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			[Excerpted from] 
            Parliamentary Papers 
            REPORTS from Committees 
			Seventeen Volumes  
	      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  Ordered by 
The House of Commons, to be printed, 9 April 1838



NAME		          HH #	   Residence 	Noted: also Reg[istered] as Household –Dates	
Punch, Thomas          172     Blarney-street                                                    
Peel, Thomas                   New Market-street                                                 
Pye, Jervice                   Bridge-street       … registered 10 October 1832                  
Quill, Thomas                  Cross-street        … registered 13 November 1832                 
Reardon, Denis                 Barrack-street      … registered 25 September 1835                
Ryan, Patrick                  Bandon-road         … registered 26 September 1855 [1835 correct] 
Reardon, John                  Bandon-road                                                       
Ryan, Jeremiah         27      Dublin-street                                                     
Ryan, Michael          171     Blarney-lane                                                      
Ryan, John             1       Eason's-hill        … registered 2 January 1837                   
Rahilly, Denis         126     Shandon-street                                                    
Regan, Thomas          23      Mallow-lane                                                       
Riordan, Patrick       74      Clarence-street     … registered 17 November 1832                 
Regan, Thomas          2       Cattle-lane                                                       
Ryan, John             74      Fair-lane                                                         
Regan, Timothy                 Canigad             … a person of this  name described  on registr
                                                   as residing at Barrackcross                   
                                                   Reg. as a household 25  September 1835        
Russell, John                  John-street         … registered 22 October 1832                  
Riorden, Daniel                Paul-street         … registered  22  September 1835              
Reid, John                     Douglas-street      … registered  5 November 1832                 
Stack, Thomas                  Peter-street                                                      
Searles, Daniel                Bandon-road         … registered  20 November 1832                
Sullivan, Patrick              Bandon-road         … a person of this  name described  on registr
                                                   as residing at Cut-lane [leading off Bandon-ro
                                                   Reg. as a household 26  September 1836        
Scannell, Jeremiah             Gill Abbey-street                                                 
Sullivan, Bartholomew          Pouladuffe                                                        
Sullivan, Murty        188     Blarney-lane        … registered  24 September 1835               
Sweeney, Morgan        14      Blarney-lane        … a person of same name and residence         
                                                   but described on registry as a woolcomber     
                                                   Reg. as a household 16 Nov. 1832              
Sexton, Edward         166     Blarney-lane        … registered  23 October 1822 [ 1832-?]       
Sullivan, James        116     Blarney-lane        … registered  26 October 1832                 
Sullivan, Patrick              Blarney-lane                                                      
Sullivan, John                 Barrack-town                                                      
Sheridan, Redmond              Carninar                                                          
Sullivan, John                 Old Dublin-road     … registered  7  November 1832                
Sherlock, Robert               Watercourse                                                       
Steedemond, Edward             Paul-street                                                       
Shea, Denis                    Douglas-street                                                    
Tobin, John                    Leitrim-street      … registered  29 October  1832                
Tevohig, James                 Douglas-street               Ditto                                         
Tevohig, William               Evergreen                    Ditto      
Walsh, John                    Gaol-road                                                         
Walsh, Michael         9       Old Market-place                                                  
Wakefield, James               Barrack-town                                                      
Walden, Patrick                Glanmin-road                                                      
Walsh, Richard                 Lavit's-quay                                                      
White, Edward                  Dominick-street     … registered  25 September 1835               
Wheeler, Thomas                Fitton-street                                                     

NOTED: 	"I certify that I have added to the names of the 
persons appearing in the above Return, the fact of their 
being registered as householders, wherever such has been the 
case, and the dates of such registries respectively." 

Peace Office, City of Cork		(signed) John Colburn, Clerk of Peace
5 April 1838

Transcriber's Note:  House number shown when noted in documents.

Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from SECOND REPORT] 
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