Cork - Voters who are Marksmen and registered Heads, 
Freeholders, Freemen and Householders 1837/1838 Surnames C 

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		[Excerpted from] 
	      Parliamentary Papers 
	     REPORTS from Committees 
		Seventeen Volumes  
	      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  and have 
agreed to report the same to The House. 9 April 1838

John Carthy		Pouladuff		labourer
Patrick Carey		Skehard			labourer
Michael Carey		Bandon-road		labourer
Jeremiah Callanan	Arch-lane		yeoman
William Callaghan	Knocknahorgan		farmer
Daniel Callaghan	Watercourse		farmer
Humphrey Callaghan	Farrel's-square		labourer
Cornelius Callaghan	Farrel's-square		labourer
Owen Callaghan		Blarney-lane		labourer
Daniel Callaghan	Fair-lane		labourer
Cornelius Cahill	Paul-street		huckster
Laurence Callaghan	Blarney-lane		master tailor
Edward Callaghan	Coleman's-lane		labourer
Murty Callanan		Keeling's-lane		labourer
Charles Callanan	Ballinure		farmer
John Clements		Fair-lane		weaver
John Coleman		Roche's-meadow		labourer
Daniel Collins		Knockrea		farmer
Cornelius Conner	New-lane/Roche's Med.	labourer
CorneliusCollins	Blarney-lane		shopkeeper
Connor Collins		Evergreen-road		yeoman
John Connor		Dundanion		boatman
James Cotter		Romans-walk		labourer
John Collins		Scartavalleen		farmer
John Collins		Ballinvriskig		farmer
Maurice Cox		Ballynure		labourer
Denis Coughlan		Upper Glasheen		gardener
Lawrence Coleman	Coolowen		farmer
John Connell		Scotch			farmer
Laurence Connell	Hunting-hill		farmer
Thomas Connell		Ashgrove-lane		labourer
Bartholomew Conroy	Tuckey-street		harness-maker
Daniel Coghlan		Lotamor			coachman
John Corkery		Kyrl's-street		broker
Daniel Costelloe	Leitrim-street		servant
Michael Connor		Blarney-lane		labourer
John Connor		Ballinvarrig		farmer
Laurence Connor		Ballinvarrig		farmer
John Cremin		Dundanion		gardener
John Cremin		Dundanion		farmer
David Cremin		Dundanion		fisherman
Daniel Cronin		Ballinrea		farmer
Michael Cremin		Gillabbey		yeoman
James Crowley		South Main-street	tailor
Daniel Crowley		Fuller's-lane		farmer
Michael Cronin		Conway's-lane		tobacconist
Andrew Cronin		Ballincranig		farmer
Michael Crowley		Dundanion		gardener
William Crowley		Ballinvrinshig		farmer
John Crowley		Blarney-lane		labourer
James Curtin		Cat-lane		tape-weaver
William Curtin		Crotamore		gardener
Daniel Curtin		Ashe-acre		labourer
Thomas Cuffe		Spring-lane		currier
Daniel Curtin		Dublin-hill		labourer
Timothy Cunningham	Gillabbey		labourer
George Caulfield	Upper Glasheen		weaver
Roger Carroll		Upper Glasheen		cotton-weaver
Daniel Callaghan	Spring-lane		labourer
Timothy Callaghan	Whitechurch		farmer
Edward Cunningham	Pouladuff		farmer
Daniel Callanan		Gillabbey		labourer
John Cleary		Westmonees		farmer
Owen Cleary		Douglas			farmer
James Clausey		Keeling's-lane		cooper
Timothy Coleman		Coolymorohoo		farmer
John Cotter		Weaver's-alley		labourer
Timothy Connell		Ballintemple		farmer
Denis Connell		Killeenreedowny		farmer
Michael Connell		Gurthavaroon		farmer
Thomas Clarke		High-street		glass-maker
Denis Collins		Bandon-road		yeoman
William Cotter		Douglas-road		farmer
John Connell		Douglas			labourer
David Courtenay		Dublin-street		publican
Thomas Crowley		Grafton's-alley		publican
John Clifford		Monees			farmer
Thomas Corcoran		Blarney-lane		corn-broker
Timothy Cunningham	Tobin-street		hair-dresser
Cornelius Coghlan	Douglas-street		tailor
Edmond Cogan		Scartavalleen		farmer
John Cogan		Ballinvriskig		farmer
John Coleman		Ballygurran		farmer
John Connell		Rathmacullig		farmer
William Connell		Rathmacullig		farmer
John Cronin		Darby Sullivan's-lane	labourer
Charles Cullenane	Ballincurrig		farmer
Patrick Callaghan, jun.	Knocknacullen		farmer
Patrick Callaghan	Knocknacullen		farmer
Patrick Casey		Killeens		farmer
John Connell		Ballyvolane		carrier
Michael Cox		Ballynure		labourer
Cornelius Curtin	Dublin-hill		labourer
Maurice Conner		Scartavalleen		farmer
Daniel Cahill		Old Market-place	labourer
John Coghlan		Schehard		labourer
Patrick Cox		Rochestown		farmer
Abraham Cokely Collins	Blarney-lane		eating-housekeeper
Michael Cahill		Old-court		farmer
Michael Crane		Capwell			shopkeeper
Patrick Canty		Evergreen		gardener
Charles Culliinane, jun.Ballincollig		farmer
Michael Cogan		Ballinvreenshig		gardener
Michael Coghlan		Ballinred		labourer
Thomas Corbett		Clarence-street		cooper
Isaac Coghlan		Cross-street		hatter
Francis Curtin		Wisdom's-lane		carpenter
John Cunningham		Brandy-lane		labourer
Patrick Coughlan	Dundangan,Black Rock	gardener
Patrick Collins		Ballycurrin		farmer
Cornelius Cronin	Evergreen		vintner
Thomas Crowley		Fishamble-lane		shopkeeper
William Careen		Mahon			farmer
Thomas Clarke		Douglas-street		glass-blower	
Timothy Callaghan	Ballincranig		farmer
Patrick Cantillon	Maypole-road		coal-seller
Timothy Creedon		Magazine-road		farmer
Bryan Covenay		Lower Glanmire-road	vintner
Charles Callanan	Glasheen		farmer
William Connelly	Bandon-road		vintner
Thomas Clarke		Douglas-street		glass-blower

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Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from] Parliamentary Papers 
REPORTS from Committees [Online Google Books-p 353-to 
354/letters C]