Church: CORK, Marriages - 1836-1850, Parish of Templemichael / Ballinhassig 
Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives
Contributed by Mary Simpson 


Jan 1836	Owen 	     to Danl LURNEY and  Mary Sheehan
			     sponsors;  TIM CARTHY,  Cath Hicks

7 Jan 1836	Joney	     to JOHN CARTHY and Ellen Coleman
             (Joan/Johanna?) sps;  DANL CARTHY,  Mary Coleman
Mar 1836	Julia?	     to Charles CARTHY  and Joney BRIEN
			     sps;  DENNIS CARTHY, Joney Goggins

April1836	(finger	DENNIS CARTHY  and  ( faint, illegible ) Cath Walsh?
		 over )	     sps;   ??????,     ??????

      "         TIM	     to JOHN CARTHY  and  Norry LOWNEY
			     sps;  John BRIEN,  Ellen Barry

Jun 1836	JERRY 	     to Wm CALLAGHAN  and PEG CARTHY
			     sps;  Jos? Jms? Murphy,  MARY CARTHY

      "		JOHN 	     to JERRY CARTHY  and Cath Murphy
			     sps;  Michl Walsh,  Cath Donovan

Nov 1836	Margt	     to  Dennis Neardy?  and Ellen CARTHY
			     sps;  William Currien?,  MARY CARTHY

Dec 1836	Joney	     to  William CARTHY and Mary Kinnelly
			     sps;  Danl Mahony,  Peg Kinnelly

pages for 1834 - 5 almost completely blank, illegible

1 Jan 1837	Julia	     to JOHN CARTHY and Peg Aherne
			     sps;  Pat Aherne,  Mary Coughlan
       "        Johnny?	     to Reen??    ??    and Cath LOWNEY
			     sps;  John Walsh,  Mary LOWNEY
21 Feb 1837     Julia	     to Pat LUONEY and Norry Keefe
			     sps;  Danl LUONEY,  Cath Donovan

25 Feb 1837     Cons?	     to DENNIS CARTHY and Cath? LOWNEY ( over-written 
			     sps;  Denis Murphy, Peg LOWNEY   v. hard to read )
			     have I misread Cons - could it have been Jeremiah? the year 
			     is correct according to his marriage cert in 1867 when he gave 
			     his age as 30.

26 Feb 1837     DANL	     to  TIM?, JMS? JERM? CARTHY and Mary Lynch
			     sps;  John Murphy, Cath TWOHIG

Mar 1837	Bat? Pat?    to  Owen CARTHY and Mary Barry
			     sps;  Desmond Deashy,  Norry Hurley

Nov 1837	Corns	     to JOHN CARTHY and Mary Keily
			     sps;  Conn Keily,  Mary Deasny
Dec 1837	Julia	     to DANL CARTHY  and Ellen Crossby?
			     sps;  Pat Deleigh,  Peg Dineen

6 Mar 1838      Joney	     to  DANL CARTHY and Cath LOWNEY
			     sps;  Jme?  LOWNEY, Cath Donovan

21 Mar 1838	Jm?	     to Wm CARTHY and ( blank - but poss Mary?)  Kinnelly
			     sps;  Jerry Murphy, Peg Reag-------????

2 Apr 1838	James	     to  Jm ( or John?? ) CARTHY and Norry LOWNEY
			     sps;  DS CARTHY,  Cath BRIEN

        "	Cath   	     to Jerry CARTHY and Cath Desmond
			     sps;  Richd Peed,  Mary Murphy
        "	Cath         to John CALLAGHAN  and  Mary CARTY
			     sps;  Thom Barter,  Norry CALLAGHAN

19 July 1838    Mary	     to James Murphy and Cath McCARTHY
			     sps;  DENNIS McCARTHY,  Cath Hawkes?

5 Aug 1838	Batt	     to Batt Murphy and Cath CARTHY
			     sps;  Jme?  CARTHY,  Peg Sullivan

1 Jan 1839	JERRY	     to  JOHN CARTHY and Helen Coleman
			     sps;  Pat Coleman, Ellen Walsh

Entries for months following too faint to read, but;

