Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Justin McCARTHY- OWNER Anna Maria MURPHY. Petitioner
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CITY OF CORK:  To be sold by Auction: Friday 7th of November, 1856, at 12 o'clock noon

For Particulars Contact: William O'KEEFE, Solicitor-Dublin; Alfred TAYLOR. Solicitor-Dublin;
CALLAGHAN, Esq., Receiver in cause of DILLON a. McCARTHY, Tuckey-Street, Cork; to John Henry SUGRUE,
Solicitor for said Receiver and to Messrs HODGES, SMITH & Co., 104 Grafton-street, Dublin
					RENTAL and Particulars  of the
				Lands of GORTATAGILL, otherwise RYEFIELD
		SITUATE in the Barony of Barrymore (formerly Muskery) and County of Cork
			Containing 346 acres, 1 rood and 29 perches statute measure
	Held for the residue of a term of 900 tears under lease dated 24th September, 1761

Situated about five and a half miles from Cork, near the village of WHITECHURCH, which is three miles
from the Blarney Station of the Great Southern and Western Railway.  The lands are for the most part arable.
There is a considerable portion requiring drainage (for which there is every facility) with a certainty of
good return for the expenditure.

The land will be sold subject to the annuity of £10 late currency charged on said lands by the deed
of 6th September 1770 from John CASEY to Emanuel BAYLY for the residue of the term under the aforesaid lease of
24th September, 1761

Lease dated 24th September, 1761 from Thomas BUTLER to John CASEY yearly rent of £145 - Said lease excepts and
reserves unto Daniel McCARTHY, et al who was then entitled to the fee of said premises, and unto said Thomas
BUTLER, et al, all timber, trees, mines, minerals, forfeitures, royalties, and privelege, with liberty to dig,
search for, raise and carry away same, with liberty of hunting, hawking, fishing and fowling, making reasonable
amends for same.  Also all corn, grains which should be expended on premises is to be ground at the grist mills
of CARRINGNAVA under penalty of five shillings for every breach of said covenant.
				Gale Days 25th Mar & 29th Sep.

                                   		£  S  D		Tenant from year to year 25th March
1] Gortatagill 		Jeremiah DORGAN				Reduced rent of £35 2s, not binding
   otherwise 		52a 2r 17p		50 8 6 		on the purchaser
2]   Ditto		John FOLEY    		54 8 6 		Tenant from year to year 25th March
			79a 0r 7p				Reduced rent of £50, not binding
								on the purchaser
3]   Ditto 		Reps. of Timothy	38 0 0 		DITTO - reduced rent of £26 8s
			42a 3r 0p
4]   Ditto		Michael & Daniel	68 4 7 		DITTO- reduced rent of £52
			80a 1r 33p
5]   Ditto		Michael CRONIN		29 0 14		Tenant under the Court of Chancery as above
			44a 0r 14p				determined between tenant and purchaser
6]   Ditto		Cornelius DONOHOE	29 5 6 		Tenant from year to year March 25th
			30a 1r 10p				reduced rent of £20
7]   Ditto		Daniel CRONIN		16 14 4		DITTO - reduced rent of £10 8s
			17a 0r 28p
SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.