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			[Excerpted from] 
		      Parliamentary Papers 
		     REPORTS from Committees 
			Seventeen Volumes  
	      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  Ordered by 
The House of Commons, to be printed, 9 April 1838 

				Joseph Dunbar, Collector
A LIST of WASTE and Poor in the Parish of St. Anne 
Shandon, July 1837 Joseph Dunbar Collection	


A. & J. Deane	linney		Patrick's-quay		- king's stores
A. & J. Deane	yard		Patrick's-quay		- king's stores
A. & J. Deane	office and yard	Patrick's-quay		- king's stores
… Lane		house		Bridge-street		half-waste
… Hickey	house		Bridge-street		half-waste
Miss Foott	house		Windmill-hill		waste
… M'Carthy	house		Windmill-hill		waste
… Rowlinson	stable		Windmill-hill		waste
… Rowlinson	linney		Windmill-hill		waste
… Restrick	house		Windmill-hill		waste
… Restrick	linney		Windmill-hill		waste
Widow Pine	house		King-street		waste & very poor
… Leahy		store		Strand-road		poor
… Carroll	yard		Strand-road		waste
… Lyons		garden		Strand-road		waste
… Brady		house		Strand-road		waste
… Johnson	stable		Summer-hill		waste
… Popham	house		Summer-hill		waste
Miss Cole	stable		Mary's-lane		waste
Robert Carr	building-ground	Sydney-place		waste
Miss White	house		Hardwick-street		waste
James Walsh	house		Leitrim-street		waste
… Carr		sawing-mill	Leitrim-street		waste
… Reardan	house		Leitrim-street		poor
… Howard	outhouse	Watercourse		waste
… Callaghan	hay-yard	Watercourse		waste
Griffin Daly	house		Watercourse		poor
… Bastable	house		York-street		poor & waste
… Sullivan	house		York-street		poor & waste
… Cashman	store		York-street		waste
… Jones		house		York-street		waste
… Moore		house		York-street		waste
… Moore		stable and yard	York-street		waste
… Barrett	house		York-street		waste
… Murphy	not tenanted	York-street		waste
… Murphy	Coach-house	outside the line	waste
… Curtin	factory		Whirland-lane		waste
… Blackall	house		John-street		waste
… Flahavan	house		Dominick-street		waste
… Bell		forge		Dominick-street		waste
… M'Carthy	house (down)	Francis-street		waste
… Denisson	house		Mallow-lane		waste
… Slattery	store		not to be found		waste
… Reardan	cooperage	Mallow-lane		waste
… Fitzgibbon	house		Rawbuck's-lane		waste
… Browne	house		Old  Chapel-lane	waste
… Stanton	stable		Rogerson's-lane		waste
H. Keleher	cooperage	Eason's-hill		waste
… Donovan	house		Chapel-hill		waste
John Lane	house		Eason's-hill		waste
… Mahony	house		Clarence-street		waste
… Shelly	house & linney	Clarence-street		waste
Ben. Bath	house		Clarence-street		waste
… Hanlon	house		Clarence-street		waste
… Murphy	yard		Coach-maker's-alley	waste
… Mahony	cooperage	Hillgrove-lane		poor & waste
… Mahony	store		Johnson's-hill		poor & waste
… Crispin	tan-yard	Hatton's-alley		waste
… Paul		cooperage	St. Anne's Change-yard	waste
… Crowe		house		Clarence-street		poor
… Reardan	house		Clarence-street		waste
… Callaghan	house		Watercourse		waste
… Callaghan	store		Watercourse		waste
Mrs. Scanlan	house		Grattan's-hill		waste
John Vanstan	house		Great Britain-street	poor
… Hornibrook	house		Old  Chapel-lane	poor
… Flanigan	house		Leitrim-street		poor
John Cave	stable		Mary-street		waste
Thomas Farren	house		Wellington-terrace	waste
Wm. Murphy	house		Summer-hill		now waste
Robt. Scott	stable		Summer-hill		now waste
Widow Farrell	dwellinghouse	Church-lane		now waste

I, Rowland Long. One of the churchwardens of the parish of 
St. Anne Shandon, do solemnly that the foregoing return is 
fair and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.	
Rowland C. Long		
Declared before me this 22nd day of July 1837, James Lane, Treasurer.							
A LIST of WASTE and Poor in the Parish of St. Mary 
Shandon, July 1837 Joseph Dunbar Collection			

Widow Crowley	house		Kyrl's-quay		poor
Cornelius Ready	house		Kyrl's-quay		poor
Michael Reardan	house		Kyrl's-quay		poor
… Sullivan	house		Bachelor's-quay		poor
Miss Allen	house		Sunday's-well		waste
Doctor Wedden	house		Sunday's-well		waste
John Walsh	house		Sunday's-well		waste
Nicholas Kearns	house		Sunday's-well		poor
Daniel Crone	½ house		Shandon-street		waste
… Hennessy	house		Mallow-lane		waste
Nicholas Cooke	house		Mallow-lane		waste
Nicholas Cooke	store		Minchan's-lane		waste
Patrick Riordan	house		Blarney-lane		waste
… O'Leary	house		Blarney-lane		poor
Widow Collins	house		Blarney-lane		poor
Widow Mullane	house		Blarney-lane		poor
Jonas Toole	cooperage	Blarney-lane		waste
… Brophy	half a house	Blarney-lane		waste
… White		house		Old Market-place	poor
… Murphy	piggery		Old Market-place	waste
… M'Auliffe	coach-house	Cattle-market		waste
… Casey		house		Royce's-street		wast
Widow Sheehan	slaughter-house	Farrell's-square	waste
… Fleming	yard		Cattle-market		waste
… White		slaughter-house	Thomastown		waste
… Keleher	house		Market-lane		poo
… Cronin	house		Church-street		poor
… Thompson	yard		Dominick-street		waste
B. Shea		stable and yard	Knapp's-square		waste
… Keleher	store		Widerall-lane		waste
… Hennessy	house		Widerling's-lane	poor
Henry Casey	store and yard	Widerling's-lane	waste
… Wilson	house		Widerling's-lane	poor
… Holland	stable		Widerling's-lane	waste
… Prendergast	garden		Pope's-quay		waste
… Cummins	building-ground	Pope's-quay		waste
… Kearney	house		Knapp's-square		poor
… Burke		house		Kyrl's-quay		waste
Mrs. Beek	house		Sunday's-well		waste
Dan. Sullivan	stable		Cleary's-lane		waste
Robert Howard	store and yard	Dominick-street		waste
Mrs. Deeble	house		Dominick-street		waste
Miss Douthat	stable		Sunday's-well		waste
Patrick Hagin	chandlery	Fair-lane		waste
Mrs. Alexander	house		Kyrl's-quay		poor
Charles Bass	house		Back Abbey		poor
Widow Sugrue	house		Blarney-lane		poor

NOTED:  I, Henry George Wise, one of the churchwardens of 
the parish of St. Mary  Shandon, do solemnly declare that 
the foregoing return is fair and correct, to the best of my 
knowledge and belief.	 (signed)	
George H. Wise		
Declared before me this 22nd day of July 1837, James Lane, 

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SOURCE:  Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from SECOND 
REPORT] Parliamentary Papers REPORTS from Committees [Online 
Google Books-p332 to p349]