30 June 1839    JOHN	      to  JERRY? MCARTY and Mary Murphy
			     sps;  Ds Fenton?,  Brida?   ??

July and Aug entries too faint to read except for one;

28 Aug 1839     Elizabeth    to  Jme CARTHY and Margt  ??
			     sps;  Jme Feran?,  Cath Fitzgerald

1 Oct 1839	Cath	     to Wm MCARTHY  and  Mary Murphy
			     sps;  Js Warner,  Norry LOONEY

Oct 1839	Charles      to Js??  M' CARTHY and Peg Reily
                             sps;  Jms?  CARTHY,  Julia Sullivan

November 1839  copy extremely faint, very very difficult to make out.

2 Dec 1839	John	     to Pat Sullivan and Peg CARTHY
			     sps;  Michl  LOONEY,  Norry Rond------???

4 Dec 1839	Mary	     to Tim? Jerm?  CARTHY and Ellen Donovan
			     sps;  James Donovan,  Joney Donovan

4 Jan 1840	John & Julia to DANL  McCARTHY and Cath LOONEY
			     sps;  ( John )  Tim LOONEY,  Annie LOONEY
			     ( Julia )  Thos Walsh,  ??  Harris

Jan 1840	Ellen	     to Tim? Jrm?  CARTHY  and ?  Reagon?
			     sps;  George Donegan, Mary CALLAGHAN

18 Feb 1840     Breedy?      to Owen McCARTHY  and Mary Barry
			     Humphrey Deley,  Mary CARTHY

19 Feb 1840     looks like Kug! to  John? Jehr? CARTHY and Mary Lynch
			     sps;  Tim? Jm? Riordan,  Peg Lynch

Mar 1840	Julia	     to Jme CARTY  and Norry LOONEY
			     sps;  Jme CARTY,  Mary Kelly

22 Mar 1840     Jerh?	     to  ??  CARTHY?  and Mary? Donovan
	                     very faint sps;  ?? Donman,  Biddy CARTHY

Sep 1840	Charls	     to Ds CARTY  and Julia? Mary? (v. faint) Connor
			     sps;  sam Bateman,  Eliza Bateman

20 Oct 1840     Mick?	     to  Wm?  CARTHY and Mary Kenealy? Kehaly?
			     sps;  Owen BARRETT,  Mary Derm--------????

31 Oct 1840	DL	     to Js McCARTHY  and Mary Lishe?
			     sps;  Pat Leary,  Pea? Peg?  Rehily
March, April 1841 illegible

20 July 1841    Tim 	     to TIM CARTHY and Sally Connor
			     sps;  Wm Waters,  Cate Kinealy

10 Oct 1841     Wm	     to JOHN CARTHY and Ellen Coleman
			     sps;  Wm CARTHY,  Norry Murphy

20 Jan 1842	Cath	     to Dl CARTHY and Cath LOUNEY
			     sps;  James Mahoney,  Julia LOUNEY

25 Feb 1842     Mary	     to  Ds  CARTHY and  Cath?  LOUNEY
			     sps;  John Murphy, Peg Deashy

May 1842	Margt	     to Tim? Jerm?  CARTHY and Ellen Donovan
			     sps;  Owen CARTHY,  Joncy Canniff?

        "	Eugene	     to Ds CARTHY  and Mary Donovan
			     sps;  Tom Murphy,  Joney Donovan

