Cork - Voters who are Marksmen and registered Heads, 
Freeholders, Freemen and Householders 1837/1838 Surname G-H 

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County Cork: Census Substitutes - List of Voters who are Marksmen and registered Heads, Freeholders, Freemen and Householders - 1837/1838 - G-H-[no Letter I]
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			[Excerpted from] 
		      Parliamentary Papers 
		     REPORTS from Committees 
			Seventeen Volumes  
	      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  and have 
agreed to report the same to The House. 9 April 1838

James Goulden		Weighthouse-lane	- - - 
Samuel Griffin		New-lane		victualler
George Good		Pump-lane		cooper
Michael Geary		Commons Fair-hill	farmer
Patrick Garvey		Kyrl's-quay		clothes-seller
Edward Grace		Pouladuff		farmer
Tomothy Galvin		South Main-street	tobacconist
Thomas Gibson		Castle-street		shoemaker

Daniel Halloran		Ash-acre		labourer
Patrick Hayes		Holy-hill		labourer
John Hartnett		Darby Sullivan's-lane	tanner
Timothy Harris		Bandon-road		shopkeeper
Thomas Haukert		Gallows Green-lane	labourer
Cornelius Hayes		Springfield		farmer
John Haly		Bridwell-lane		labourer
William Hannan		Fair-lane		labourer
John Haly		Rathpeacon		farmer
Timothy Healy		Bishops-street		master tailor
John Head		Mallow-lane		Harness-maker
David Herlihy		Friars-walk		farmer
Daniel Herilhy		Killard			farmer
Jeremiah Higgins	Rathmacullig		farmer
Denis Horrogan		Blarney-lane		labourer
Cornelius Healy		West Rathpeacon		farmer
Denis Hurly		Cove-street		slater
Daniel Haley		Carrigrohane		labourer
Owen Hartnett		Killavallig		farmer
John Harrington		Killeenreendowney	farmer
Michael Hayes		Pouladuff		labourer
Jeremiah Hayes		Barrack-street		nailor
Patrick Healy		Hunting-hill		farmer
William Harty		Gillabbey		labourer
Thomas Hart		Ballinvriskig		farmer
Daniel Horgan		Killeens		farmer
Patrick Herilhy		Evergreen		stone-mason
John Hinchin		Blarney-lane		labourer
Michael Hogan		Douglas			mason
Joseph Hussey		Haly's-square		fishmonger
Jeremiah Hurly		Bandon-road		labourer
Patrick Haly		Blackrock		labourer
John Horgan		New Gaol-road		gardener
Timothy Horrogan	Ballinvealtig		labourer
John Hickson		Denroches-cross		corn-broker
Patrick Hayes		Maylor-street		publican
Solomon Hymes, sen.	Wellington-place	umbrella-maker
Thomas Hanker		Market-street		shopkeeper
John Huggins		Ballinure		farmer
John Hogan		Ballinimila		 - - - 
Denis Hickie		Kyrl's-street		clothes-seller
Tomothy Herilhy		Friars-walk		 -  -
Jeremiah Hurley		Margaret-street		gingle-owner
James Hutchins		Fishamble-lane		shoemaker
Murty Hennessy		York-street		smith
Richard Healy		North-abbey		victualler
Denis Hogan		George's-street		shopkeeper
Thomas Herilhy		Blarney-lane		yeoman
John Hopkins		New Market-street	pensioner
James Hyde		Fair-lane		publican

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Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from] Parliamentary Papers 
REPORTS from Committees [Online Google Books-p 355 to 
356/Letters G-H-I-]