Cork - Register of the Parish Church of the The Holy Trinity
(Christ Church)

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


This Book was provided for the registering of all Marriages,
Christenings, and Burialls within the Parish of Christ
Church in Corke, A.D. 1643.

(Note--C.C.=Christ Church. P.P. =Peter's Parish. Cen
Baros==St. Barry's.)

(I will only put in the Parish if it isn't Christ Church.)


Plover, Sarah widow of Captain Henry, buried 11th June.
Greagh, George son of James, buried 29th June.
Budd, Henry, a stranger, buried 18th July, in the Church Yard.
Shaggnill, Anthony son of Anthony buried 2nd Sept.
Shaggnill, William son of Anthony buried 3rd Sept.
Shaggnill, Joane wife of Anthony, buried 1st July.
Woodmason, John son of John buried 13th Sept.
Conway, Joane daughter of Charles 26th Sept.
Flin, Margaret wife of John buried 15th Oct.
Burcham, John buried 28th Oct. P.P.
Fowler, David buried 30th Sept.
Jonson, Edward son of Edward, 19th Oct.
Cartor, Elynor, buried 30th Oct.
Olliver, Christopher son of Christopher buried 8th Nov. P.P.
Tankard, William son of Lawrance, buried 11th Nov.
Keenan, Eliz., daughter of Nath. Buried 17th Nov.
Boyce, Mary buried 2nd Dec.
Wolbank, Mary daughter of Miles buried 12th Jan.
Fisher, Richard son of Mical, buried 14th Jan.
Fletcher, Katn. Daughter of Robert,buried 29th Jan.
Loyle, Allice daughter of John buried 12th Feb.
Barnes, William son of Will. Buried 15th Feb.
Hering, Frances one of Lieut. Coll Finches Company, buried
26th Feb.
Moore, John son of Roger buried 27th Feb. P.P.
Kenston, Tyretia daughter of Charles buried 10th March
Whitthie, Captain Marks, buried 7th April.
Jones, Master 11th April.
Frend, John buried April.
Clarke, Eliza daughter of James buried 3rd May.
Thomas, Esay, Recorder of this City, dissesed 30th May, buried
2nd. June.
Coppenger, Hester wife of Domnk. 15th June.
Bell, Adam son of William buried 25th June.
Feeld, Henry dissesed on a sudden, buried 27th June P.P.
Edwards, John son of John and Margaret buried the 11th July.
O'Hwolehan, Daniel buried 5th Sept.
Bowler, Margaret daughter of John 17th Sept.
Coulson, Samuel a child, buried 21st Sept.
Champyon, Eliz., daughter of John, buried 22nd Sept.
Plomer, Eliz daughter of Mr. Richard, 28th Sept.
Keuedie, Dennis son of William 8th Oct.
Kenaston, Lucie daughter of Doctor Charles, 13th Oct.
Redwood, Augusten son of William, 18th Oct.
Tems, Edward son of Edward 24th Oct.
Armor, Thomas buried 14th Nov.
Graye, Joseph son of William 3rd Nov.
Fisher, Richard buried in Chancell, 12th Jan.
Gooppye, Mary daughter of William 15th Jan.
Meryin, Henry son of Henry 4th Feb.
Boorke, William buried 24th Feb.
Willyson, William buried 24th Feb.
Davis, Nath., son of Anthony, buried 7th March.
Harnyson, Eliz., wife of Mathew, buried 8th March.
Wills, Susana wife of William, 8th March.
Jones, Richard, buried 8th March.
Brooks, Mary daughter of Captain John buried 26th April.
Pepper, Henry, Sword Bearer of the Citty of Cork, buried 1st
Williams, Anne, 11th May. P.P.
Ware, Daniel, 12th May. P.P.
Crafts, Frances son of Benj. 3rd June.
Moore, Katn, daughter of Roger, 24th June.
Pinchon, Sarah daughter of Phillip, buried 12th Aug.
Champyon, Jaene daughter of John buried 18th Aug.
Gogell, Dina daughter of Edward, 13th Sept.
Hodder, Anne daughter of William and Marie, buried 14th Sept.
Hulett, Thomas son of Theodor buried 22nd Sept.
Gee, Anne daughter of John 24th Sept.
Tems, Edward, Sub-Sherif of the Citty of Corke, 28th Sept.
Newenham, Jaene daughter of John buried 1st Oct.
Wilkeson, William son of Lanslat, 12th Oct.
Kenaston, Edward son of Charles 12th Oct.
Phillips, Roger son of Robert, buried 14th Oct.
Pepper, Kat wife of Henry, buried 21st Oct.
Pach, Henry son of William buried 21st Oct.
Bennit, Kateren buried 20th Nov.
Tems, Nicholas son of Edward 20th Nov.
Keath, Henry of Waxford, buried 15th March.
Waddington, Anne daughter of Thomas buried 12th March.
Knowles, Ellis buried 28th March.
Waddington, Eliz. Buried 28th March.
Busten, Richard buried 5th April P.P.
James, Joseph buried 5th April.
