Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of William LANE, claiming to be Executor
or Assignee of Samuel LANE, deceased, Owner; Exparte, Wright SHERLOCK, Petitioner.
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In the Court for the Sale of Incumbered Estates..  Sale on Friday the 4th day of
July, 1851


SITUATE IN WINTROP-STREET, IN THE CITY OF CORK, and known as Nos. 13 and 14, in
said street, held by Lease for the residue of a term of 118 years, will be
                    SOLD AT AUCTION,
                    AS STATED IN THE ANNEXED RENTAL,
AT HALL'S Commercial Sale Rooms, in the City of Cork, by direction of the
Commissioners.  On Friday the 4th day of July, 1851, at the hour of 12 O'clock,
at noon,

Pursuant to the absolute Order for a Sale in this Matter, bearing date the 8th
day of June, 1850.

For Rentals and further particulars, apply at the Office of the Commissioners,
No. 14 Henrietta-street, Dublin, or to Parker and Large, Solicitors, having
Carriage of the Sale, 48 Lower Dominick-street, Dublin, or South Mall, Cork.

House and premises in
Wintrop-street in the parish
of the Holy Trinity, and City
of Cork.

Head Rent
£25   0s.   0d.

Tenant's Name

Lease dated 19th November 1841 from James HAYES and Wright SHERLOCK to the
tenant for the term of 30 years from 1st November 1841, with clause of surrender
every year.

1st May and 1st November

£70     0s.     0d.

These premises are held under Lease made by Christina CAMPBELL to James HAYES,
bearing date the 9th April 1838 at the yearly rent of £25 payable on every 24th
June, 29th September, 25th December and 25th March, with covenant that the
tenant, his executors, administrators or assigns, shall build on the premises a
good and substantial Dwelling House.
A copy of the lease can be inspected at the office of the Solicitor, having the
carriage of the sale.

The above Premises were formerly known at the Waterloo House, and are now called
the Prince of Wales Hotel.

The Purchases shall not be at liberty to require evidence of, no object to the
tide of the Lessor in the original Lease, or object to by reason of any
incumbrances affecting his interest.

*The lease of the 9th April 1838 is for a term of 118 years from 25th March

Source: FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.