Cork - Marriages - 1830-1839, Parish of Templemichael /
Ballinhassig (McCARTHY/CARTHY)

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File contributed by: Mary Simpson


14 Jun 1830	DENNIS CARTHY and  Ellen Donovan witnesses;
James Donovan,  JOHN  ( Joan?)  McCARTHY

20 Nov 1830	DENIS CARTHY Mary Fitzgerald witnesses;  Richard
Fitzgerald,  Betty Buckley

7 Feb 1833	JAMES CALLAGHAN and Mary Mahony witnesses;
Daniel Milligan?,  WM  CALLAGHAN

31 Aug 1834	DANIEL CARTHY ( or Denis?)  and  CATH LOONEY
witns;  JOHN CARTHY,  JOHN LOONEY  John Sullivan p.p.

May 1834	TIM CARTHY  and Sally Connor witns;  JOHN TWOIG,
JOHN? LOONY? ( LEESY?)  John Callahan p.p.

July, Aug 1834 illegible

5 Feb 1839	TIM CARTHY  and Ellen Donovan witns;  James
Donovan, DENNIS CARTHY   John Kalaman? p.p.

5 Feb 1839	JOHN CARTHY and Ellen Duggan witns;  Ds Duggan,
Florence Whelton		      “

plus lots of others married same day!!
Or did priest just get round to writing them down then??!!!

26 April 1839 	DENNIS CARTHY  and Janey Buckley witns;
Jerry Buckley,  James Bas-----???  	      “