Burges, Joane buried 5th April.
Walker, Frances wife of Josias, buried 10th April.
Fursman, D?ence, wife of Nicholas, buried 12th April.
Laghorn, John buried 12th May. P.P.
Gullyford, Thomas son of John 17th May.
Wales, John son of Thomas, buried 9th July.
Wilkison, Margaret wife of Lanslat, 28th July.
Pavy, John one of Lieut Col Finches Company, buried 29th July.
Brooks, Anne daughter of Edmond buried 25th Aug.
Reede, Edward son of George buried 1st Sept.
Hanck, Margaret daughter of William, buried 2nd Sept.
Honhm, Kat., daughter of Peeter, buried 16th Sept. in C.C.
Frances, William son of Richard, buried 11th Sept.
Blundell, Jaene wife of William, buried 18th Sept, in the
night, dyd in child-birth.
Dawkins, Anne daughter of Thomas buried 29th Sept.
Swete, Anne daughter of Henry, buried 29th Sept.
Clarke, James buried 5th Oct.
Wheit, Peeter, one belonging to the ship caled the
Looemerchant, died in P.P. and buried in C.C. of whome Robert
Frances was the master, buried 7th Oct.
Fletcher, Benj. Son of Robert buried 7th Oct.
Gooppie, Frances son of William buried 10th Oct.
Tankard, Phillip son of Lawrance buried 22nd Oct.
Box, Anne wife of Henry 24th Oct.
Fletcher, Isaak son of Robert buried 7th Nov.
Mernes, Eliza daughter of John buried 17th Nov.
Crafts, Eliz daughter of Benj. Buried 24th Nov.
Morly, Eliz daughter of Thomas buried 25th Nov.
Champion, Anne wife of John buried 29th Nov. P.P.
Besst, John buried 5th Dec., in C.C. Yard.
Terry, Dorothy daughter of Richard, buried 16th Dec.
Simcock, George son of George buried 21st Dec.
Carbery, John a cloth weaver, buried 20th Jan in C.C. yard.
Baily, Edward son of John, buried 25th Jan.
Gill, Izett buried 14th Feb.
Wheit, Mary buried 14th Feb.
Plastid, Thomas son of Thomas 1st March.
Baily, Henry son of John buried 5th May.
Meryin, Mary daughter of Mathew, buried 6th May.
Garner, Margaret daughter of Edward, buried 29th April.
Jonson, Patience, a child, buried 10th May.
Standbridg, William son of William buried 22nd. May
Gray, William his widow, buried 8th Aprell 1665
Chen, William, born in C.C. buried at Shandon, 8th April 1665
Wolshess, Thomas, child, born in C.C. buried at Cen Baros, 8th
April 1665
Dole, Thig, his child christened 8th April 1665
Mor, Roger, his child, christened at C.C. buried at Cen
Peter's 16th April 1665.
Connell, More, his child buried 21st April 1665.
Fletter, Robert, his child, buried 21st April 1665
Litfot, Reg., married at C.C. to Bar Behlok, 4th March 1666.
Chane, Robert, his widow, buried 2nd March 1666
Sherman, Mark, his child, born 6th May, buried 11th May 1666.
Campon, William married Garig, 22nd May 1666.
Gasel, Nicholas, his child buried 3rd Maye. 1666
Ficher, Mehel, buried 25th Maye, 1666
Hadok, Jone, his child, buried 12th June 1666. 1660
Browne, James, buried 20th July 1660
Blackalle, Martha, buried 24th July, of P.P.
Toye, Eliza, daughter of Joseph, buried 24th July.
Wright, Christopher, son of George, 25th July.
Copinger, Domnk, St. Peters, buried 28th July
Foord, James, son of John, buried 8th Aug.
Donnogh, Christien, daughter of David. 18th Aug.
Cames, Merlen, daughter of Edward, buried 20th Aug.
Barrat, Eliz., daughter of John, buried 20th Aug.
Wemsly, Thomas son of Thomas, buried 19th Sept.
Hassnett, Christian, buried 15th Oct.
Copinger, Dame Margaret wife of Sir Robert, 4th Nov.
Winn, Daniel son of Daniel, 14th Nov.
Hues, Charles son of Heurie, buried 14th Nov.
Davis, Joane, of this citty, widdow, 20th Nov.
Kinnston, Charles, 25th Dec.
Bill, Henry, being unfortunately slain with a great gun,
buried 10th Jan.
Sanders, Jeremy, buried 16th Jan.
Hulet, Anne daughter of Theodor, 24th Jan.
Pinchin, Elinor daughter of Phi., buried 9th Feb.
Richards, Grace, 16th Feb.
Reed, George, buried 24th March.

Emory, William and Mary, 2nd Nov. 1665.
