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		[Excerpted from] 
	      Parliamentary Papers 
	     REPORTS from Committees 
		Seventeen Volumes  
      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  Ordered by 
The House of Commons, to be printed, 9 April 1838

NAME			Address
John Buckley		Great Britain-street
Timothy, Buckley	Douglas-street
John Buckley		Cove-street
Stephen Bremacomb	Watercourse
William Barrett		Kift's-lane
Henry Brown		Sunday's-well
Thomas Barry		Dunbar-street
Timothy Cunningham	Tobin-street
Patrick Connell		Hanover-street
Francis Connor		Sunday's-well
Humphrey Callaghan	Blarney-lane
Patrick Canty		Bandon-road
John Clifford		Sunday's-well
John Cronin		Douglas-street
Edmond Cussen		York-street
Patrick Cantillon	Maypole-road
Thomas Cockeran		Dublin-street
Mathew Coleman		Boyce's-street
Daniel Callaghan	Cattle-market-street
Patrick Driscoll	Great Britain-street
James Drummy		Blarney-lane
David Duff		Douglas-street
Henry Doyle		Douglas-street
Patrick Denny		Blarney-lane
John Donovan		Barrack-street
Thomas Fane		Bishop-street
Denis Flynn		Blarney-lane
Thomas Foley		Barrack-street
John M'Carthy		Cattle-market-street
Ambrose Moriarity	Fair-lane
Denis Murphy		Fish-street
Daniel Mahony		Spring-lane
James M'Auliff		Blarney-lane
John Madden		James-street
John Murphy		Old Market-place
Daniel Noonan		Chapel-hill
Denis Nevill		James-street
Eugen Nevill		Curtis's-street
Denis O'Brien		Half-moon-street
M. O'Brien		York-street
Denis Riordan		Cove-street
John Russell		John-street
Thomas Reyan		Hughes's-lane
Daniel Roberts		Douglas-street
Denis Riordan		Barrack-street
John Ryan		Eason's-hill
Jerh. Sexton		Barrack-street
Denis Shea		Douglas-street
William Sumester	Peter's Church-lane
James Stuck		Curtis's-lane
Mirty O'Sullivan	Blarney-lane
William Shine		Francis-street
Vincent Sullivan	William-street
Joseph Tobin		Douglas-street
Richard Tobin		Douglas-street
John Corkery		Kyrl-street (D.M.)
Daniel Costello		Leitrim-street (D.M.)
Patrick Driscoll	Great Britain-street
			(V.-D.M. & R.G.)
Patrick Haggin		Mallow-lane (D.M.)
John Hennessy		Dominick-street (D.M.)
William Lynch		Thomas-street (D.M.)
Michael Swiney		Cove-street
			(V.- R.G. & M.D.)
James M'Namara		Kyrl-street (D.M.)
Michael Moriarity	Kyrl's-quay
Daniel Redden		Bowling-green-street
John Sullivan		Royal Arcade (D.M.)
Joseph Vaughan		Kyrl-street (D.M.)
Michael Walsh		Kyrl-street 

NOTED:  69 on Mr. Lane's list who voted in 1837 are 
sustained as of the value of 10£ per annum by London 5 March 
1838 			(signed)	Dan. Meaghar
On the same List the following persons voted for the 
Conservatives in 1837 and were not visited by either Meagher 
or Gould, viz.:				
William Baldwin		Nicholas-street
Joseph Bernasconi	Nicholas-street
Nathaniel Bonner	Sunday's-well
Jerh. Connell		Moore-street
Enoch Cunningham	Kyrl-street 
Henry Carr		Blarney-lane
John Clarke		Millard-street
Robert Dixon		Kyrl-street 
Allen Dixon		French Church-street
19 names – No 10 listed		
Richard Grainger	Fish-street
William Howard		Ballard's-lane
Aldwell Ireland		Moore-street
Robert Kennedy		Old Chapel-lane
Francis Mayberry	Brickfields
William Roycroft	Grafton's-alley
Jasper Smith		Blarney-lane
Daniel Stotter		Cattle-market-lane

