Land: CORK [6 Lots] - In the Matter of the Estate of Edmond Richard CUMMINS, et al.
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Names Mentioned Lot 1:
BULKELEY, John M.Praed, Esq.
Edward Wallis HOARE

In the Matter of the Estate of Edmond Richard CUMMINS,
Frederick Joseph CUMMINS, William Henry CUMMINS, Arthur Bettesworth CUMMINS,
Devisees of Joseph King CUMMINS, Deceased and of Charlotte CUMMINS and James
John CUMMINS, Executor and Executrix of said Joseph King CUMMINS; Continued
as to said Frederick Joseph CUMMINS in the name of Thomas MANNIX CUMMINS,
his heir-at-law.  Ex parte John SMYTH, Petitioner

In the Court of the Commissioners for the Sale of Incumbered Estates in Ireland

in the City of Cork and also of the Impropriate Tithes of Premises situate
in the County of KILDARE

ON Thursday, the 15th day of June, 1854 at the hour of 12 o'Clock NOON
For Rentals and all further Information and Particulars, apply at the Court of
the Commissioners,14 Henrietta-Street, Dublin; to John SMYTH, Solicitor, having
carriage of the Order for Sale, No. 17 Eustace-street, Dunlin' to Mssrs. SEYMOUR &
WEBB, Solicitors for Owners, No. 4 Kildare-street, Dublin; to Francis HEARD, Esq.,
the Receiver, Nile-street, Cork; to Charles GAUSSEN, Solicitor, No. 17 Gardiners-place,
Dublin; to Maurice COLLES, C.E. M.R.I.A., No. 2 North Great George's-street, Dublin;
to HODGES & SMITH, No. 104 Grafton-street, Dublin; or to the Office of the WEEKLY NEWS
and CHRONICALE, No. 337 Strand, London

The Lands, Houses and Premises to be sold in this matter, forming LOTS 1 to 6 inclusive
are all situate in the County and City of Cork.

LOT No. 1] This valuable property consists of the Western Division of the Townland
of Ballycrennan and its subdenominations, situate about two miles from the Town of Yougal
in the County of Cork, adjacent to the sea.  It is held by one Tenant of the highest
respectability, under a lease for three lives renewable for ever at a Yearly rent of
£ 147 2s. 6d. and a renewable fine of £28 8s.9 d.. payable upon the fall of each life.
The Poor Law Valuation is £724 14s. 0d., so that the rent payable there-out is a well-
secured Chief Rent.
LOT No. 2]  Consists of part of the Lands of Ballinamought East; it is situate in one
of the most desirable outlets of the City of Cork, distant about two miles from the
City of Cork, and one from the Military Barracks, and the rents payable are moderate
and well-secured.
LOT No. 3]  Consists of part of the Lands of Lotabeg.  This lot is also very desirably
situated about two miles from the City of Cork, one mile from the River Lee, and in the
neighbourhood of Glanmire; it is set to solvent Tenants.  The interests of the first
two tenants on this lot may be fairly classed as Chief rents, large sums of money
having been expended thereon in buildings and improvements. The land is of excellent
quality and almost exclusively used for Dairy purposes, and the rents are well paid.
"Silverspring" on this lot was for some years the residence of the late Joseph King
CUMMINS, Esq.  The demense is tastefully planted and the Dwelling-house commodious and
in good repair, with convenient Offices and large walled-in garden, with green-houses.
It is in the occupation of a very respectable tenant and from its contiguity to the
City of Cork it is a most desirable residence.
LOT No. 4]  Consists of the of the Land and Premises of Kilmichell, and Myrtleville.
This Lot is distant about twelve miles from Cork and one from Crosshaven.  These Lands
have a considerable frontage to the sea, which affords a good suply of Sea Ore; Sand
also can be procured.  These are two respectable residences upon the land, viz.
Myrtleville House and Myrtleville Cottage.