Newman, William of Ballimodin, and Ursula Hill of C.C. 28th
Nov. 1665
Mortell, John and Marie Hickie, of C.C. 4th Dec, 1665
Bostane, Jonothan and Jane Wiltshire, 4th Nov. 1665
Hodder, Elinor daughter of William and Katran, 29th April 1660
Dibbins, Walter son of Walter and Kattrine, 17th May. 1660
Gilpe, John son of William and Eliza, 19th May 1660
Hews, Charles son of Henry and Eliza, 27th May. 1660
Hathaway, Nicholas son of Luke and Mary, 11th June 1660
Price, Robert son of Francis and Julian, 19th July 1660
Tucky, Eliz., daughter of Thimothy and Joane, 24th July 1660
Stringger, Ann daughter of Robert and Ann, 19th July 1660
Wilkinson, John son of Lancelot and Rachal, 31st July 1660
Gefferies, Samson son of Samson and Eliz. 5th Aug. 1660
Morley, Ann daughter of Thomas and Mary, 5th Aug. 1660
Tankard, Mary daughter of Laurance and Joane, 7th Aug. 1660
Field, Margaret daughter of John and Joane, 10th Aug.
Winn, Grace daughter of Daniel and Grace, 12th Aug.
Mervin, Mathew son of Mathew and Eliz. 14th Aug.
Kallahan, Dennis son of John and Ellinor, 15th Aug.
Jelfe, John son of William and Joane, 22nd Aug.
Gollage, Sarah daughter of Robert and Margt. 23rd Aug.
Grispie, Francis daughter of Will and Mercie 24th Aug.
Dier, William son of William and Mary 6th Sept.
Percy, Eliz., daughter of Richard and Anne, 17th Sept.
Kenniday, Katt., daughter of William and Elinor, 30th Sept.
Crafts, Mary daughter of Benjamin and Rececca, 2nd Oct.
Perrie, John son of Jonathan and Ann, 5th Oct.
Vaughan, Benj., son of Mickaell and Mary 7th Oct.
Terrie, Mary daughter of Richard and Bridget, 14th Oct.
Hall, Ann daughter of William and Frances, 18th Oct.
Gartry, John son of John and Susan, 21st Oct.
Hamlen, Thomas son of John and Mary, 24th Oct.
Toell, Eliz., daughter of Richard and Mary 29th Oct.
Priest, Deggerry son of Deggerry and Hester, 30th Oct.
Mernes, Elia daughter of John and Mary 4th Nov.
Wodland, Edward son of John and Mary, 5th Nov.
Randell, Henry son of William and Rebeca, 13th Nov.
Smith, Elinor, daughter of Tobias and Mary 15th Nov.
Commins, Margery daughter of Pardman Doe and Jillian 22nd Nov.
Williams, William and Mary twins to Thomas and Mary 22nd Nov.
Wallis, John son to James, 23rd Nov.
Benson, Thomas son to William and Ann, 25th Nov.
Rumfield, Mary daughter of Thomas and Ann, 12th Dec.
Pemberton, Elinor daughter of Thomas and Joyce, 16th Dec.
Fletcher, Henry son of Robert and Katt. 9th Jan.
O'Monelian, Mary daughter of Dan and Margt. 13th Jan.
Baily, Chas., son of John and Winefred, 27th Jan.
Moore, Roger son of John and Kattn. 6th Feb.
Dawkins, John son of Thomas and Mary 7th Feb.
Your, Ann, daughter of Edward and Eliz. 7th Feb.
Cansn, or Causn, Eliz. Daughter of Tiege and Eliza. 10th Feb.
Flinn, Bridget daughter of John and Joane, 10th Feb.
Williams, Mary daughter of Robert, 17th Feb.
Doare, William son of Timothie and Ellis, 17th Feb.
Foord, Eliz., daughter of John and Christien, 20th Feb.
Mansfield, Richard son of Abraham and Martha, 21st Feb.
Wood, John son of Richard and Ann, 26th Feb.
Turges, Timothy son of Andrew and Alice, 6th March.
Groves, Dorothy daughter of Will and Mary, 24th March.
Gelliford, Tim son of John and Susanne, 25th March.
Pitts, Thomas son of Will and Alice, 2nd April 1661
Grady, James son of John and Honnur, 3rd April.
Hakins, Sarah daughter of Edward and Alice, 11th April.
Foot, Hester daughter of Mathew and Hester 2nd May
Tanten, Ann daughter of Thomas and Rose, 2nd May.
Warner, Edward son of George and Mary 9th May.
Roche, Eliz daughter of Andrew, 18th May.
Pollard, Mary daughter of Andrew and Joane, 21st May.
Waddington, John son of Thomas and Ann, 26th May.
Stanton, John son of Aquila and Ann, 28th May.
Andrews, Martha daughter of Umphrey and Damoros 30th May.
Bullocke, Eliz daughter of Thomas and Eliz. 4th June.
Viusen of Vinsen, Richard son of Walter amd Eliza. 4th June.
Woodmason, Christien daughter of John anc Christien, 9th June.
Looby, Susan daughter of Richard and Ann, 11th June.
Hues, Ann daughter of Thomas and Ann, 13th June.
Whitmow, Thomas son of Sam and Katt, 17th June.
Spence, Thomas son of John and Sarah, 20th June.
Roberts, John son of Francis and Katt. 29th June.
