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File contributed by: Brendan Hall 


Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland

May it please your Excellency,

We his Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Subjects the 
Inhabitants of the Town of Kinsale, and the liberties and 
limits thereof, thinking ourselves called upon at this time 
to present a dutiful and loyal address to out most gracious 
Sovereign, do most humbly entreat your Excellency to lay the 
same before his Majesty.

Happy in the enjoyment of the blessings derived from the 
excellent Constitution of this Kingdom, under his Majesty's 
most auspicious Government, and your Excellency's wise 
Administration, we think it our duty to return our sincere 
thanks to your Excellency, for the prudent and vigorous 
measures adopted by your Excellency to check the progress of 
Tumult and Disorder, upon their first appearance in this 
Kingdom. -  Kinsale, 21st Dec. 1792.

J.D. Alcock
Thos. Atkinson
Hugh C. Baker
Robert Barry
J. Beirk Esq., late Capt. 10th Infantry
Edward Betty
Geo. Bishopp
Robert Bishopp
Wm. Bissett
John Bluett
Jeremiah Boyle
Blayney Brabazon
Cors. Brown
William Browne
Henry Browne
McManus Browne
J.B. Browne
W.J. Browne
Arthur Browne
Thomas Browne, clerk
Joseph Bullen
Henry Bullen
Wm. Bullen
Thomas Bullen
John Bullen
Michael Busteed
James Byrne
Jeremy Calanan
Daniel Callahan
John Carey
Wm. Carey
John Carrigue
Henry Carter
John Carthy
James Carthy
John Carthy
Jeremiah Carty
Daniel Chard
Haddock Chudleigh, Sovereign, Kinsale
Richard Clayton
Joseph Cobble
Thomas Coleman
Timothy Collins
John Colmore
Crosly? Conly?
Wm. Connell
Marmaduke Cramer
Charles Crawsy
John Crowley
Robert Cupitt
John Curran
James Curran
Michael D'Courcy
Wm. D'Courcy
Thomas D'Courcy
William Daly
John Daly
Charles Daly
Denis Daly
John Daly, jun.
Silvester Dea
John Jemmet Denis
Daniel Desmond
Samuel Domclife
Florence Doneoghue
Anthony Downcliff
John Downely?
Jeremiah Driscoll
Cornelius Driscoll
Morgan Driscoll
John Dudingston
Geo. Newman Dunn
Jos. Dunn
Robert Dunne
Daniel Early
John Edlington
John Heard Edward
Wm. Heard Edward
Edwin Heard Edward
Henry Farley
John Farley
Thos. Temple Fenton
Wm Fleming
John Flinn
Peter H. Foley clerk
James Foster
Stephen Fowler
Thos Frith Not. Pub.
Geo. Fudger
Gerald Gibbons
Robert Gobb
Finlay Grant
Thos. Green
Wm. Green
James Green
Abel Hacket
Arthur Haddot
Richard Hall
Thomas Hanly
Maurice Harnett
Thomas Harnett
Thomas Harper
Wm. Hayes
John Hayward
John Heard
John Pope Heard
Wm. Heard
James Heard
Henry Herrick
Laurenec Heyden
Timothy Heyden
Edward King Hill
Richard Hinkson
John Hodnett
Wm. Hogan
Thos. Howe
Robert Howe
Jonas Howe
Jos. Hoy
John Hungerford
Richard Hussey
John Irwin
Samuel Irwine?
David Irwine M.D.
Adam Jackson
John Jago
Charles Jago
Edward Jago
Thomas Jeffery
Thos. Keahan
Francis Kearney Major P.L.
Daniel Keefe
John Keeffe
Ed. Herbert Kenney [or Kemmey?]
John Kenny clerk
Timothy Keohan
John Kirk
Robert Lander
Geo. Lander
Hugh Lawton
Richard Leahy
John Leahy
Arthur Leary
John Lilley
John Lyons
John McCarthy
Owen McCarthy
John McDaniel
James Mahony
Cornelius Mahony
Wm. Mahony
John Manning
John Markham
Daniel Martin
Henry Massey
Lewis Mellefont
James Moore
Jonathan Morgan
Denis Murphy
Denis Murphy
Joseph Newman
Richard Newman
Adam Newman
Wm. Newman
Geo. Newman
John Spiller Newman
Wm. Newman, jun.
Stephen O'Hea
Thos. Ottwell
William Peirs
Robert Peterson
William Phelan
Philip Phelan
Robert Phelan
Geo. Place
Peter Place
Henry Place
John Rashleigh
Wm. Ratcliffe
Thomas Reynell
Phillip Roche
James Roche
Thomas Ruddock
Geo. Ruddock
Capt. Blaney S...?
J.T. Sheridan
Wm. Shore
Wm. Smith
William Smith
Robert Smith
Stephen Smith
James Smith
Geo. Smith
Thomas Smith
William Smith, jun.
Chudleigh Southwick
John Southwick
John Stammers
Hans Stewart
Julius jun. Stioke
Robert Talbot
Harvey Talbot
Alex. Thompson
Robert Thompson
Ed. Thornhill
Richard Townsend
Robert Travers
Charles Vinters
Wm. Wade
Thomas Wallis
John Walton
Wm. Warren
Robert Boyle Warren
Richard Webb, clerk
James White
Henry White
Thomas White
Thomas Wilton
William Young

From Freeman's Journal, 5 January 1793

Note: "Mc" names were transcribed from "M'" for ease in search