Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of John Thomas HUNGERFORD SEALY; Owner
Ex parte, Richard Townsend and James CARNEGIE. Petitioners
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CITY OF CORK:  To be sold by Auction: by Mr. Roger B. Evans Sale Rooms South Mall, Cork
on Thursday 26th October, 1854 at the hour of one o'clock.

Biddings to be taken by the Auctioneer, then submitted to Mr. Commissioner HARGREAVE
at his Chambers, Henrietta-street, Dublin on the 1st Day of November, 1854

For Particulars Contact: The Office of the Commissioners;- Dublin: to BEAMISH and ARMSTRONG,
Solicitors-Dublin - and William H. TOWNSEND, Solicitor, 15 [13] Morrisson's Quay, Cork
					RENTAL and Particulars

Lands of West Kilcoleman, Held in fee-simple and of the Fee Farm rent of £48 a year arising
out of the Lands of East Kilcoleman and also of the Lands of Part of East Gully, held subject
to a Fee Farm rent of £10 a year, all situate in the Barony of Kinalmeaky, County of Cork.

Lot 1]	Held in fee simple is within a few miles of the town of Bandon. The extension of the Cork and Bandon
	railway will pass through or near these Lands. The Farms are let at fair and moderate rents.


Lot 2]	Fee farm rent of the Lands of East Kilcoleman. These lands adjoin Lot 1 and on them is the
	house of Kilcoleman.


Lot 3]	The lands of part of East Gully, held under Fee farm grant bearing date 10th May 1762
between John BERNARD to George [?ualy] subject to a yearly rent of £10 or £9 4s 7-1/2d present currency.
An attested copy of the grant will be given to the purchaser.

Lands of Kilcoleman with other Lands formerly known as the half cantred of Kynallmechie with Castle
O'MAHOWN subject to quit rent under King James the First, dated 8th July in the 10th year of his reign.
from Predecessors of the Earls of Bandon, from 1761 to 1786 and from that year by the SEALY family.
These lands were purchased by Robert SEALY in 1787 and conveyed in trust for him by John Lamb and Vincent
Lamb subject to quit rents. The SEALY Family were tenants under the Earl of Bandon, and of other Lands
called Belade, and Mr. W B SEALY said the lands of Kilcoleman paid the quit rents. lot 1 will be sold
subject to whatever liability remains.


	Rental of the Lands of West Kilcoleman situate in the Barony of Kinalmeaky, County of Cork.
	except that portion thereof containing 38a 1r 20p now in the possession of George FARR or
	his under tenants.  Held in Fee Simple.

LOT 1			Gale days 25th March and 25th September each year

                                   		£  S  D			£  S  D
2] West Kilcoleman	John CARTHY, Rep	56 17 6			35 10 0
   69a 2r 0p		for Daniel CARTHY
			otherwise FARSHEN

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Lease dated 27 February 1813 between Robert SEALY, Esq. of Barleyfield
of County Cork  and Daniel CARTHY otherwise called Daniel FARSHEN, farmer, for the lives of Denis
CARTHY then aged 17 years; John CARTHY aged 15 and Patrick aged 7, sons of the Lessee. At time of sale,
[1854] only John surviving, Denis and Patrick noted as deceased. The yearly rent is now £37 10s, pursuant
to report dated 25th September, 1850. [Note valuation above]
    Ditto		Timothy SULLIVAN	45 3 30			19 5 0
   18a 0r 0p

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Lease dated 28th April, 1852 for 7 years pending matter of Edward Richard
TOWNSEND and another Petitioner, John Thomas Hungerford SEALY. Representative dated from 25th day
of March 1851.  The lease will terminate with the conveyance. The tenants will be entitled to his
emblements, if any and such right of entry as is incident thereto.
    Ditto		John REGAN		27 10 10 		26 15 0
  53a 0r 0p

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Tenant from year to year terminating on the 29th September in each year.
    Ditto		William GREENE		12 10 0			11 15 0
  24a 3r 30p

LOT 2			Gale Days 10th October and 5th April

1]   Fee Farm rent	Mrs. Elizabeth 		48 0 0 			230 0 0
     of the lands of 	SEALY, Rep of
     EAST Kilcoleman	George SEALY, Esq.
     220a 1r 10p

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Fee Farm grant dated 13th August 1761 between Vincent LAMB, Esq. of Bandon,
County Cork and George SEALY , Esq. of Bandon at the yearly rent of £52 then currency together
with two fat Capons on every Christmas-Day or 2s 5d late currency in lieu thereof.
LOT 3			Gale Days 25th March and 29th September

    EAST GULLY		Patrick O'CONNOR. Esq.	9 4 7 1/2		30 0 0
    0a 3r 28p		Rep. of Armiger SEALY

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Lease dated 18th October 1798 for 999 years from 29th September 1798
between Baldwin SEALY, Esq. of Barleyfield, County Cork and Armiger SEALY, Esq. of Bandon, Cork,
at the yearly rent of £10 of the then currency.
    DITTO		Mrs. Johanna HURLEY	30 0 0 			26 0 0
  4a 2r 17p		Rep. of Thomas BEAMISH
			and Henry HEAZLE

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Lease dated 29th November 1824 for 988 years from 29th September 1824
at the yearly rent of £32 10s of the then currency between Robert SEALY, Esq. of Barleyfield, County Cork
and Thomas BEAMISH and Henry HEAZLE, Gentlemen, both of Bandon, in County of Cork.

SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.