25 May 1842     Ds	     to Danl CARTHY and Ellen Lavallin
			     sps;  Edward Lavallin,  Cath CARTHY

6 Aug 1842	Wm	     to Jerry COAKLEY  and Ellen Murphy
			     sps;  Michl Murphy,  Mary CARTHY

25 Aug  1842    Cath	     to  Tim? Jhm?  CARTHY and Eliza Reagan
			     sps;  Wm Driscoll,  Peggy Kelly

18 Jun 1843     Cath	     to James? CARTHY and Mary Lishe?
		             ( v. faint ) sps;  Micky Horgan,  Mary CARTHY

26 Jun 1843	Jm?	     to Danl?  CARTHY and Ellen Lavallin
			     sps;  John  ? illegible,  Kath Deleigh

5 July 1843	Ds	     to John LOUNEY and Mary Sullivan
			     sps;  Tom Murphy,  Mary BRIAN

23 July 1843    Honoria	     to  James CALLAGHAN and Mary Mehegan
			     sps;  Mich Ahern,  Margt Mehegan

8 Dec 1843	Margt	     to JOHN CARTHY and Norry LOWNEY
			     sps;  Brian and Julia Fitzgerald

28 Jan 1844	John	     to JOHN CARTHY and Mary Reily
			     sps;  Wm CARTHY,  Lucia Cotterell

25 Feb 1844     Mary	     to  Tim CARTHY and Sally Connor
			     sps;  Maurice Fesinelly?,  Ellen Sullivan

1 Jun 1844	Wm	     to Wm CARTHY and Mary Keirnelly?
		             sps;  Dennis Murphy,  Eliza Cottrelll

20 Jun 1844     Ellen	     to JOHN CARTHY and Ellen Coleman
			     sps;  John Coleman,  Mary Walsh

July 1844 too faint to read  -  a couple of Carthy / Leary ( Louney ?)

18 Feb 1845     Cath	     to  Danl CARTHY and Ellen Lavellan
			     sps;  Pat Lavellan,  Mary Murphy

23 Feb 1845     James	     to  Ds McCARTHY and Mary Donovan
			     sps;  Owen CARTHY,  Margt Donovan

2 Mar 1845	John 	     to Dennis TWOHIG  and Peg BRIAN
			     sps;   ??  Sullivan,  Peg BRIAN

9 Mar 1845      Eliza	     to  Tim M'CARTHY  and Eliza Reagon
			     sps;  Pat TWOHIG,  Ellen Duggin

April 1845	Ellen	     to James Delany and Peg CARTHY
			     sps;  Danl Buckley,  Mary Kerricane

11 April 1845   Corns	     to John Kidney and Julia CARTHY
			     sps;  Dennis CARTHY,  Cath Reardon

17 May 1845     Michl	     to  Tom Walsh and Mary McCARTHY
			     sps;  Tim Desmond,  Cath McCARTHY

1 Jun 1845 	Dennis       to Dennis CARTHY and Cath LOUNEY
			     sps;  John LOUNEY,  Ellen LOUNEY

1 Sep 1845	Margt	     to  Con? BRIEN  and Mary CARTHY
			     sps;  John Leary,  Jme??  LOUNEY?

8 Sep 1845	Dennis	     to James Crowley and Peg CARTHY
			     sps;  Danl Deashy?,  Margt Donovan
3 Oct 1845	Mary	     to Batt Sullivan and Mary CARTHY
			     sps;  Carrole Daly,  Norry Sullivan

11 Oct 1845	Mary	     to Batt CARTHY and Mary Murphy
			     sps;  Con Canniff,  Julia Murphy

2 Nov 1845	Mary	     to  Danl CALLAGHAN and Mary Leary
			     sps;  Edward Walsh,  Mary Sweeney

6 Nov 1845	Ellen 	     to Horace Poole ( not married ) and Ellen Hartnell
			     sps;  Dennis Sullivan,  Joncy Murphy

Nov 1845	Danl	     to Thos Prior and Julia CARTHY
			     sps;  Wm CARTHY,  Norrie Barry

30 Nov 1845     Dennis       to  John CARTHY and Margt Reily or Keily
			     sps;  James BRIEN,  Joney Keily

Mar 1846	James	     to James CARTHY and Norry Fitzgerald
			     sps;  David CARTHY?,  Mary CARTHY

  "     1846	Joney?	     to Michl CARTHY and Hannah Baker
			     sps;  Dennis Sullivan,  Ellen Whelstone

  "      1846	Ellen	     to  John Deashy and Cath CARTHY
			     sps;  Joh? Justin?  Murphy,  Josily? BRIEN

7 Jun 1846	Joney	     to Tim CARTHY and Ellen Horgan
		Joseff?	     sps;  John LOWNEY,  Cath CARTHY

21 Jun 1846	Mary	     to Cornls Horgan and Mary Sullivan
			     sps;  Tim CARTHY,  Joney Horgan

Aug 1846	Norry	     to Batt Murphy and Cath CARTHY 
			     sps;  Wm  BRIEN,  Ellen Murphy 
25 Oct 1846	Tim	     to Danl CARTHY and Julia Reardon
			     sps;  Jerry Lenihan,  Joney Carroll

