Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Marion PEARD; Owner and Petitioner
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Contributed by C.Hunt & M. Taylor

To be sold by Auction: Friday 2nd of November, 1855 at the hour of 12 o'Clock. at the Court of
Commissioners - For rental and further particulars apply at the Office of the Commissioners,
No 14 Henrietta-street, Dublin or at the Office of George William SHANNON, Solicitor:
19 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin

			LANDS OF GLANATORE in the Barony of Kinnataloon, County Cork

			Gale days 25th March and 29th Sept. unless otherwise noted

	Denominations		Tenant			Annual Rent	Land area

	Glanatore, 		Maurice DAWLEY		£6  10s. 0d	7a 2r 0p
				1st May-1st Nov

NATURE of TENANCY: Tenant from year to year commencing 1st May. This is a valuable holding and
worth at least double the present rent.
	Ditto			Maurice DAWLEY		£3  0s. 0d	6a 0r 0p

NATURE of TENANCY: Accepted proposal from Maurice DAWLEY to the owner dated 8th March, 1850
at the rent of 10s per acre for the term of 21 years from the 25th March. 1850 a copy of
which will be handed to the purchaser.
	Ditto			Daniel DAWLEY		£13  0s. 0d	11a 0r 0p

NATURE of TENANCY: Lease dated 21st August 1839 between Charles MAUNSELL, Esq. for the life
of Mary DAWLEY, now aged about 20 years or 31 years from the date of the lease, whichever shall
longest last at the rent of £13 per annum -- it is much underlet.
	Ditto			James DERHAM		£2  5s. 6d	0a 2r 0p

NATURE of TENANCY: Lease dated 22nd August 1839  for the term of 40 years from the 25th March
1839; the rent reserved is an acreable one of £3 per acre.
	Ditto			Richard DERHAM		£1  17s. 0d	4a 1r 13p

NATURE of TENANCY: Accepted proposal from Richard DERHAM to the Owner dates 1st May 1854 for a
term of 21 years from 25th March 1854 at the rent of 8s 6d per statute acre.
	Ditto			Unlet			£79  16s. 0d	144a 0r 0p

These unlet lands in the Owner's hands are estimated to contain about this quantity and at the
very low value of 12s per acre although 19s per acre  has been in former years paid for them.


	Of the foregoing Lands 74 acres are held under lease of lives renewable forever dated
24th January, 1791 between Richard PEARD, Esq and William PEARD at the rent of £1  2s. 9d late
currency and a pepper-corn renal fine, the lives in which have died and of which the Owner will
execute a renewal to the Purchaser at the expense of the fund as Guardian of her son, John MUANSELL
PEARD, an infant who represents the Lessor's interest therein and the residue of said Land called
the 100 acres are also held by lease for lives renewable for ever, dated 25th March 1900 between
Robert Warren GUMBLETON. Esq and Richard Edward GUMBLETON, Esq. at the rent of £45  10s. 0d late
currency and a pepper-corn renewal fine of which a renewal has been obtained on the 13th March 1855
for 3 lives all in being.

	The Original leases are not forthcoming but the last renewals will be handed to the purchaser
who will not be allowed to require evidence of the title of the Lessors to make the said
respective leases nor to object by any reason of any Incumbrance affecting their interest,

	The high road leading from Tallow to Fermoy runs through these lands which are within 3 miles
of the town of Tallow, and 7 of Fermoy, and form a very desirable investment for small Capitalists,
most of the land being in the Owner's possession and presenting a good opportunity of opening a
Coal or Corn Store, adjacent to the Quay of Tallow Bridge, for the Fermoy and Mitchelstown trade.

	The lands are subject to a charge under the Land Improvement Act, will be redeemed
out of the purchase money.

SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.