Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of William HUNTER, OWNER
Ex parte:  Roger Green DAVIS and Others, Petitioners
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Contributed by C.Hunt & M. Taylor
CITY OF CORK:  To be sold by Auction: by Mr. P. PENNINGTON, at his sale rooms at 81 Patrick-Street,
Cork on Friday 5th of June, 1857 at the hour of Twelve o'clock noon.

For Particulars Contact: The Office of the Commissioners, Dublin: MURDOCK GREEN and Co.,
Solicitors - No. 52 Lower Sackville-street, Dublin; and Youghal

Biddings will be taken by the Auctioneer at his place of sale and then submitted to the Chief
Commissioner in Chamber, Tuesday 9th of June, 1857 at 11 o'Clock without further notice
to any person.

				RENTAL and Descriptive Particulars
		      of the Lands of Derrygarriffe, otherwise West Rough Grove
			situate in the Barony of Kinalmeaky, County of Cork,
				containing 110 acres, Statute Measure

		Gale days 25th March and 29th September each year unless otherwise noted


1]  	Derrygarriffe, 		Edward LISSON		40a 0r 0p	See Observation
	otherwise 							No Gale days shown
	West Rough Grove

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: The purchase willbe entitled to immediate possession of this holding
2]	Ditto			John McCARTHY		70a 0r 0p	£44  0s 0d

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Lease dated 26=8th February, 1848 from Richard LISSON to John M'CARTHY
for 31 years at the yearly rent of £44. timber and royalties and to enter and make drains &c. and of
hunting, hawking &c. reserved to the landlord and covenant by tenat to not sublet.  The premises
devised by this lease are therein described as part of the lands of Derrygarriffe called West
Rough Grove, theretofore occupied by Richard LISSON, containing 70a, English Statute measure.
					Edited and condensed]

	The lands to be sold in this matter are a portion of the lands of West Derrygarriffe
containing the whole 300a English measure which are held under fee-farm granted dated 10th May,
1612, from Gyles MASKELYN to George WRIGHT at the yearly rent of £10 for the entire of the said lands.

	In said grant a proviso on the part of said George WRIGHT to yield unto said Gyles MASKELYN
his heirs, assigns &c., upon every alienation or decease of any tenant dying seised or possessed of
said premises or of the principal habitation or dwelling-house thereof, his best beast for and in the
name of, a heriot and subject to the performance of suit and service at the Manor of Kinalmeaky
as therein:  excepting and foreprising from said grant all and every waifstrays, felon's goods and
other whatsoever royalties, to him the said Gyles MASKELYN, his heirs &c.; and to provide and keep
such his or their proportioanal part of horseman and footmen to be employed in the King
Majesty's service and defence of the country, as the said mentioned granted premises shall or may
lawfully be charged or chargeable in that behalf according to her then Late Majesty's Articles and
Letters Patent, thereupon made.

	A division of said lands was made more than 100 years ago and the present portion thereof was
granted to Thomas BEAMISH by an indenture of release dated the 10th of September 1754. and made by
Jonathon Tanner MASKELYN ALCOCK, Margaret BALDWIN, Thomas FRENCH and Hester FRENCH to the said Thomas
BEAMISH, subject to the yearly fee-farm rent of £2 10s.

	And the portion so granted and now to be sold, is therein described as all that and those Lands
of West Derrygarriffe, then in the possession and occupation of Samuel FRENCH . These lands will be sold
subject to the entire rent reserved by said grant, but with such benefit or indemnity or contribution
in request thereof as against the other lands assigned thereby as may exist.

	A copy of the fee-farm grant of 1612 and copy of said lease of September 10th, 1754
	will be handed to the purchaser.

SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.