1 Nov 1846	John	     to Dennis LOWNEY and Ellen Bowen
			     sps;  Danl CARTHY,  Mary Sullivan

24 Nov 1846     Michl	     to Thos CARTHY and Julia Fitzgerald
			     sps;  Tim CARTHY,  Eliza Fitzgerald

2 Jan 1847	Honoria	     to  Danl McCARTHY and Ellen Lavallen
			     sps;  Richd Leish?,  Joney CARTHY

4 Feb 1847	Mary	     to Tim LOUNEY and Bess Russell
			     sps;  John LOONEY,  Norry Murphy

2 Mar 1847	John	     to John CARTHY and Ellen Coleman
			     sps;  Michl Walsh,  Joney Sullivan

4 Apr 1847	Dennis	     to Dennis CARTHY and Mary Connor
			     sps;  James Kennealy,  Martha Moxely?

20 Apr 1847	Jerry	     to Danl CARTHY and Ellen Herricane
			     sps;  John CARTHY,  Cath Heasy

2 May 1847	Mary	     to  Tim CARTHY and Eliza Reagon
			     sps;  John CALLAGHAN,  Hannah Leashy?

26 May 1847     Dennis	     to Dennis CARTHY and Mary Donovan
			     sps;  John Murphy,  Margt Donovan	   

15 Jun 1847     Danl & Jerry to  Tim CARTHY and Ellen Horgan
			     sps;  ( Danl )  Cornl Horgan,  Cath Murphy
			     (Jerry)   Michl Lynch,  Joney Horgan
July 1847	Jerry	     to Tim CARTHY? ( overwritten ) and Mary Sullivan
			     sps;  John Horgan,  Mary Kearney
Aug 1847	Dennis	     to Danl? Dns?  CARTHY and Cath LOWNEY
			     sps;  Tim Hurley,  Joney Canniff
17 Mar 1849     Pat	     to Owen Keefe and Cath McCARTHY
			     sps;  Danl McCARTHY,  Mary McCARTHY
9 Jun 1849	Mary	     to  Tim LOONEY and Cath Deasy
			     sps;  Danl McCARTHY,  Mary Deasy
8 Nov  1849	Tim	     to  Charles McCARTHY and Cath Geary
			     sps;  Mick Geary,  Margt Driscoll
27 Dec 1849     Danl 	     to Dennis McCARTHY and Mary Connor
			     sps;  Con Driscoll,  Judy Cron-----????
30 Dec 1849     Johanna      to  Wm McCARTHY and Cath Murphy
			     sps;  Wm McCARTHY,  Cath Harris
14 Jan 1850	Mick	     to Jerry CARTHY and Norry Jobin?? ( Cronin?)
			     sps;  Tim CARTHY,  Ellen Cronin  	 
April 1850	Mary 	     to Jehm? John?  McCARTHY and Ellen Coleman
			     sps;   ??  illegible,   Mary Holland
Jan 1851	Danl	     to Timothy McCARTHY and Ellen Bullen
			     sps;  Jeremiah McCARTHY,  Mary  ( illegible  )??
7 Jan 1851	Michl	     to Dan?  McCARTHY and Ellen Howard
			     sps;  Jerry Howard,  Ellen Neeff------?????
Mar 1851	Calia?	     to Wm LOONEY and Honoria Griffin
                             sps;  Tim LOONEY,  Johanna McCARTHY
9 May 1851	Dennis	     to Tim McCARTHY and Ellen Horgan
			     sps;  Con Duggan,  Joney Corr-------????

16 Oct 1851	Honoria	     to Charles McCARTHY and Mary Coughlin
			     sps;  Wm Coghlan,  Julia CALLAGHAN
    "		James	     to Eugene Keefe and Cath McCARTHY
			     sps;  Danl McCARTHY,  Ellen McCARTHY
Dec 1851	Joanna	     to Danl CALLAGHAN and Joanna Murphy
			     sps;  Thos Riordan,  James Taylor ( Horrigan?), Eliza Murphy