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File contributed by:  C.Hunt. Typed by Frances Newberry


We have to thank the Editor of "St Mary's Parish Magazine"
Rev C. Stewart for the following very interesting and early
notices of christenings, marriages and burials.

'...There is a break of exactly ten years, as from the year
1684 to 1694, no entries occur in either births, deaths, or
marriages, a fact which is accounted for by the religious
and political troubles of the time, as there is no doubt
that the town  was, during a considerable part of that time,
held by the adherents of James II. The Protestant clergy
were ejected, and the Roman Catholic worship set up in St.
Mary's, as may be readily imagined. Very few of the family
names which occur the early part of the register, are now to
be found amongst the present residents of Youghal, but are
to be met with in abundance on the tombstones which cluster
around this venerable church, and which mark the
resting-places of men, many of whom bravely played their
part in a stirring and eventful age. However, on the very
first page, we were pleased to find two names, Allin and
Stoute, the descendants of which families still reside
amongst us.'

1665    BURIALS
Mar-03  Maurice, sonne of Maurice Christophers
Mar-04  Anne Williams. Widow
Mar-18  John Croly
Mar-19  Anne Sexton

Mar-04  Mary, daughter of Francis Davies
Mar-05  Hannah, daughter of James Mills
Mar-07  Thomasina, daughter of James Mills
Mar-08  Richard, sonne of Nicholas Dalton
Mar-08  Abraham, sonne of Abraham Humphreys
Mar-15  Edward, sonne of Phillip Day
Mar-18  Sarah, daughter if John Spencer
Mar-21  Katherine, daughter of Edward Glavin

Mar-27  Hannah, daughter of William Skinner
Mar-28  J……….sonne of Luke Smith
Apr-01  Owen, sonne of Richard Jones
Apr-04  Hester, daughter of Thomas Thomas
Apr-08  David Ben-Anna (formerly Lampo) a negro,
        aged 15 years or thereabouts, born in Mountserat,
        one of ye Cariby Islands in Mere Del Noova in
        ye coast of America
Apr-12  Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Nash
Apr-16  Roger, sonne of John Allen
Apr-18  Alicia, daughter of Richard Meares
Apr-18  Mary, daughter of Barry Brian
Apr-22  Elizabeth, daughter of John Noble
Apr-26  John sonne of Nicholas Stoute
May-01  Mary, daughter of John Lane
May-05  George, sonne of George Walker
May-06  John, sonne of Samuel Manning
May-06  Giraldus, sonne of Maurice Christophers
May-11  William, sonne of William Clove
May-16  Abigail, daughter of James Pinne
May-17  John, sonne of William Hooper
May-20  Sarah, daughter of George Tucker
May-14  Samuel, sonne of Charles Bowman
Jan-06  Francis, sonne of Francis How
Jan-06  John, sonne of Francis How
Jan-06  Alice, daughter of William Fowkes
Jan-10  Anne, daughter of John Langar
Jan-12  Richard sonne of Edward Eliot
Jan-13  Thomas, sonne of John Banes
Jan-26  Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Craven
Jan-27  Elizabeth, daughter of William Hunt
Feb-09  John, sonne of John Merricke
Feb-17  Maria, daughter of John Power
Mar-18  Charles, sonne of Charles Gee
Mar-20  William, sonne of Henry Bartlett
Mar-21  Thomas, sonne of William Wright
Mar-21  Edward, sonne of Robert Pike
Mar-24  John , sonne of William Bull
Mar-25  William, sonne of John Soper
Mar-26  Jane, daughter of John Drady
Mar-27  Robert, sonne of Nicholas Hovenden
Mar-28  Jane, daughter of Arthur Michell
Mar-28  Catherine, daughter of Richard Roe
Mar-28  John, sonne of John Brady
Apr-01  John, sonne of Thomas Gaule
Apr-02  Anne, daughter of William Kelly
Apr-02  Ellinor, daughter of Thomas Parker
Apr-04  Dorothy, daughter of Edward Perry
Apr-07  Frances, daughter of Robert Elliot
Apr-08  Margaret, daughter of Thomas Ward
Apr-18  Margaret, daughter of William Richard
May-14  Thomas, sonne of Thomas Seymour
May-23  Isabella, daughter of Robert Hovenden
May-23  Jane, daughter of John Harris
Jun-08  Elizabeth, daughter of Lodowicke Jackson
Jun-12  Grace, daughter of Hercules Beare
Jun-12  John, sonne of Phillip Wey
Jun-13  Francis, sonne of Robert Wright
Oct-01  Anne, daughter of John Luther
Oct-01  Catherine, daughter of Thomas Anglom
Oct-07  Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Chapman
Oct-09  John, sonne of Anthony Harbor
Oct-11  Mary, daughter of George Stout
Oct-11  Mary, daughter of Jasper Harman
Oct-15  Mathew, sonne of Turlogh O'Brian
Oct-18  Alicia, daughter of David _ahadge
Nov-02  Elizabeth, daughter of William Meager
Nov-09  Emeline, daughter of George Lucas (?)
Nov-17  Edward, son of John How
Nov-19  Mary, daughter of John Rice
Nov-25  Elizabeth, daughter of Luke Smith
Dec-02  Thomas, sonne of Samuel Ax
Dec-11  James, sonne of Henry Moone
Dec-15  Lancaster sonne of Owen Silver