Myrtleville House is commodious and beautifully situated outside Cork Harbour, near the
Demenses of Hoddersfield, Crosshaven and Ringabella, and commands a fine sea view.  It
is well sheltered with trees and has a large walled-in Garden, stocked with good fruit
trees.  The house requires some repairs and with a moderate outlay, would form a most
desirable residence.  The present tenancy is under the Court of Chancery, pending the
Cause of CUMMINS V. CUMMINS and terminates with the sale.  The purchaser will be titles
to immediate possession, and an advanced rent may fairly be expected. [See Engraving]

Myrtleville Cottage also upon this lot, immediately adjoins the Lands of Kilmichell
and is a compact two-storied house, containing four Bed-rooms, Sitting and Dining-room,
and Servants Apartments.  It stands upon 3A 1R 10P, statute measure and is beautifully
situate on a projecting headland, commanding a fine view of the entrance of Cork
Harbour, with a small outlay for repairs would form an agreeable summer marine residence.
LOT No. 5]  Consist of four comfortable Dwelling-houses, situate at Wellington-place in
and No. 6]  an airy and healthful situation overlooking the City of Cork; they are all
	    four stories high and form convenient residences.  They have Coach-houses
            and Stables attached and are suitable residences for families of respectability.
LOT No. 7]  Consists of the Impropriate Tithes of Rickardstown, otherwise Scarletstown
            situate in the COUNTY OF KILDARE [No other information here]
LOT 1	Ballycrenan &c. 	£149 17s. 0d.		£726 14s.0d

LOT 2	Ballinmought (part of)  £43 16s. 4d.		£44  10s.0d.
LOT 3	Lotaburg (part of)	£311 15s.6d.		£254 5s. 0d.
LOT 4	Myrtleville and
	Kilmichell		£140  0s.0d.		£143 0s. 0d.
LOT 5	Three House in
	Wellington-place-Cork   £108 12s.6d.		£107 0s. 0d.
LOT 6	One house in ditto	£30  0s. 0d.		£35  0s. 0d.
LOT 7	Tithes of Rickarstown	£6  18s. 6d.		 --  --  --
	and Scatletstown,
				___________		____________
TOTALS			        £810 19s. 10d. 		£1310 9s.d.
The Head Rents or Tithe Rentcharges are not deducted from the Annual Rents here stated,
but same are stated upon the details rentals of the respective Lots. Such of the
tenants as hold by Lease made prior to the year 1832 are liable to the payment of the
Tithe Rentcharge, and such Tithe Rentcharge has been hitherto paid by said tenants. In
all other cases the purchaser will be liable to the payment of said Tithe Rentcharge,
which has been apportioned as nearly as possible, and deducted from the rent on each Lot;
and the purchase will not be at liberty to object should the sums actually payable
for same exceed the sums stated at the foot of the several Lots.  The contents of the
several Lots and of each building are given in statue and Plantation measures throughout
from a survey made by Mr. Maurice COLLES; they are to be taken as the quantities stated,
be they more or less.
[English - a837 r0 p1 - Irish Plantation a516 r2 p36]
The Western Division of the Townland of Ballycrenan, Kilcredane, Gortaskibole,
Ballymollen, and the Mills thereon, situate in the Barony of Imokilly, and County
of Cork, held in Fee.
RENTAL -- LOT No. 1		RENTS 	      Gale Days	1st May and 1st. Nov.


   Western Division of		BULKELEY, John M.	£149 17s. 0d.
   Ballycrenan &c.		Praed, Esq.

NATURE OF TENANCY: Lease dated 24th July from the Right Hon, James TYNTE, to
William WALLACE, for 3 lives renewable for ever - last renewal dated 6th April, 1819
from Edward Wallis HOARE TO John COLTHURST, for lives of Edward Wallis HOARE, Cooper
PENROSE and Charles COLTHURST all of whom are living.
The original lease of 24th July 1747, demised the entire of the lands above mentioned
thereby stated to contain 1056a 0r 13p, plantation measure, at the rent of £316 16s.
with 6d. in the pound receiver's fees; but the landlord's interest having subsequently
been partitioned, separate renewals of the Western Division, now for sale, was made
at the rent above stated, being half of the rent and receiver's fess above mentioned
and a half fine of £28 8s. 9d., on the fall of each life.  The said last renewal dated
6th April, 1819, demised 837a 1r 21p statute measure and reserves to the landlord all
mines, minerals, felons' and fugitives' goods, waifs, estrays, deedlands and wrecks of
the sea, and all royalties with liberty to dig, search for, and carry away same,
making reasonable amends for the damage thereby done; and also reserves to the said
landlord, with servants and attendants, free liberty of hunting, hawking, fishing and
fowling on said premises.  Neither the original lease nor the last renewal of these
land will be forthcoming but a compared copy of such last renewal will be handed to
the purchaser.
LOTS 2,3,4,5.6 AND Lot 7. [Kildare] to follow in next transcription.