Northour, Margaret daughter of Richard and Margaret, 29th June.
Bill, Margaret daughter of Henry and Katt. 30th June.
Cops, Thomas son of Joseph and Eliz. 4th July.
Cooke, Richard son of Jacob and Joane, 15th July.
Webb, Alice daughter of John and Alice, 21st July.
Gilbert, George son of Peter and Mary, 21st July.
Hester, Ann daughter of Thomas and Ursula, 25th July.
Rasor, Ann daughter of Walter and Ann, 27th July.
Baret, James son of William and Eliz. 4th Aug.
Salter, John son of John and Mary 4th Aug.
Bloodworth, John son of John and Rosamond, 15th Aug.
Madder, Jacob son of Charles and Thomassin, 25th Aub.
Hollis, John son of Joseph and Ann, 9th Sept.
Guppie, William son of William and Merce, 12th Sept.
Moss, Eliz daughter of Michael and Joane, 14th Sept.
Hews, Christopher son of Henry and Eliz. 29th Sept.
Moore, Robt., son of Roger and Ann, 1st Oct.
Humpstone, Edward son of Edward and Sarah, 13th Oct.
Shearman, Eliz daughter of Mark and Alice, 22nd Oct.
Womsley, Richard son of Thomas and Joane, 27th Oct.
Moore, Mary daughter of Robt., and Mary 19th Nov.
Toushstone, Joane daughter of Henry, 19th Nov.
Wolpe, Mary daughter of Thomas, 28th Nov.
Parker, Sarah daughter of John and Alice, 12th Dec.
Stanton, Katt., daughter of Pierce and Mary. 15th Dec.
Downing, Mary daughter of Hugh, 19th Dec.
Jelfe, John son of William, 23rd Dec.
Francis, Jaene daughter of Richard and Rebecca, 27th Dec.
Adams, Mary daughter of Benj., and Jane, 28th Dec.
Waters, Willliam son of Anthony and Eliz. 9th Jan.
Morley, Milbro daughter of Thomas, 9th Jan.
Standbridge, Margaret daughter of Will and Eliz. 12th. Jan.
Wilkinson, Sarai daughter of Anthony and Eliz. 12th Jan.
Yong, Eliz daughter of John and Mary 16th Jan.
Andrews, Mary daughter of Thomas 16th Jan.
Kenuct, Samuel son of Roger and Eliz. 19th Jan.
Rowland, Joseph and Benjamin, twin sons of William and Mary,
19th Jan.
O'Soolor or Soulor, Honour daughter of John, 22nd Jan.
Stevens, Sarah daughter of Isaak, 26th Jan.
Stiff, Moses son of Aron and Dorothy, 29th Jan.
Collins, Joane daughter of Dennis and Joane, 18th April.
Branscom, Elia daughter of Clemment and Mary 28th April.
Davis, John son of John, 28th April.
Price, Alice daughter of Thomas and Mary 29th April.
King, Nick son of Nick 29th April.
Heart, Precilla daughter of Roger and Alice, 15th May.
Webber, Chris son of Edward and Mary, 18th May.
Morley, Eliz daughter of Thomas, 19th May.
Vauhan, Michael son of Mich., and Mary 30th May.
Gran, Richard son of John and Grace, 1st June,
Gerrald, Edward son of John and Sarah, 8th June,
Phillips, Eliz daughter of Robert and Dorothy, 15th June.
Goddart, Ann daughter of John and Ann, 29th June.
Dooly, John son of Teige and Ann, 9th July.
Simmons, Ann daughter of William and Mary 12th July.
Cames, Elinor daughter of Robert and Jaen, 1st Aug.
Wakefield, Will son of John and Margery, 3rd Aug.
Roach, Andrew son of Andrew and Eliz. 4th Aug.
Terrie, John son of Richard and Bridget, 13th Aug.
Ramfield, John son of Thomas and Ann, 17th Aug.
Gough, Elishea daughter of William and Jane. 17th Aug.
Frankland, Thomas son of Michael 7th Sept.
Shearrer, Samuel son of Tobias and Sarah. 7th Sept.

Terrie, Nathaniel son of Richard buried 14th Sept. 1662

Hevoy, Eliz daughter of Dennis and Margt. 21st Sept. 1662.
Davis, Mary daughter of Edward and Joane, 29th Sept.
Gamble, Nicholas son of Nicholas and Margt. 2nd Oct.
Castle, Samuel son of Nicholas and Eliz. 12th Oct.
Morris, Dennis son of John and Mary 19th Oct.
Kirke, Mary daughter of Robert and Elinor. 24th Oct.
Allaly, Joan daughter of John and Mary 2nd Nov.
Burres, Eliz. Daughter of Moses and Eliz. 9th Nov.
Turges, Mary daughter of Andrew and Alice, 11th Nov.
Moor, Joseph son of Robert. 11th Nov.
Doare, John son of Timothy and Alice, 16th Nov.
Warner, Richard son of John and Mary 16th Nov.
Kallahane, Marten son of John and Kattn. 27th Nov.