Apr-17  John Randen and Jone Davies
Jun-03  Francis Reade and Elizabeth Godwin*
*this family of Godwin were from Buckinghamshire. They came
to Ireland at an early period, for in anno 1316 we find John
Godin sovereign of the town of Kilkenny, and Peter Godin was
mayor in 1664. The family was a very ancient one in the
city. They settled in Youghal also, for we find Peter Golwin
served as baliff of this town in 1657. . He struck a
tradesman's token in the year 1658; on the obverse is a
ship, being the "ar.. of the borough of Youghall" (it is in
the British Museum). Perhaps when he put forth this token he
adopted the arms of this ancient town as commemorative of
his official career. The following epitaph is on his tomb (a
large limestone); original site unknown. The legend runs
round the margin of the stone, in capitals :—"Here lyeth the
body of Peter Godwin, burgess of this towne, who died 28 day
of Sept., anno Dom. 1660." The stone lay for some time in
the nave of the church, Youghal.

Jun-05  William Tandon and Hester Ball
Jun-05  Edward Dartnell and Elizabeth Wigmore
Jul-05  William Parrons and Joan English
Jul-01  John See and Elizabeth Townsend
Jul-26  Richard Linscombe and Elizabeth ……….
Jul-31  Robert Wigmore and Elizabeth Browne

Mar-28  Joane Smith
Apr-08  Thomasin, daighter Richard Midlane
Apr-10  Margaret, wife of Richard Curry
Apr-11  Jane Guire
Apr-11  Anne Hurley
Apr-21  John, sonne of John Heale (** or Hesle)
Apr-30  Rachael Day widow
May-06  Abraham Vaughan
May-07  Alice, wife of William Adams
May-11  Jane, daughter of John Mills
Jun-07  Alice, daughter of William Bull
Jun-14  Elizabeth , daughter of John Goggin
Jun-15  William, sonne of James Cornwall
Jun-22  Jane, wife of Joseph Scofeild
Jun-22  Margaret, wife of William Ady
Jun-23  Alice, Countess of Barrimore
Jun-24  Harris widdow
Jun-25  ffrancis, sonne of Roger Hawkines
Jun-27  Henry, sonne of James Price
Jul-06  John, sonne of Francis Abraham
Jul-11  Elizabeth , daughter of Roger Hawkines
Aug-07  Robert George
Aug-25  Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Pindar
Sep-01  George, sonne of Richard ffeild
Sep-24  Ellinor, daughter of Maurice Lang
Oct-05  Grace, daughter of Jerman Davies
Oct-13  Grace, daughter of Barry Brian
Oct-21  John MacMaurice
Oct-30  Agnes, wife of John Darby
Nov-02  Richard, sonne of Edward Greene
Nov-04  Daughter of John Poore
Nov-22  Robert Chapman
Nov-25  Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Greene
Dec-23  Margaret Collins, widdow
Dec-27  John Randall

Jul-09  Mary, daughter of William Sive
Jul-09  Henry, sonne of Henry West
Jul-14  Richard, sonne of James Fowler
Jul-16  John, sonne of Maurice Matheson
Jul-21  William, sonne of Timothy Graves
Jul-23  Barbara, daughter of Patrick Donnell
Jul-24  Mary daughter of John Cobbe
[Here a blank occus in the Registry, as during very nearly a
year no entry is made in the parish books.]

1667    BURIALS
Jan-01  John, sonne of Arthur Michell
Jan-10  Pricilla Crepin
Jan-24  Richard Newman
Jan-25  John Stanton
Mar-03  Collonel John Buller
Mar-10  William sonne of Edward Elliot
Mar-21  Rebecca Lawrence widdow
Mar-22  John Southcote of Northam in Devonshire
Apr-02  Rebecca wife of Thomas Parker
Apr-04  Owen, sonne of Richard Jones
Apr-04  Abraham, sonne of Abraham Humphries
Apr-08  Thomas sonne of John Weight
Jun-11  Elizabeth daughter of Lodowicke Jackson
Jun-12  Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Kelly
Jun-16  Jane daughter of Hurcules Beare
Jun-16  ___ sonne of Alexander Gwin
Jun-18  Henry sonne of John Pym re Younger
Jun-23  Thomas sonne of Thomas Bragge
Jun-23  Martha wife of Richard Davis
Jun-28  Blanche sonne of Robert Cody
Jun-29  Leonard sonne of William Emery
Jul-16  Elizabeth wife of Maurice Maggegan
Jul-17  William sonne of William Bull
Oct-26  Benjamin sonne of William Balmow
Oct-27  Abigail daughter of Nicholas Pim
Oct-27  Susannah daughter of William Emery
Nov-01  William Brown was buried
Nov-06  John Slaughter on his way to this port
Nov-12  Dorothy daughter of Peter Groome
Nov-14  Arthur & Mary son and daughter of Thomas Michell
Nov-15  Elizabeth daughter of William Noenoll

