Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Charlotte JERVOIS, the Younger; Francis WOODLEY and
James JOHNSON, Assignee of Samuel JERVOIS and Mathew O'HEA JERVOIS, Insolvents, OWNERS
Ex parte, John ALLEN, Francis ALLEN, as Executor for of Maria ALLEN, DECEASED
and Francis ALLEN as Executor of Eliza ALLEN; Daniel McCARTHY, Maria ALLEN, Eliza ALLEN and
Catherine ALLEN, AS SURVIVING Petitioners. and Francis ALLEN as Executor of Eliza ALLEN;
and James Edward MARSHALL, OWNERS
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CITY OF CORK:  To be sold by Auction: in Two Lots SALE on Thursday 11th October, 12 o'Clock noon
Biddings to be taken by Messrs WM MARSH & Son and then submitted to The at his Chambers,
No 14 Henrietta-street, Dublin on Thursday, 1st November, 1855.
        For rental and further particulars also apply at the Office of the Commissioners, No 14
        Henrietta-street, Dublin or to Rodolph SCULLY, Solicitor: William M. MOORE, Solicitor,
        James Edward MARSHAL, one of the owners or John IRWINE WHITTY LLD, Civil and Mining Engineer
        and Valuator, 15 Henrietta-street, Dublin.
                                        LANDS OF BALLINRINGLANIG
Containing about 101 acres statute measure and is situate in the Parish of Nohaval, Barony of [Kinalea] and County of Cork.
held under lease for term of 999 years from 1st May, 1710 for annual rent of £8 6s 2d present currency and
producing after payment thereof and of Tithe rent-charge, producing a clear Profit rent of £83 3s 5d sterling per annum.

                                                and of
Lands of Kilcussane, otherwise Kilcousane, otherwise Kilnossane, containing 67a 1r 10p statute measure
in the Parish of Kilfaughnabeg,in the West Division of the Barony of East Carbery, County of Cork
held in Fee-simple producing a Net rent of £57 11s 8d per annum
LOT 1        The Lands of Ballinringlanig, held by lease dated 26th April 1710 made by
        Michael BUSTEED to John HODDER for the residue of a term of 999 years from 1st May, 1710
        subject to the yearly head rent of £9 late currency equal to £8 6s. 3d present
        currency payable 1st May and 1st November
                        Gale days 25th March and 29th Sept.
        Denominations           Tenant                        Annual Rent        Land area
1]        Ballinringlanig,      Daniel BUCKLEY                £67 6s. 8d         68a 0r 0p

NATURE of TENANCY: Tenant from year to year determinable 29th Sept. each year.
OBSERVATIONS: By order of the Chancery suit of ALLEN vs. JERVOISE, this rent was
reduced from March 1852 to £47 7s. 8d

2]        Same                  Johanna BUCKLY                £33 136s. 4d        33a 0r 0p
                                widow of John
NATURE of TENANCY: Tenant from year to year determinable 29th Sept. each year.
OBSERVATIONS: By the same order as above mentioned this rent reduced from March 1852 to £23 11s. 4d
                                        Descriptive Particulars
The above lands are situate within three miles of the excellent Market and Post Town of Kinsale, 6 miles
of Carrigaline and 12 miles of the City of Cork, all profitable Land.   The Lands are scarcely a mile
from the sea shore so that Tenants can have an abundance of Fish (for which there is a ready market in Kinsale)
and plenty of sea and [oar/oat] weed for manure. The present tenants have been in possession for many years.
They are honest, industrious and in good comfortable circumstances.
The original lease of 26th April 1710 and the Map and Survey of 1848 will be handed to the Purchaser.
That the purchaser shall not be a liberty to require evidence of the Lessor's title to make said lease of
26th April 1710 and shall not object by reason or on any account of any Incumbrance affecting the Lessor's estate,
or reversion in these Lands
The purchaser will be entitled to the September and November rents of 1855

SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.