearly rent of £140 payable half-yearly
every 5th April and 5th October: and said lease contains a covenant for perpetual renewal thereof.
and a further contained covenant of the part of the Lessee to expend £300 for making improvements.
which have been done.

NOTED: The last renewal (obtained pursuant to order made in this matter, 5th March 1856)
bears date 18th February, 1857 between Mary DENNIS and John HASTINGS TOUCHET, of the one part and
Rowland DAVIES of the other part for the lives of ALBERT EDWARD PRINCE OF WALES, Arthur William
Patrick ALBERT and Leopold George Duncan ALBERT (three of the sons of Her Majesty Queen Victoria)
all of whom are now living.
				Griffith's valuation £253 11s 0d

	DENOMINATIONS  		TENANTS NAMES		English Measure		Annual Rent
                                                        £  S  D			£  S  D
1]  	East Ballygarvan	Benjamin BARTER		288a 0r 32p		£198 9s 2-1/2d
				Rep. of William
				Vernon BARTER

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Lease dated 21st November 1801 from William HARRIS to William Vernon BARTER
for the lives of William WAKEHAM (NOW DECEASED) and of William BUSTEED and Thomas BARTER, both still
living, for perpetual renewal with hunting, fishing &c rights reversed to the Lessor.

Observations: The tenant is liable to the payment of the Tithe rent charge.

Conditions of sale:  That the Purchaser shall not be a liberty to require evidence of the Title of the
Lessors in the above Lease or to object by any reason of incumbrances affecting their interest

SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.