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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


A List of several Papists who came before the Mayor of the 
City of Cork, took the Oath of Allegiance, with the Quality, 
Title, Place of Abode, and the Days on which the appeared 
16th August 1775

 William Hally, Gent
 William Curtin, Merchant
 William Coppinger, Barry's Court, Esq
 Herbert Baldwin, Surgeon
 Stephen Coppinger, Merchant
 John Fitzgerald, Merchant
 Daniel Donovan, Little Island, Gent
 Nicholas Walsh, Surgeon
 Richard Shepheard, Dougheloyne, Farmer
 John Moylan, Merchant
 Andrew Drinan, Merchant
 Timothy Scannell, Cooper, 
 William O'Brien, Doctor of Physic
 Patrick Donovan, Milltown, Gent
 Barth Brady, Merchant 
 Henry Shea, Merchant  
 Nicholas Hogan, Glover, 
 John Callanan, Merchant 
 Jery Murphy, Merchant 
 Michael Mathews, Bookseller, 
 William O'Brien, Publican,  
 James Meaghan, Publican, 
 Thomas Roche, Merchant 
 James John Barrett, Cooper, 
 William Coppinger, Merchant 
 John Callanan, Doctor of Physic 
 Silvester Ryan, Merchant, 
 David Rochford, Gent, 
 Cornelius Sullivan, Merchant, 
 Daniel Tawmy, Publican, 
 James Philip Trant, Gent, 
 David Connell, Merchant, 
 Charles Maguire, Linen Draper, 
 Marcus Sullivan, Merchant 
 John King, Merchant, 
 John Silk,Woolen Draper 
 Michael McDermott, Silversmith, 
 Humphry Sullivan, Shopkeeper, 
 William O'Brien, Shopkeeper, 
 Charles O'Neill, Shopkeeper,  
 David Nagle, Merchant, 
 John Newce, Shopkeeper, 
 Florence Leary, Publican 
 Jery McCroghan, Merchant Taylor, 
 Robert Ferguson, Surgeon 
 John Shea, Merchant 
 John Coppinger, Barry's Court, Gent
 James Kelly, Merchant, 
 Dominick Callanan, Apothecary, 
 James O'Brien, Merchant, 
 Patrick Crowley, Butter-Buyer, 
 Daniel Daly, Shopkeeper, 
 James Murphy, Butter-Buyer, 
 Daniel Foley, Wollen Draper, 
 Thomas Granahan, Woolen Draper, 
 Michael Wolfe, Merchant 
 Henry Shea, Merchant 
 John Creagh, Jnr Merchant 
 Robert Hickson, Merchant 
 Mathias Colbert, Surgeon, 
 Walter Shea, Cooper, 
 James Hogan, Shopkeeper, 
 John Barry, Merchant 
 Joseph Goold, Cooper, 
 Daniel Fanning, Cooper, 
 Patrick O'Gunner?, Merchant 
 Francis Hore, Coach Maker, 
 Michael Hore, Coach Maker, 
 Owen McCarthy, Shop Keeper, 
 William Brady, Shopkeeper, 
 John McGrath, Merchant Taylor, 
 David Fitzgerald, Merchant 
 Bartholomew Guynan, Merchant,  
 John Guynan, Merchant 
 Andrew White, Merchant 
 Terence O'Brien, Gent 
 William Shea, Merchant 
 Charles Mccarthy, Merchant, 
 James Rourke, Cabinet Maker 
 John Tracey, Shop Keeper, 
 Daniel Griffin, Tobacconist, 
 James Hayes, Merchant 
 Philip Dynan, Joiner 
 Jeremiah Egan, Merchant 
 William Trant, Merchant 
 Daniel Coughlan, Shop Keeper, 
 William Quinn, Shop Keeper, 
 William Molloy, Shop Keeper, 
 Robert French, Gent 
 Jeremiah Driscoll, Shop Keeper, 
 Patrick Creagh, Merchant 
 Stephen Anster, Merchant 
 John Keane, Shop Keeper, 
 Ignatius Trant, Merchant 
 Simon Donovan, Baker, 
 Denis Desmond, Shop Keeper, 
 Andrew Shea, Shop Keeper, 
 John Hillary, Silversmith, 
 Thomas White, Merchant, 
 Philip Harding, Merchant, 
 John Healy, Merchant 
 John Morrogh, Merchant 
 Edmond Barratt, Merchant, 
 William Roche, Merchant 
 Owen Barman, Shop Keeper, 
 John Doly, Butcher, 
 Thomas Barrett, Shop Keeper, 
 George Goold, Merchant, 
 Henry Goold, Merchant 

 Popish Clergy Cork

 Hon John Butler,
 Revd John Finn
 Revd Dr Michael Shinnigh
 Revd Dr Edmond Synan
 Revd Timothy Callanan,
 Revd James Bourke
 Revd Dr James Hennessy
 Revd James Michael McMahon
 Revd Patrick Casey
 Revd John Lyons
 Revd Florence McCarthy
 Revd Denis Murphy
 Revd Dr Garret Fahan
 Revd Dr Patrick Shortal
 Revd Arthur O'Leary
 Revd Thomas Spennick
 Revd Dr Daniel Neville

 I certify the foregoing to be a true list, Dated Cork, 30th 
Jan 1786?  William Butler, Mayor
 A list of persons who have taken the Oath before us
 Robert Ronayne, Gent,
 Robert Gofs, or Goss, Merchant,
 Both of Youghall in the County of Corke,
 William Jackson, Mayor of Youghall,
 Matthew Parker
 Youghall, Feb 4th 1776