Turner, Thomas son of Thomas and Katterne, 4th Dec.
Perrie, Ann daughter of Johathan, 14th Dec.
Randell, Mary daughter of William 24th Dec.
Stevens, Isaac son of Isaac and Eliz. 26th Dec.
English, Bridget daughter of John and Alice, 1st Jan.
Maswells, Margaret daughter of Thomas, 4th Jan.
Champion, Mary daughter of John and Margt. 4th Jan.
Vinson, Eliz daughter of Walter 6th Jan.
Field, John son of John, 18th Jan.
Ridgway, Eliz daughter of John and Honora, 19th Jan.
Narrocote, Susan daughter of Henrie and Joane, 4th Feb.
Fisher, Thomas son of John and Jaene, 17th March.
Hancocke, Ann daughter of Derrike and Eliz. 29th March.
Witherill, Margaret daughter of Will and Danah, 20th April.
Fletcher, Edward son of Robert and Kattn. 3rd May.
Nolane, John son of John and Kattn. 7th May.
Smith, Eliz daughter of Tobias and Mary 10th May.
Cops, Ann daughter of Joseph and Eliz. 11th May
Pitts, Elinor daughter of William and Alice, 11th May.
Eston, Daniel son of John and Joyce, 12th May.
Owens, Moses son of Evan and Martha 25th May.
Cauly, George son of Tiege and Eliz. 25th May.
Hiatt, Richard son of Richard and Dorothy, 25th May.
Vaughan, John son of John and Ann, 8th June.
Looby, Eliz daughter of Richard and Ann, 14th June.
Everson, Margery daughter of Garrat and Margery, 17th June.
Youd, Edward son of Edward and Eliz. 28th June.
Moore, Francis son of John and Kattn. 10th July.
Carloe, John son of Daniell and Jane, 11th July.
Hegright, Elinor daughter of Daniel 15th July.
Mansfield, Richard son of Thomas and Mary. 19th July.
Gill, Jonathan son of John and Kattn. 23rd July.
Moor, Nicholas son of Nicholas, 30th July.
Bourne, Eliz daughter of Thomas and Eliz. 17th Aug.
Campion, Thomas , born 3rd Aug. Baptized 6th Aug.
Eyers, Sylvester son of Sylvester and Eliz. 24th Aug.
Moor, Bartl., son of Roger and Ann, 4th Sept.
Griffin, Nehemiah, son of Samuel and Joane, 4th Sept.
Shearman, Barbera daughter of Mark and Alice, 15th Sept.
Fluckbell, Diana daughter of John and Diana, 18th Sept.
Hues, Edward son of Henry and Eliz. 21st Sept.
Tankard, William son of Laurence and Joane.25th Sept.
Tuchstone, Mary daughter of Henry, 27th Sept.
George, Sarah daughter of William and Margt. 30th Sept.
Walker, Francis son of Daniel and Frances, 9th Oct.
Dawkins, Thomas son of Thomas and Mary, 11th Oct.
Stanton, Thomas son of Aquila and Ann, 11th Oct.
Baptisms.1663 contd.
Terrie, Rose daughter of John and Francis, 18th Oct.
Wilkinson, William son of Lancelot and Rachel, 22nd Oct.
Wright, Henrie son of George and Ursula, 16th Nov.
Moor, Martha daughter of Robert, 27th Nov.
Emery, Jean daughter of William and Ann 29th Nov.
Youug, John son of John and Mary, 3rd Dec.
Boyle, Richard son of Barrie, 7th Dec.
Welch, Morris son of Richard and Moor, 10th Dec.
Mausfield, William son of Abraham and Martha, 20th Dec.
FitzGerald, John son of Garratt and Margt. 26th Dec.
Downing, Laurance son of Hugh and Joan, 3rd Jan.
Goopie, Mercy daughter of William and Mercy, 8th Jan.
Tucky, Timothy son of Timothy and Joane, 11th Jan.
Sheen, Abigale daughter of William and Eliz. 19th Jan.
Randell, William son of William 30th Jan.
Luden, John son of Roger and Joan, 9th Feb.
Smith, Susan daughter of William and Abigaill, 12th Feb.
Morley, Eliz daughter of Thomas and Eliza. 21st Feb.
Joans, Eliza daughter of Robert and Kattn. 25th Feb.
Wolpe, Thomas son of Thomas and Kattn. 26th Feb.
Francis, Thomas son of Richard and Rebecca, 28th Feb.
Cotton, John son of Ralph and Mary 7th March.
Gamble, Jane daughter of George and Sarah, 10th March.
Gough, John son of William and Jane, 13th March.
Fagley, Joan daughter of John and Sarah, 13th March.
Browne, William son of John and Mary, 20th March.
Stanbridge, Eliz daughter of William and Eliza, 21st March.
Kitchinman, Sidnor son of John and Mary, 22nd March.
Wadall, John son of Robert and Alice, 27th March.
Wallis, James son of James and Ann, 3rd. April.
Hawkins, Eliz daughter of Edward and Alice, 4th April.