1668    BURIALS
Sep-12  Margoot daughter of John Daniell
Sep-19  Ann Kent widow
Sep-26  Elizabeth daughter of Joshua Boyle recorder, buried
at Lismore
Sep-29  Jone, daughter of Thomas Abraham and wife of
Bartholmew Browinge of Strathcally, buried in Youghall
Oct-07  John Drady, mariner buried
Oct-17  Sarah, wife of German Davies
Oct-26  Sarah, wife of Barnabee Jenninge buried
Nov-11  Jone, wife of Sampson Coole, buried
Nov-29  Robert Rosmett, buried

Jul-30  John Gulliams and Ann Rittoud
Sep-13  John Maffon and Anne Moussonn
Sep-14  John White and Phillipa Mousson
Sep-22  Simon Sollwood and Susanna Dumfoott
Oct-15  Morris Masson and Margaret Koosd (?)
Nov-04  William Hambleton and Hatth Bolling
Nov-15  James Nott and Mary Harrison, new married
Jan-27  Mr Floud and Mrs Glower new married
Jan-07  Wm. ____ and Jane Glover, married
Jan-07  Luke Myder (?) and Kathleen Darrell, married

Jul-04  Jone, daughter of Maurice Yoman
Jul-05  James, sonne of Anthony Mayepowder
Jul-06  Mary, daughter of William Wyett
Jul-09  ffrances daughter of Roger Hawkins
Jul-09  Mary, daughter of James Mills
Jul-10  Mary daughter of Thomas Bernard
Jul-21  William sonne of Robert Wigmore
Jul-28  Katherine daughter of Daniel Glagg
Jul-28  Alice daughter of Edward Thomas
Jul-29  Elizabeth, daughter of William Clove
Aug-03  ffrances daughter of William Emery
Aug-09  Christopher, sonne of John Cooper
Aug-12  Durissa, daughter of John Banke
Aug-25  Elizabeth daughter of John Howell
Aug-30  John sonne of Maurice Critoom
Aug-31  Potter, sonne of Robert Authorly, a stranger
Sep-01  *Samuel, sonne of Samuel Haymon Merchant
Samuel Hayman was baliff of Youghal in 1666, and mayor 1670
and 1704. The Irish branch of this ancient family trace
descent from George Hayman, of Minehead, in Somersetshire,
who came to Ireland in the year 1629. The Hayman family
acquired lands in the County Cork, demised the South Abbey
lands to Samuel Hayman, gentleman, of Minehead,
Somersetshire. His eldest son, John Hayman, was M.P. for
Youghal in 1703-13, and mayor 1705, by the will of his
maternal grandfather, John Atkin, of Youghal, became
possessed of the historic house known as the Irish residence
of Sir Walter Raleigh, knt.  For upwards of one hundred and
fifty years it was the residence of the Hayman family, and
here Matthew Hayman was born, who for many years sat as
magistrate on the Youghal bench, and a well wisher to the
peace and prosperity of the town. He died at his residence,
South Abbey House, in the year 1867, at an advanced age. He
left two sons-the Rev. Samuel Hayman, Curate of Youghal, and
Rector of Douglas, Cork, a learned divine and an accurate
historian and antiquary; and Colonel Matthew Jones  Hayman,
of the 18th Royal Irish Regiment, and ___ean here.

Sep-01  Dawman, sonne of Captain Barry Bryant, mariner
Sep-22  Mary, daughter of James Gasley
Sep-24  Thomas, sonne of James Murrow
Sep-27  John, sonne of Nathannell Dumstool
Jul-07  Elizabeth, daughter of Owen Silver, gent
Jul-30  Ann, daughter George Manners
Jul-30  ___., daughter of Thomas Gray
Jul-31  James, sonne of Elizabeth Brown, widdow
Aug-05  Abraham, sonne of Thomas Hilroyd Bagge (?)
Aug-09  William, sonne of Robert Wigmore
Aug-18  Elizabeth, daughter of William Cussan

1669    BURIALS
Jan-08  John Dike, gentleman
Jan-12  Ann, daughter of William Russell
Jan-21  John, sonne of John Langhorn mariner
Jan-21  Elizabeth, daughter of William Clove, merchant
Jan-21  Margrett, daughter of Maurice Busby
Jan-21  Nathan, sonne of William and Mary Palmer,
        deceased about 8 of ye clock at night buried
        on 24th By Mr James Spencer, minister
Jan-24  John, sonne of John Murragh
Feb-13  Sarah, daughter of Richard Bartlett
Feb-21  Margrett, daughter of Edward Burtt
Feb-21  Anthony, sonne of Captain Purden
Mar-04  Andrew Coppinger
Mar-31  Elizabeth, daughter of ffrancis Chapman
Apr-14  George, sonne of Edward Rinder
Apr-26  ffrancis Rowde was buried att or neere to Ballymarter
Apr-29  Katherine, wife Will. Bligh was buried
May-01  Mary daughter of Arthur and Mary Mitchell
May-03  Magdalene, wife of John Davies chururgeon was buried

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, Vol. 5 FHL# 1279252