Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Horatio Nelson DUGGAN, Assignee of Edmond SCANLAN, an Insolvent.
Paul M'SWINEY, petitioner
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Of the Mill and Mill Lands and Farm of BALLINDINISK and BELGOOLY held under a Fee farm
Grant .... whereby the said Charlotte HARRISON, under the Provisions of the Renewable Leasehold Conversion
Act in lieu of a lease of lives re...ble for ever, granted said lands and premises formerly in the tenancy &
occupation of Timothy DUFFE and Thomas DUFFE, with the Dwelling House and all other buildings thereon containing
21 acres & 30 perches, situate in the lands of BALLINDINISK into the Mill Stream of said lands and premises
thereby granted together; also, with the full and free liberty of the said Paul M'SWINEY, his Heirs & Assigns
at all times of raising and quarrying stones on any part of said lands and premises thereby granted where there
was then a Quarry, or where a Quarry might thereafter be found for the use of said lands and premises, saving
& re___ing unto the said Charlotte HARRISON, her Heirs and Assigns, and to such other person or persons as she
and they should from time to time give permission the full and free liberty of Quarrying and carrying away stones
for her or their use, in and from off the said Quarry, at all times, without any charge or payment whatsoever
for the same, making reasonable compensation for any waste or damage which might be thereby done or committed
to said Lands and premises. To hold to said Paul M'SWINEY his heirs and Assigns for ever, at the Yearly Rent of
£50  18s 7½d (hard to read). Said Deed contained a proviso, that in case said Paul M'SWINEY, his heirs and Assigns,
paid the sum of 15s 6½d, being the amount payable thereon in respect of Tithes, that said Charlotte HARRISON should
accept the sum of £50 0s 1d in lieu of the Yearly reserved Rent of £50 15s 7½d, and further that if the composition
for Tithes should cease and determine during the said grant, then that the said yearly Rent of £50 15s 7½d should be
reduced by the sum of 15s 6½d and further that if upon any future composition for Tithes the Rent of £50 15s 7½d should
be increased or diminished, that then the said Yearly Rent of £50 15s 7½d shall be increased or diminished rateably (?)
and in due proportion.


Lot 1
                                   £  S  D
The Mill & Mill   Unoccupied                   The Valuation returned for these Premises is not a
Premises of                                    mercantile one. To a person in the Milling business
BALLINDINISK &                                 they would be much more valuable. The last rental
BELGOOLY                                       paid a rent of £260 a yr. for same.

Part of
BALLINDINISK      Unoccupied                   The immediate Possession of these Premises can be given
                                               to the purchaser.

HOUSE	          John DONOVAN     2  0  0     Monthly letting Rent, payable ea. month by payments of
                                                 3s 4d.(blurry numbers) cash.


The Mill and Mill Lands of BALLINDINISK, containing 20 acres 3 roods and 2 perches, are situate in the Village
of Belgooly, about 2½ miles fro the Seaport Town of Kinsale, and 13 from Cork.
...There are two small Houses, one fitted as a shop; and also ten good slated Cottages fit for workmen
employed in the working of the Mill. Attached to the Mill is an excellent Dwelling House in good order
with out-offices and gardens. The land is partly tilled, and is of good quality.

The Purchaser shall not be at liberty to require evidence of the right of the Grantor in the Fee-farm grant
of the 30th day of September, 1856, to grant or make the same; or to object by reason of any incumbrance
affecting her interest.


SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.