Goddard, Marke son of John and Ann, 12th April.
Looby, George son of Baptist and Eliz. 13th April.
Kembridge, John son of Peter and Ann, 17th April.
Lee, John son of John and Eliz. 21st April.
Kemes, Susana daughter of Robert and Jane, 8th May.
Winn, Charity and Hope, twin daughters of Daniel and Grace,
26th May.
Dickinson, Judith daughter of Thomas and Honor, 31st May.
Williams, Dorothy, daughter of Owne and Francis, 31st May.
Shearwood, Eliz daughter of Tobias and Sarah. 31st May.
Hines, Will son of Edward, 3rd June.
Peeser, Margaret daughter of Richard and Jane. 12th June.
Crofts, Rebecca daughter of Benj., and Rebecca, 28th June.
Hickman, John son of William and Alice, 10th July.
Jeffries, Thomas and Eliza, twins of Samson and Eliz. 11th
Madder, Mary daughter of Charles and Thomisin, 12th July.
Tucker, Mary daughter of Edward and Ann, 17th July.
Glinn, Edward son of George and Elinor, 14th Aug.
Wilmoth, William son of George and Kattn. 29th Aug.
Rawser, Eliz daughter of Walter and Ann, 4th Sept.
Hart, Abraham son of Roger, 2nd Oct.
Webber, Edward son of Edward and Marcy, 6th Oct.
Savidge, Judith daughter of Roger and Avis. 6th Oct.
Eovoy, Mary daughter of Dennis and Margt. 9th Oct.
Jennings, Margt daughter of Edward and Una, 21st Oct.
Button, Grace daughter of Phillip, 23rd Oct.
Gamble, Margt daughter of Nicholas and Margaret. 28th Oct.
Sweet, Elinor daughter of Henry and Margery, 1st Nov.
Lightfoot, Rebecca daughter of Ralph and Rebecca, 12th Nov.
Umson, Nathaniel son of Walter, 17th Nov.
Burres, Moses son of Moses and Eliz. 20th Nov.
Band, John son of George and Honor, 20th Nov.
Tankard, Rebecca daughter of Laurance and Joane. 30th Nov.
Best, Anne daughter of Nicholas and Ann, 7th Dec.
Cops, Mary daughter of Joseph and Eliz. 8th Dec.
Moor, Thomas son of Roger and Ann, 12th Dec.
Barton, Elinor daughter of Edward and Katn. 15th Dec.
Solevant, John son of Daniel and Mary, 27th Dec.
Stantton, Ann daughter of Pierce and Mary, 27th Dec.
Beare, Isaac son of Richard and Kattn. 29th Dec.
Carlile, Samuel son of Samuel and Eliz. 1st Jan.
Adams, Sarah daughter of Benjamin and Jane. 2nd Jan.
Smith, William son of William and Abigaill, 10th Jan.
Rumford, Eliz daughter of Thomas and Ann, 22nd Jan.
Gooldsmith, Kattn daughter of John and Ann, 22nd Jan.
Towell, Mary daughter of Richard and Mary, 6th Feb.
Fisher, John son of John and Jane, 9th Feb.
Howell, Hugh son of John and Sarah. 11th Feb.
Sheene, William son of William and Eliz. 19th Feb.
Woolcot, John son of John and Kattn. 27th Feb.
Wilkinson, Henry son of Lancelot, 5th March.
Owens, Aron son of Even and Martha, 5th March.
Mansfield, Phebe daughter of Thomas and Mary, 16th March.
Tucky, Richard son of Timothy and Joane, 21st March.
Foord, Christien and Eldith, twins to John and Christien, 22nd
Carpenter, Richard, A Master of a Vessel, 12th April
Westcot, William, 12th May.
Moore, Robert, son of Robert, 18th May.
Denny, Margaret daughter of John 20th May.
Webber, Mick son of Edward, 28th May.
Skriven, George, 4th June.
Gartry, Joshua son of John 28th June.
Hardiman, James, 1st Aug.
Tucky, Timothy son of Timothy, 1st Aug.
Leader, Ann daughter of John 3rd Aug.
Chambers, Una wife of William, 7th Aug.
Hues, Henry son of Henry, 12th Aug.
Gamble, George son of Nick. 25th Aug.
Robinson, John son of John 12th Sept.
Chappell, John son of Francis, 17th Sept.
Wilkinson, John son of Lancelot, 17th Oct.
Savill, Blanch wife of George, 18th Dec.
Noble, Thomas, 23rd Dec.
Cooke, William son of Jacob, 21st April.
Haile, Margaret daughter of Morgan, 23rd April.
Morris, Margt daughter of Dennis, 13th May.
Kyrl, Richard son of Sir Richard, 17th May.
Pommrey, Margt., wife of Richard, 16th June.
Lane, Richard, 24th June.
Plastide, Thomas, 1st Aug.
Terrie, Nathaniel son of Rich. Cordwainer 14th Sept.
Withrill, Gren, wife of Edward, 16th Oct.
Foster, Joane mother of Richard, 21st Oct.
