Cork - Voters who are Marksmen and registered Heads, 
Freeholders, Freemen and Householders 1837/1838 Surnames 

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			[Excerpted from] 
		      Parliamentary Papers 
		     REPORTS from Committees 
			Seventeen Volumes  
      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  and have 
agreed to report the same to The House. 9 April 1838


Denis Daly		Great-Britain-street	tanner	
Mathew Daly		Dublin-hill		labourer	
Thomas Damery		Clarence-street		labourer	
Daniel Daly		Upper Glasheen		weaver	
Charles Daly		Glanmire		gardener	
Thomas Daly 		Ballycannon		farmer	
John Dineen		New-lane		victualler	
James Delany		Ballincurrig		farmer	
John Desmond		Killeenreendowny	labourer	
Bartholomew Donovan	Evergreen		labourer	
Michael Dorney		Parkaplumpa		labourer	
John Donovan		Ballintemple		farmer	
Jeremiah Donovan	Ash-acre, Fair-lane	labourer	
Patrick Donovan		Blarney-lane		labourer	
David Downey		Ballycurreen		farmer	
Michael Donovan		Blarney-lane		eating-housekeeper	
John Donoghue		Upper Glasheen		weaver	
Jeremiah Donoghue	Leemount		farmer	
William Driscoll	Ballinough		farmer	
William Drummy		Bandon-road		labourer	
Thomas Duggan		Leemount		labourer	
John Duggan		Douglas			smith	
Dennis Dennahy		Ballycurreen		farmer	
David Draddy		Glanmire		publican	
Simon Delay		Knocknahorgan		farmer	
Timothy Dinneen		Parkogue		tobacco-spinner	
Brian Dill		Banduff			farmer	
Jeremiah Dorgan		Castlemahon		farmer	
James Donovan		Beegham-lane		labourer	
John Driscoll		Collins's-lane		labourer	
Daniel Driscoll		Warwick-street		labourer	
Denis Daly		Ballinrea		farmer	
James Daly		Knocknahorgan		farmer	
Jeremiah Duggan		Bishopstown		farmer	
Michael Doyle		Castlewhite		farmer	
Jeremiah Daly		Ballinamought		labourer	
Jeremiah Daly		Lotamore		farmer	
William Dempsay		Kilnap			publican	
John Donoghue		Blackpool		labourer	
Denis Driscoll		Dundanion		tailor	
Thomas Draddy		Castletreasure		farmer	
Maurice Dinan		Holly-hill		farmer	
Francis Davis		Barn-hill		farmer	
John Drummy		Harper's-lane		labourer	
Denis Daly		John-street		tanner	
John Dempsay		Lough-road		farmer	
John Donovan		Barrack-street		tailor	
William  P. Denny	Evergreen-street	shopkeeper	

John Egan		Conway's-lane		labourer	
John Egan		Shanakiel		farmer	
James Eares		Morrisses-lane		labourer	
James Ellard		Quakers-road		gardener	
John Egan		Brandy-lane		labourer	
William Edery		Scarthavalleen		farmer	
Thomas Fitzgerald	Parkaplumpa		labourer	
Patrick Fitzgerald	Ballinamought		publican	
David Fitton		Blarney-lane		labourer	
William Flyne		Skahabeg		gardener	
Samuel Fleming		Coach-street		glazier	
John Fleming		Leemount		farmer	
William Flynn		Browningstown		farmer	
Daniel Forde		Carrigrohane		blacksmith	
Andrew Forrest		Blackpool		labourer	
Michael Foley		Trimbath-street		wheelwright	
Pierce Fudge		Frenches-quay		slater	
John Fitzgerald		Love-lane, Gill-abby	labourer	
James Fitzgerald	Pembroke-lane		tailor	
James Fitzgerald	Ballinamought		farmer	
Cornelius Flyn		Kallavallig		farmer	
John Flyn		Kallavallig		farmer	
John Fitzgerald		Kilnap			 -  -	
John Fitzgerald		Parkaplumpa		labourer	
Michael Fitzgerald	Ballinaspigbeg		farmer	
Thomas Fleming		Blarney-lane		eating-housekeeper	
Thomas Foley		Killeenreendownig	- - - 	
Cornelius Foley		Hunting-hill		farmer	
John Foley		Rathmacullig		farmer	
Denis Flyn		Courtney's-lane		salter	
Patrick Flyn		East Coole		farmer	
William Forde		Ballyvolane		victualler	
Denis Flynn		Quarry-road		gardener	
Edward Flynn		Great-Britain-street	tailor	
John Foley		North Francis-street	labourer	
Cornelius Flyn		Dominick-street		shoemaker	
John Flyn		East Coole		farmer	
William Flyn		East Coole		farmer	
Bartholomew Fitzgerald	Ballycaroon		farmer	
Jeremiah Foley		Killeenreendowny	- - - 	
Thomas Foley		Barrack-street		slater	
Thomas Fitzgerald	Pump-lane	        yeoman	
Michael Foley		Half Moon-street	wheelwright	

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Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from] Parliamentary Papers 
REPORTS from Committees [Online Google Books-p 354-to 
355/Letters D-E-F]