Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of John Maunsell PEARD, Esq.; Owner and Petitioner
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To be sold by Auction: Tuesday 27th April, 1858 at the hour of 12 o'Clock. at the Court of
Commissioners - In two lots

For rental and further particulars apply at the Office of the Commissioners,
No 14 Henrietta-street, Dublin or at the Office of George William SHANNON, Solicitor:
19 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin

			LANDS OF GLANATORE in the Barony of Kinnataloon, County Cork
			Rent Charge of £112  14s. 1d per Annum charged upon 600 acres

						LOT No. 1

	Denominations		Tenant				Annual Rent	Land area

	Glanatore, 		John Maunsell PEARD, Owner	£112  14s 1d 	600a 0r 0p
	LOT No. 1		1st May-1st Nov			Perpetual rent

NATURE of TENANCY: Indenture of 13th August 1827 being the Grant of the perpetual Rent charge
by Richard Frederick PEARD, Esq. to Francis Drew Harrisson PEARD. Esq. charged on the said Lands
of Glanatore.

NOTED:  This rent charge is amply secured upon the Lands of Glanatore which yield a Profit Rent
of £300 or thereabouts subject to this perpetual annuity:  The Poor Law Valuation being £503 15s 0d
per annum. At the date of granting the Rent charge, Richard Frederick PEARD, the grantor held these
lands under a lease, for lives renewable for ever. which Leasehold interest has been ordered to be
converted into Fee-Farm by Order of the Commissioners, dated 29th January 1857 at the yearly Fee-Farm
rent of £185  14s 3d and will be converted accordingly before the conveyance to the purchaser of the
interest now for sale.
						LOT No. 2
	The Profit rent of £33  19s. 8-1/2d Payable out of the Lands of Carrigeen, County Cork.

	Lands of Carrigeen		Denis HANAN, MD		£199 5s 0d	173a 1r 2p
	Lot No. 2

NATURE of TENANCY: Lease of 147a  3r 39 p and of 25a 1r 3p in all 173a 1r 2p statute measure made
by Francis Drew Harrisson PEARD, Esq. to Denis HANA, Esq. M.D. of the Lands of Carrigeen dated
14th May 1832 for 2 Lives renewable for ever, all the Lives are in being.

NOTED: These lands are held under two leases one being dated 28th August 1769: by Richard PEARD, Esq,
to Jonathon BOLES and Robert HUNT of 147a 3r 39p and the other dated 6th May 1772 by Richard PEARD, Esq.
to William CARR of 49a 1r 3p each for lives renewable for ever; that of 28th August 1769 has been
ordered to be converted into Fee-Farm pursuant to the Commissioners order. which will be handed
to the Purchaser.

	But the owner is only entitled to 25a 1r 3p, of the Lands comprised in the Lease of 1772 as
now leased to Dr. HANAN, the remaining 24a 0r 0p having been will of 1st Nov. 1841 of Francis Drew
Harrisson PEARD. devised clear of rent.  A renewal of the Lease of 1792 will be obtained at the
expense of the fund.

	Valuable buildings have been erected upon the Lands and the Profit Rent is now amply
secured and punctually paid by the Tenant; The Poor Law Valuation of the Lands as demised to
Dr. HANAN is £191 15s 0d per annum.

	The purchaser shall not be at liberty to require evidence of the title of the Lessors
in said leases or to object by any reason of any Incumbrance affecting their interest,

SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.