Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Michael ROBERTS [LOTS 6 & 7 of Seven] Owner and Petitioner in the City of Cork
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Contributed by C.Hunt & M. Taylor
				Rentals and Particulars
		Lands and Houses, the Property of the Owner in this Matter
	Situate respectively in the County and City of Cork and in the near said city


	Houses and dwellings at Prince's Street; Part lands of Knockanemore;
	Bride (flour) mills & premises, Barony of East Muskerry; [Lots 1 & 2]
	Carrigaline Mills and mill lands; [Lot 3]
	Part of town of Carrigaline; Lands of Beaver (otherwise Coolmiller); [Lot 4]
	Part of lands of Kilnagleary called Boherbuy, Barony of Kerricurrihy; [Lot 5]
	Parcels of lands of Kilmoney, Parish of Tracton [Lots 6 & 7]

				[Edited & Condensed where possible]

LOT 6	Rental of a small Parcel of Ground and Piece of Slob Ground, close to the Bridge
	over the Kilnagleary River, being part of the Lands of Brookfield, Townland of
	Kilnagleary in the barony of Kerricurrihy, County of Cork

	Denominations			Tenant			Rent

1]	Part of the Lands of		Isaac MORGAN, Esq.	£8 0s. 0d
	Kilnagleary (Brookfield)	0a 3r 0p		25th March-29th September

NATURE OF TENANCY: Tenancy from year to year ending 29th September

	Slob in River			In the Owner's
					Possession		-- -- --
					1a 2r 25p
NATURE OF TENANCY: Tenancy from year to year ending 29th September

OBSERVATION: This is available for building a Quay

			Descriptive Particulars and Conditions of Sale

This lot held under lease dated ____ day of August 1824 between Isaac MORGAN and Henry MORGAN to
Michael Roberts for 200 years at year rent of £1 1s. 0d sterling. Rights reserved of the Earl of
Shannon and his heirs, assignees etc use of premises, as well as shipping, and covenant for same for
said Michael ROBERTS.  A good and substantial Quay for landing and shipping corn, dung, manure and
other articles.

The original lease above referred to will be given to the Purchaser. The Purchaser will not be
at liberty to require evidence of the tile of the Lessors in the above mentioned lease or to
object by any reason of incumbrance affecting the same, or because said lease is a sub-lease.

LOT 7	Rental of Certain Parcels of Lands of Kilmoney, situate in the parish of
Tracton, Barony of Kerricurrihy and County of Cork

	Denominations			Tenant			Rent

1]	The Glen of 			In owner's 		-- -- --
	Kilmoney			possession
					8a 2r 10p

OBSERVATIONS:  This is a small stream running through the Glen of Kilmoney and some years since worked
a mill known as the Old Mill of Kilmoney, disused since the owner and his father have worked the
Carrigaline Mills. Rights to reconstruct and use with the rights to water and power. There is some
gross timber on this lot and a large quantity from 5 to 30 years growth. This timber has been
registered and will be sold with this lot
2]	Two Fields 			In owner's 		-- -- --
					5a 0r 26p

OBSERVATIONS:  This lot [7] lies between the Glen Lot and the road from Cork to Kinsale and
on the hill over the Glen:  together these lots would afford a picturesque site for dwelling-
houses and pleasure-ground.

The estimated value of this lot is according to Griffith, about six shillings an acre.

			Descriptive Particulars and Conditions of Sale


A lengthy detailed page and one half follow:  Noted here as edited for owners and lessee's names
1st article of lease dated 6th day of August 1776 by Thomas Spiers GABBETT and Robert Davies to
Michael ROBERTS of Kilmoney.   Described as all that and those; Bolting Mill lately built, together
with all and singular the cabins, water-courses, mill-seats, mill-dams, mill-streams, weirs, rights,
members, privileges thereunto belonging to said Michael ROBERTS for the term of 700 years.

By indenture in 1780 between Michael ROBERTS of Kilmoney on the one part and William ROBERTS of the
other part make over all rights to William ROBERTS for remainder of said term of 700 years

By articles of agreement dated 30th November 1809, between Michael ROBERTS and William ROBERTS did
grant and covey the water and channel rights for use of the Carrigaline Mills.

By indenture dated 9th April 1814 between Michael ROBERTS the elder. Kilmoney, Esq.
and Michael ROBERTS the younger, his son of the first part and William ROBERTS (father of the owner)
of the second part and John DILLON CROKER, Esq. of the third part signed leases for the Glen and
the Fields and the lease granted to John Dillon CROKER with declaration the property leases
had been granted to him in trust for William ROBERTS.

This Lot will be sold subject as respects denomination No 1 thereon, to the rents reserved by
said articles of demise of 23rd January 1769, but indemnified against same by the Mansion-house,
Demesne and remainder of the Lands of Kilmoney.

The second part of this lot is held under lease dated 21st day of June 1848 by Thomas Ronayne
SARSFIELD to Michael ROBERTS for term of 684 years. The leases reserved to the Lessor all
existing rights, royalties etc.

The premises demised by last mentioned lease are therein described as part of the Lands of Kilmoney,
being part of the Glen Lands of Kilmoney, containing three acres, 1 rood and 26 perches.  Bounded
on the North by the holdings of by the Glen belonging to Michael ROBERTS; on the West by the said Glen
and part of the lands of  in the possession of John and Patrick TOOMEY. Bounded on the South by the
the new road leading from Carrigaline to Fivemilebridge and Balgooly Road.  On the East by a
field below the said road being part of the Lands of Kilmoney and the said Michael ROBERTS and
by the highroad from Carrigaline to Ballyfeard and Kinsale, the whole containing 5 acres and
35 perches with the ways, rights, members, privileges, etc thereto belonging, situate in the
Parish of Kilmoney, Barony of Kerricurrihy, and County of Cork.

The original lease of 6th August 1776 is not forthcoming, but it is recited in the deed of
conveyance of 10th March 1780. together with Original Deeds and Leases will be handed to the

The purchaser will not be at liberty to require evidence of the Title of the Lessor or to
object by reason of any incumbrance affecting the same, nor because the said lease for sale are
subleases from landlords who hold larger portions at greater rents, nor because the said lease
of 6th August, 1776 is not forthcoming.


Source: Vol. 3, FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.