Land: CORK, In the matter of the estate of CHARLOTTE MANNIX, and WILLIAM MANNIX, an infant,
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In the matter of the estate of CHARLOTTE MANNIX, and WILLIAM MANNIX, an infant,
Ex parte
By Public Auction ... 26 day of May, 1857

Lot no. 2

Rental of certain premises called Muckridge Close, now known as part of Copperally, situate in the
Barony of Imokilly and County of Cork formerly the North Liberties of Youghal, containing 4a. 0r.
1p. Statute Measure or thereabouts and certain other premises situate in the North Main Street in
the Town of Youghal and County of Cork containing about 40 feet in front and 175 feet from front to
rere held respectively under a lease from three lives renewable for ever, but the same will be
conveyed to the purchaser in fee-farm under the Commissioners' Conversion Order

Denominations         Tenants names                          Tenure

Muckridge Close      Representatives        Lease dated 1st August 1810 from Thomas MANNIX
known as part of     of Thomas JOHN Esq.    to Thomas JOHN, the elder, and Thomas JOHN, the
Copperally                                  younger, (both since deceased) of that part of
                                            the field called Muckridge Close, together with
                                            the four houses thereon, as then lately held by
                                            John SWAYNE, and therein stated to contain by
                                            estimation 3a. 1r. 29p. statute measure, more or
                                            less, and to be situate in the north liberties
                                            of Youghal, bounded on the west by the road leading
                                            from Tallow Road to Muckridge House and the
                                            premises thereby demised, on the north, by grounds
                                            in possession of John HUDSON and on the east by
                                            other lands in the possession of said John HUDSON
                                            and on the south partly by a house and strip of
                                            ground in the possession of Daniel TOOMEY and
                                            partly by the passage leading from the high road
                                            to said field and said TOOMEY'S ground, for the
                                            lives of the said Thomas JOHN the younger, William
                                            JOHN, then aged about 10 years and son to the said
                                            Thomas JOHN the elder, and of Hugh POLLOCK then
                                            aged about 10 years, eldest son of John POLLOCK
                                            Attorney-at-Law, and the survivor of them, and
                                            the further lives and life to be added thereto
                                            pursuant to the covenant for perpetual renewal
                                            therein contained upon payment of one pepper corn
                                            as a renewal fine on the fall of each life at the
                                            yearly rent of £20 11s 9d of the then Irish

ditto                  James RYAN            Tenant from year to year, year ending the 25th
                                             of March in each year.

North Main Street      Representatives of    Lease dated 11th April 1767 from George MANNIX to
                       William MEAD          William MEAD of a plot of ground whereon the pound
                                             was formerly built by the said George MANNIX and
                                             a waste plot of ground within the north gate of
                                             the said town of Youghal, which plots were therein
                                             stated to contain in breadth 42 feet, and in depth
                                             90 feet more or less, and are now situate in the
                                             North Main Street of said town, for the term of
                                             three lives, with covenant for perpetual renewal
                                             upon payment of   20s. then Irish currency, as a
                                             renewal fine on the fall of each life, at the
                                             yearly rent of £6 like currency, equal to
                                             £5 10s 9 1/4d of the present currency. The last
                                             renewal of said lease bears date 30th March 1827
                                             and was made by Charlotte MANNIX to Daniel GOOLD
                                             and Philip O'NEILL (since deceased)for the lives
                                             of James GOOLD, fifth son of said Daniel GOOLD and
                                             James O'NEILL eldest son of said Philip O'NEILL,
                                             the surviving lives named in the therein recited
                                             renewal of 29th June 1822, and of Thomas O'NEILL
                                             third son of said Philip O'NEILL being the life
                                             then added in the room of Thomas MANNIX deceased
                                             the third life named in said renewal of 29th June

This Lot will be sold subject to that portion thereof situat in the North Main-street, Youghal,
in the tenancy of the Representatives of William Mead, to the perpetual yearly sum of £6 Irish,
equal to £5 10s. 9 1/4d British, created and charged by the Will of Alderman George MANNIX, dated
18th October, 1771, in favor of 12 of the poor inhabitants of Youghal, upon and to be payable out
of such portion and therein described as the Dwelling-house, Slaughter-house and Yard near the
North Gate, in the Town of Youghal, then in the possession of William CARROLL.

Source: FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.