Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Michael ROBERTS [LOT 5] Owner and Petitioner : Cork
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Contributed by C.Hunt & M. Taylor
				Rentals and Particulars
		Lands and Houses, the Property of the Owner in this Matter
	Situate respectively in the County and City of Cork and in the near said


	Houses and dwellings at Prince's Street; Part lands of Knockanemore;
	Bride (flour) mills & premises, Barony of East Muskerry; [Lots 1 & 2]
	Carrigaline Mills and mill lands; [Lot 3]
	Part of town of Carrigaline; Lands of Beaver (otherwise Coolmiller);
	[Lot 4]
	Part of lands of Kilnagleary called Boherbuy, Barony of Kerricurrihy;
	[Lot 5]
	Parcels of lands of Kilmoney, Parish of Tracton [Lots 6 & 7]

        Edited & Condensed where possible]

LOT 5	Rental of Houses and Premises, adjacent to the Bridge in the Town of
Carrigaline being in that part of the Lands of Kilnagleary, called Boherbuy, in
the Barony of Kerricurrihy and County of Cork, held under Lease for 300 years.

	Denominations		Tenant			Rent

1]	Dwelling house		Messrs. ARNOTT 		£8 0s. 0d
	and yard		& Co., CORK

NATURE OF TENANCY: Tenancy from year to year ending 8th February' with power to
Landlord or tenant to determine the tenancy on three months notice in writing.

OBSERVATION: Mssrs. ARNOTT & Co. hold this which is a very good house and used
as a Crotchet School
2]	Two houses and a	Catherine JEFFORDS	£5 10s. 0d
	large Yard

NATURE OF TENANCY: Tenancy from year to year ending 29th September

OBSERVATION: since the proceedings in this matter the Owner has obtained and is
now in possession of these premises.
3]	Dwelling-house and 	The Receiver-General	£20 0s. 0d
	Yard			of Constabulary		July and January

NATURE OF TENANCY: Tenancy from year to year ending 29th September

NOTED: The terms of this holding by the  Constabulary are that the Landlord is
to keep the premises in tenantable repairs and all damages by storm or other
natural causes, or fire' to be made good by him or repaired by the Constabulary
at his cost in case of any delay, but all willful damage to be made good by the
Constabulary.  That the Constabulary Inspector for the time being of the
County in which the said house or barrack is situate.

[It continues on with mention of receivership responsibility, etc, with
agreement to be renewed each year and as noted below this is a Police Barracks]
4]	Dwelling-house,		Robert BIBLE		10 0s. 0d
	Coal Store and Yard

NATURE OF TENANCY: [BIBLE] Lease dated 31st of August 1837 by Michael ROBERTS to
Robert BIBLE for 100 years, at the rent of £16 sterling.  The lease provides for
tenant to lawfully land coals and iron in the quays to the east or west of the
store, but to remove and place into storage as soon as possible thereafter
landing. No selling or storing of grains allowed unless agreed to
by the Lessor, under penalty of £50 per incident.

A portion has been released for use as a Police Barrack in writing between
Michael ROBERTS and
Patrick DALY for 100 years at rate of £10 sterling.
5]	Dwelling-house and	John CRONIN		£4 0s. 0d

NATURE OF TENANCY; [CRONIN] Agreement for a lease for 100 years between Michael
Patrick DALY from 25th March 1839;

Source: Vol. 3, FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.