Mervin, Henry son of Mathew, 1st Nov.
Warner, Richard son of John, 18th Nov.
Castle, James, 4th Dec.
Carie, Mack, a stranger out of England, 17th Dec.
Mervin, Nathaniel, 5th Jan.
Waters, Mary, 10th Jan.
Rowland, Joseph son of William 2nd Feb.
Butler, Thomas, one of the Waters, 4th Feb.
Hacsom, John, 8th Feb.
Terrie, Jeffery, 14th March.
Fletcher, Edward son of Robert, 14th May.
Easton, Daniell son of John, 15th May.
Baily, James son of John 26th May.
Denneson, Susan, 22nd July.
Prime, Robert son of Thomas. 10th Aug.
Lincee, Marie, 17th Aug.
Emory, Ann daughter of William, 19th Aug.
Cornish, Robert, 22nd Aug.
Blood, Elinor wife of Joshua, 24th Sept.
Bradsho, John, 7th Oct.
Pradden, Richard, Sheriffe, 15th Oct.
Humpston, Edward son of Edward, 17th Oct.
Mansfield, Mary daughter of Ab. 17th Oct.
Price, Alice daughter of Thomas. 29th Oct.
Wrann, Mary daughter of Joh. 29th Oct.
Stanbridg, Margaret daughter of William, 4th Nov.
Callahan, Martin son of John, 7th Nov.
Mescall, Elinor wife of David, 1st Dec.
Williod, Mary, 6th Dec.
Merns, John of P.P. 26th Dec.
Bowls, Sarah daughter of Thomas, 25th Jan.
Lewis, William, a stranger from Kilkenny, 3rd Feb.
Cooke, Will, one of the Serg-att-Mace. 16th Feb.
Burres, Eliz daughter of Moses, 27th Feb.
Castle, Samuel son of Nick, 9th March.
Colson, Samuel, 11th March.
Russell, Thomas son of Thomas, 13th March.
Tucker, John being 110 years old. 30th March.
Collins, Thomisin, wife of William 16th March.
Wilkinson, Eliz daughter of Lancelot, 26th March.
Dawkins, Thomas of this city. 3rd May.
Simcocke, George, 11th May.
Turner, Thomas, 16th May.
Williams. Margt. 12th June.
Moor, Mary daughter of Robert, 2nd July.
Fursman, Nick. 3rd July.
Perrie, Ann daughter of Jona. 26th July.
Perrie, John son of Jona. 30th July.
Rmfield, John son of Thomas 9th Aug.
Hues, Edward son of Henry, 19th Aug.
Gough, Alisea daughter of William, 8th Sept.
Rasor, Eliz daughter of Walter, 11th Sept.
Tanten, Roger son of Thomas, 17th Sept.
Pepper, Henry son of Richard, 26th Sept.
Fisher, Thomas son of John 28th Sept.
Wamsley, Richard son of Thomas, 28th Sept.
Rowland, William son of William 2nd Oct.
Hake, Stephen an apprentice, 4th Oct.
Tankard, William son of Laurance, 6th Oct.
Downing, Hugh son of High, 11th Nov.
Hobs, Nicholas a soldier in my Lord Barrymore's Company 12th
Hickman, Alice daughter of William 13th Nov.
Dale, William of Shandon Parish, 16th Dec.
East, William of Shandon Parish 16th Dec.
Braidy, Dorathy daughter of Nicholas 27th Jan.
Flinn, John son of John 2nd Feb.
Cooke, Jane wife of Seargeant Cooke, 18th March.
Smith, William son of William 19th March.
Walker, Francis son of Daniel. 23rd March.
Hunt, John April 12th. 1665
1667 Burialls.
Cops, Margt daughter of Joseph, 18th Sept.
Webb, Henry son of Henry 29th Sept.
Grimes, Martin, 9th Oct.
Warebanks, Marie wife of John 22nd Oct.
Cotton, Eusebius, 9th Nov.
Gardiner, Grace daughter of John, 13th Nov.
Hues, Henrie son of Henry, 23rd Nov.
Terrie, John son of John 28th Dec.
Amurie, Ann wife of William 2nd Jan.
Ambrose, Alex, 3rd Jan.
Bedford, Leonard a soldier, 4th Jan.
Ford, Christian daughter of John 10th Jan.
Quarry, Constance, 18th Jan.
Vandelore, Aldm James 6th Feb.
Wilde, James 15th Feb.
Francis, Richard, 2nd March.
Dale, Ann daughter of Walter 19th March.
Ward, Sarai daughter of Richard, May, 1668
Wallis, William son of John, May 1668
Sloe, Francis wife of Edward. May 1668
Carr, Edward, 10th June.
French, Eliz, daughter of William 19th June.
Welsh, Marie wife of William 8th Aug.
Dier, John son of James 11th Aug.
Weaver, Umphrey, 17th Aug.
Sweet, Margery wife of Henry, 9th Sept.
Tuckie, Timothy snr. 22nd Sept.
Watts, Ann wife of George, 18th Sept.
Pennie, Edward 11th Oct.
