Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of Michael ROBERTS Lot 4 of Seven Lots Owner and Petitioner : Cork
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				Rentals and Particulars
		Lands and Houses, the Property of the Owner in this Matter
	Situate respectively in the County and City of Cork and in the near said city


	Houses and dwellings at Prince's Street; Part lands of Knockanemore;
	Bride (flour) mills & premises, Barony of East Muskerry; [Lots 1 & 2]
	Carrigaline Mills and mill lands; [Lot 3]
	Part of town of Carrigaline; Lands of Beaver (otherwise Coolmiller); [Lot 4]
	Part of lands of Kilnagleary called Boherbuy, Barony of Kerricurrihy; [Lot 5]
	Parcels of lands of Kilmoney, Parish of Tracton [Lots 6 & 7]
				[Edited & Condensed where possible]

LOT 4	Rental of Dwelling Hoses and Premises, situate at the North Side of Carrigaline
	Bridge in the Market Town of Carrigaline and Beaver, Barony of Kerricurrighy,
	County of Cork, held under a Conveyance in perpetuity, free of any rent.

RENTALS		 		Gale Days 25th March and 29th Sept.


Lot 4]	Part of the Town
	of Carrigaline, Lands
	of Beaver (otherwise

1]	Four Dwelling Houses 		Robert BIBLE		£6 0s. 0d
	and two yards.

TENURE OF LEASE:  [BIBLE] Lease dated 5th December 1826 from Michael ROBERTS to Elizabeth HOLMES
for 200 years from 29th September 1826

OBSERVATIONS: The tenant has an interest in this lot being merely ground rent, the original
tenant having erected the buildings on the premises.
2]	One Dwelling House 		Robert BIBLE		£4 0s. 0d
	and one yard.

TENURE OF LEASE:  [BIBLE] Lease dated 17th June 1937 from Michael ROBERTS to John DESMOND
for 100 years from 25th March 1837

OBSERVATIONS: Like observation applies to this lot.
3]	Two Dwelling Houses 		John HOGAN		£4 0s. 0d
	and Yards

TENURE OF LEASE:  [HOGAN] Lease dated 1st July 1849 from Michael ROBERTS to John HOGAN
for 100 years from 29th September 1843.

OBSERVATIONS: Like observation
4]	School-house, 		The Rev, John Newman		£1 10s. 0d
	Post-office and		LOMBARD, deceased	1st May & 1st November
	Yard 			the Rev. John CRAIG
				Thomas Newenham BLAIR
				and John MARTIN, Esquires
				and the Rector Curate and
				Church Wardens of the
				parish of Carrigaline and
				their successors for the
				time being.

TENURE of LEASE:  [CHURCH &c.] Dated 22nd February 1842 from Michael ROBERTS to Rev. John Newman LOMBARD
Rev. Henry Joseph WOODROOFE, Thomas Newenham BLAIR and Charles BUSTEED the then Rector, Curate
and Church Wardens of Parish of Carrigaline and their successors in office for the term of
500 years from the 1st November 1842 a plot of ground described as containing 40 feet in front
and 50 feet in depth.

This lease contains a covenant that the ground thereby granted and the school-house thereon are
granted by said lease upon trust that the Lessees and their successors should during their demise
e the said building or school-house and all other buildings to be made thereon as a school-
house and residence for teachers only, which the children shall be taught in the entire of the
Holy Scriptures	and forms of the Church of England and Ireland, as then established, and that if
at any time the said school-house or building should be permanently discontinued or that being
continued, the children frequenting it shall not be taught and instructed aforesaid or that any
shop or business shall be carried on, in or upon said premises without the written consent of
Michael ROBERTS, his assignees &c.

And in such case the said premises hereby demised or meant or intended so to be shall thence-forth
during the residue of the term hereby granted become subject and liable to the yearly rent of
£4 in lieu of £1 10s. 0d to be paid and payable on the days and times, and recovered in manner
and form &c to continue of said school-house and premises are used for any other purpose.

Observations:  Like observations
5]	Two houses and		Denis COVENY			£4 0s. 0d
	one yard

TENURE OF LEASE: [COVENY] Dated 23rd May 1857 from Michael ROBERTS to Denis COVENY for 100 years
from 29th September, 1842 at the rent of £4 sterling.

				Thomas JACKSON			£2 10s. 0d
TENURE OF LEASE: [JACKSON] Dated 23rd May 1857 from Michael ROBERTS to Thomas JACKSON dated 2nd
June, 1857 for 99 years at rent of £2 10s. 0d sterling.

Observations:  Like observations
6]	Quay			Owner's possession	Est Value £3 0s. 0d

Observations:  	This Quay is above Carrigaline Bridge and sand boats can come up and discharge
		at it.
				[Edited & Condensed where possible]

The Lands of Beaver of which the parcels conveyed to Michael ROBERTS by the deed of 20th
August 1835. With lives renewable  for ever by Francis POWER by indenture of lease to
Robert ATKINS dated 17th August 1737.

Described as part of the Manor, Castle, Towns and Lands of the east plowland of Carrigaline
alias Beaver, alias Coolmiller containing approx 300 acres enjoyed by Murtough MURPHY, tenant
to the said Robert ATKINS.

Also a deer park &C. as owned by then Lord Viscount Shannon. approximately 450 acres also
containing houses, orchards, woods, water-courses mills, mill-seats, bogs, moors, with
rights of use reserved for above said Lord Viscount SHANNON and Francis POWER, heirs &c.

Deed of conveyance dated 20th August 1824 by Warham ATKINS, Mary ATKINS, otherwise M'CARTHY,
and William GILLESPIE (in whom the estate and interests had become vested) and Robert ATKINS,
their son and heir, both Robert HITCHCOCK the elder and younger,

This deed grants to Michael ROBERTS &c. full, free and uninterrupted privilege of channels near
the mills, passage for all vessels that are the property of Messrs. ROBERTS &c. through which the
water flowed down the Carrigaline River.

Covenant referring to manure to be gleaned from channels only during months of May and August
and used by the Warham and Robert ATKINS exclusively. The said Robert ATKINS obtained a grant
in perpetuity dated 22nd March 1856.

This lot will be sold subject to the fee-farm rent of £121 10s. 7-1/2d sterling but indemnified
against same by the remainder of the said Lands and Premises comprised of the original lease
of 17th August 1737 and the grant in perpetuity of 22nd March 1856.
The original deed of conveyance and the Tenants leases above mentioned will be given to
the Purchaser.

Source: Vol. 3, FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.