NOTED:  Mr. James Lane's List of Householders who voted in 
1837 exempt from rates are accounted for by D. Meagher, 
viz.:	Of that list as of the value of 10£ by D. Meagher 	
Conservatives Not visited by him	19
				Total	88
	Mr. Lanes' Total is 		156
	Deduct				88
	Total				68
This number of 68 could, in D. Meagher's opinion, be 
satisfactorily accounted for had he, when in Cork, 		
a list of their names, value. &c., from the city books.				
London 5 March 1838		(signed)	Dan. Meaghar
Names of persons returned “POOR” by Churchwardens 				
Denis Murphy			Dingle-Lane
Arthur Ahern			Market-street
Daniel Harris			South Main-street
Catherine Murphy		Brunswick-street
Arthur O'Leary			Brunswick-street
(could not set this 
man for fear of taxes)		
Margaret Cole			Tobin-street
Stephen Butler & others		Tobin-street
Robert Pulvertaft & others	Tobin-street
Joseph Bolster & others		Tobin-street
John Swan & others		Tobin-street
Joseph Lewis & others		Tobin-street
Samuel Swan			Christ Church-lane
Ellen Landon & others		Christ Church-lane
Mara Baldwin			Queen-street
John Brown			North-street
Mary Ann Shea			Fish-street
Sarah Butler & others		Fish-street
Mary Tracy & others		Fish-street
Mary Malony			Maylor-street
Rebecca Howard			Caroline-street
Eliza Purcell			Caroline-street
Ann Mullins			Caroline-street
Susan Wallis			Marlborough-street
Ellen Sheehan			George's-street
Jane Doherty			George's-street
Rachel O'Brien			George's-street
Maurice Nagle & others		George's-street
Ellen Conroy 			George's-street
Honora Fitzgerald		George's-street
Mary Delany			Lavitt's-quay
Thomas Sullivan			Coal-quay
Bartholomew Vaughan		Coal-quay
John Buckley & others		Coal-quay
.... O'Neill & others		Coal-quay
Sarah Payne			Coal-quay
… Barry			        Coal-quay
John Nelson & others		Half-moon-street
Pat. Barritt & others		Half-moon-street
Michael Foley			Half-moon-street
Catherine Hurley		Drawbridge-street
John Morgan			Drawbridge-street
Denis Cahill			Drawbridge-street
Daniel Crawley			Drawbridge-street
Bridget Quinn			Drawbridge-street
Jervis Pye (set out)		Drawbridge-street
… Galway			William-street
Pat. Brenan			William-street
Allen Dixon			William-street
J. Fitzgerald & others		Carey's-lane
David Harrington		Carey's-lane
Joseph Welply & others		Bishop-street
Mary Cantillon			Bishop-street
Corn. Hegarty			Bishop-street
W. Daly (set out)		Dean-street
W. Dawson			Bandon-road
Mathew Walsh			Bandon-road
Daniel Searles			Bandon-road
Edward Burke			Bandon-road
Patrick Ryan			Bandon-road
Timothy Harris			andon-road
	Allowed by Grand Jury:	
Timothy Ryan			Fish-street
Patrick Looney			George's-street
Cornelius Horgan		George's-street
Catherine Craig			eorge's-street
John Callnan			Merchant's-quay
John Hogan			ockpit-lane
Catherine Fitzgerald		Pump-lane
Daniel Buckley			Grafton's-alley
… Stock			        Grand Parade
Ann Lewis			South Mall
Ellen M'Auliffe			Princes-street

NOTED: The above list of persons was given back to me by the 
collector, Mr. Williams, as those allowed by the city grand 
jury, in addition to the printed list herewith  See Mr. 
Dunbar's list for the names similarly situate in his walk, 
being also an addition to the printed list.			
Nov. 1837		(signed)	Dan. Meaghar

Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from SECOND REPORT] 
Parliamentary Papers REPORTS from Committees [Online Google 
Books-p332 to p349]