Sadler, John 19th Oct.
Bassett, Aldm. Richard 27th Oct.
King, Josiah, 3rd Dec.
Marie, the Will (sic) Amorie.
Carr, Stephen, a waiter 9th Jan.
Groves, Margery daughter of William 18th Feb.
Webb, Elinor wife of Richard 22nd Feb.
Huggan, William son of Dennis. 24th Feb.
Stubs, Jane daughter of Simon.
Woomasan, Gabriel son of John and Christien, 25th March.
Hews, Henrie son of Henry 27th March.
Gaine, Eliz daughter of John and Grace, 28th March.
Frankland, Lancelot son of Michael and Margaret, 7th July.
Bowrne, Thomas son of Thomas and Eliz. 11th July.
Biss, Pierce son of William and Mary, 16th July.
Woods, Grace daughter of John and Margret, 17th July.
Connell, Mary daughter of Lot and Mary, 24th July.
Fluckbell, Ralph son of John and Diane, 26th July.
Goggin, Henry son of Thomas and Honor, 17th Aug.
Amory, Ann daughter of William and Ann, 28th Aug.
Tucker, Phillip son of Edward and Ann, 10th Sept.
Carroe, Marie daughter of Jonathan and Eliza. 12th Sept.
Gough, William son of William and Jane, 14th Sept.
Morley, Thomas son of Thomas and Eliz. 17th Sept.
Wall, Honor daughter of James and Grace, 25th Sept.
Ellot, John and Sarah twins of Edward and Rosamund. 29th Sept.
Stanton, Daniel son of Aquila and Ann, 29th Sept.
Car, Ann daughter of Henry and Dorothy, 1st Oct.
Webber, William son of Edward and Mary, 12th Oct.
Callaghan, Dennis son of John and Kattn. 4th Nov.
Dickinson, Thomas son of Thomas and Honor, 19th Nov.
Patch, Eliz daughter of John and Eliz. 26th Nov.
Klare, Ann daughter of Thomas and Margt. 27th Dec.
Gamble, Steven son of Nick and Margt. 23rd Jan.
Lightfoot, Patience daughter of Ralph and Barberrie, 25th Feb.
Hinckton, John son of John and Tomasin, 1st Mar.
Braidy, Berberrie daughter of Nick and Martha, 1st Mar.
Adams, Benjamin son of Benj. And Jane. 2nd Mar.
Champion, Ann daughter of Will and Alice, 7th March.
Terrie, Francis son of Richard and Bridget, 8th March.
Gamble, John son of George and Sarah. 28th March.
Whitfield, Walter son of Timothy, 29th March.
Mansfield, Mary daughter of Abra., and Martha, 5th April.
Webber, Michael son of Michael and Eliz. 7th April.
Cames, Robert son of Robert and Jane, 17th April.
Joanes, Godwin son of Richard and Margt. 3rd May.
Tuckie, John son of Timothy and Joane, 6th May.
Youd, Susanna daughter of Edward and Eliz. 15th May.
Castle, Margt., daughter of Nicholas and Eliz.27th May.
Smith, Mary daughter of Francis and Mary 27th May.
Flemmin, Kattn., daughter of Thomas and Honour, 17th June.
Waddin, Dorothy daughter of Robert and Alice, 21st June.
Hues, Eliz daughter of Henry, 1st July.
Wright, Sarai daughter of George, 17th July.
Bourne, Marie daughter of Thomas, 26th Aug.
Baily, Umfrey son of John and Winifred, 1st Sept.
Baily, Barbara daughter of John, 10th Sept.
Usher, James son of William, 11th Sept.
Cotton, John son of Ralfe, 23rd Sept.
Harding, Ann daughter of James, 24th Sept.
Morley, Edith daughter of Thomas, Oct.
Hopkins, William son of Jenkin, 6th Dec.
Olive, being a servant, 8th Dec.
Bronnett, Thomas, a soldier, 22nd Dec.
Glascow, Margaret wife of William, 7th Jan.
Jackson, Matthew, 10th Jan.
Hulett, William son of Theodore, 6th Feb.
Fitzgerald, James son of James, 7th Feb.
Chambers, William 11th Feb.
Cannu, Nickolas son of Edward, 14th March.
Gough, William son of William, 16th March.
Cornwall, William, 17th March.
Pasnure, Margaret daughter of Thomas 1st April.
Ward, John son of John, 11th May.
Welsh, James, 21st May.
White, Margaret, a servant, 7th July.
Welsh, Thomas, 18th July.
Doe, Marie daughter of Simon 22nd July.
Boorne, Mary daughter of Thomas, buried 26th Aug. 1666.
Usher, James son of William buried 11th Sept. 1666
Cotton, John son of Ralph, 17th Sept. 1666
Harding, Ann daughter of Jaine, 24th Sept. 1666
Morly, Edith daughter of Thomas, 27th Oct. 1666

Charles the Second of that name, King of Gret Brittan, France
and Irland was proclaimed in this Citty of Corke, the 18th May
1660. Whom God prosper, Amen, Amen.
(End of Book)