Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Eugene SWEENEY and Honora HARRINGTON or either of them,
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CITY OF CORK:  SALE on Friday the 19th day of March, 1858 at one o'Clock in the afternoon

				Rentals and Particulars of Houses and Premises
				situate at Castletown in the Barony of Bere, and
				County of Cork HELD under Lease for 200 years from
				25th March, 1839, subject to the annual rent of £6.

To be sold by auction in ONE Lot, by Mr. William MARSH, Auctioneer, at his Sale Room,
South Mall in the City of Cork, with biddings submitted to Mr. Commissioner HARGREAVE.
For rentals and particulars apply to the Commissioners in Dublin; or Thomas Richard WRIGHT,
Solicitor having Carriage of the Proceedings, Clonakilty; or Richard M'NAMARA, Esq. Solicitor
20 Upper Ormond-quay, Dublin; or Mr. John C. NICHOLSON, CASTLETOWN, BEREHAVEN; or F.M. MURPHY,
solicitor, 95 South Mall, Cork; or to the Auctioneer at the Saleroom.

				[Edited & Condensed where possible]


NOTED: This the BEREHAVEN HOTEL with some properties annexed with individual residents and rents
"The Berehaven Hotel at present is unattended and in the occupation of a caretaker. See descriptive
particulars at foot."

	Denominations			Tenant			Annual Rent

1]	Village of Castletown		Listed Ind.		£40 0s. 0d
								1st of every month

NOTED- Nos. 2 and 3 are connected by interior passages.  The supposed letting annual value
of these premises is the sum stated in the rent column.
2]					John HANDLEY		£4 0s. 0d
								1st of every month
Monthly tenant, HANDLEY, commencing 1st August, 1857 determinable 1st of every month at 6s. 8d
This house was originally distinct from hotel but later annexed to and now rated with it.

					Mary GREEN		£2 14s. 0d
								1st of every month
Monthly tenant, GREEN, part of same house, commencing 1st December 1857, determinable the
1st of every month at rate of 4s.6d
3]					John GRIMSTON		£4 0s. 0d

Monthly tenant, GRIMSTON determinable 1st of every month at monthly rent of £6 8s. 0d
4]					Patrick HART		£7 10s.0d

GALE DAYS; 17th December and 17th June: Tenant, HART from year to year determinable
17th December each year.
5]					Eugene SULLIVAN		£7 0s.0d

GALE DAYS:  19th October and 19th April, tenant SULLIVAN, year to year, determinable on the
19th October each year.
6]					Johanna MAHONY		£3 0s.0d

1st day of each month, part of Dwelling-house at monthly rate of 5s

					Matilda K. TURNER	£6 0s 0d

1st day of each month, part of same Dwelling-house at monthly rate of 10s
7]					Hannah CAVERLY		£2 0s 0d

13TH day of each month, part of same Dwelling-house at monthly rate of 4s. 4d

					John BROSNIHANE		£2 12s 0d

25TH OF each month, part of same Dwelling-house at monthly rate of 3s. 4D.
8]					Jeremiah HEALY		£2 0s 0d

1st day of each month, at monthly rate of 3s 4d.
9]					Honora HARRINGTON	£0 1s 0d

Every Christmas day - Lease dated 4th October from Eugene SWEENY to Honora HARRINGTON
for 99 years from the date at the yearly rent of One shilling, if demanded, provided
said Honora HARRINGTON should so long live.  There is a Cow-shed and right of passage thereto
through the adjoining yard attached to these premises.


Noted: Held under lease from Robert Hedges EYRE to Honora HARRINGTON DATED 12th August, 1839
for the term of 200 years and contains a covenant by Lessee to keep houses white-washed,
glazed and in good repair with power to the Landlord, in case of neglect to do so, or on refusal
of entry to ascertain if repairs done, Landlord to be entitled to recover double rent.

Premised described as the piece  or plot of ground in the Village of Castletown, situated in
the Barony of Bere, in the County of Cork, on which she, [Lessee] had lately built and erected
a house and offices called The Castletown Hotel.  Bounded on the North by the street of
Castletown with 208 feet;  on the South by the Nay of Berehaven, also 208 feet; on the East by
the Barrack Point on which the new church of Castletown was about to be built, in depth about
200 feet; and on the West by the plot of land recently let to Edmund PUXLEY also in depth of
about 200 feet.

Lease also contains a covenant that with in four years the Lessee will build six good and
substantial houses of at least two stories high, with stone and mortar and covered with slate,
on the western side of demised plot facing the street, otherwise lease to be void.  These houses
have since been built and are included in this Rental.
				Conditions of sale
The Purchaser shall not be at liberty to require evidence of the title of the Lessor in said
Lease or to object to by any reason of any incumbrance affecting his interest in same.
				Descriptive Particulars
This property consists of the Berehaven Hotel with the two adjoining buildings, hitherto used
as part of the Hotel, but now let separately, and Seven small but comfortable two-storied
dwelling-houses built within the last eighteen years.  The Hotel is a large three-storied compact
building on which a considerable sum has been expended in improvements in the past three or four

It is close to the sea and possesses a commanding view of Bere Island and Bantry Bay. The
grounds connected with the Hotel at its rere run down to the sea on which there is a private
Pier for boats.  Both the Hotel and adjoining Houses are well adapted for all classes of
Visitors desiring the benefit of boating and sea-bathing in a locality remarkable for its fine
inland and coast scenery.  Part of the Ground is also suitable as a site for Stores for
trading purposes.  Castletown is distant from Glengarriff 20 miles; Bantry 28 and by water, 18.

SOURCE:  Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.