Cork - Alphabetical List of Landowners in 1870's

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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M. Taylor

CITY of CORK Extractions - ( 1 Acre and Over) Names & Addresses Only 

Owner Name			    	            Owner Residence - 1873-75
Arnott, Sir John			             Woodland	
Arthur , David Leahy                     Hyde Park	
Ashe, Edward E.                          Elmgrove	

Barry, Arthur H. S.                      Foaty	
Beamish , Richard V.                     Harmony Lodge	
Beatty, David                            Borrodale, Enniscorthy	

Cade, Francis                            Tivoli-road	
Callanan,  Michael                       Tower-street	
Carmichael, John M.                      Tracton Park	
Cave, Stephen                            Lakeview	
Clifford, Richard                        Blarney-street	
Coppinger, William                       Oldmarket-place	
Corporation of Cork			             South Mall	
Crawford, William H.                     Lakelands
Cronin, Thomas C.                        Fair Hill 

Dale, Andrew                             Merchant's-quay
Davidson,  Alexander                     Dyke-parade
Desmond, William                         Blarney-street
Dill, John                               Old Youghal-rd.
Distilleries of Cork			         Morrison's-quay
Divane,  Thomas                          Audley-place
Dixon , Henry A.                         Blackwell
Donegan, Daniel    Reps Of]           	 Carrigmore
Dunscombe, Nicholas                      Oldmarket-place

Field, Matthew                           Friar's-walk
Field, Michael                           Friar's-walk
Fitzgibbon, Victor B.                    Sydney House
Forsayeth, Thomas                        Charlotte-quay

Galgey, William                          Friar's-walk
Gibbings, John George                    Castle-view
Goulding, Humphries                      108 Patrick-st. 
Goulding,  William                       108 Patrick-st. 
Gregg, Right Rev. Dr. [xxxx]             The Palace
Gregg, William V.                        Patrick's-hill

Hall, Robert                             Lisnalee
Harding, James                           Myrtle-hill
Harding, William                         Western-road
Harrington, Daniel                       Old Youghal-rd.
Harrington, William                      Lakeview
Harris, James                            Tower-street
Hayes, Charles                           Old Market-place
Howes, Thomas                            Friar's-walk
Hyde, Mary                               Listowel-lane

Johnson, William                         Vosterberg

Kearns, Thomas                           Wellington-road
Keeffe, James                            Friar's-walk
Keeffe, John                             Friar's-walk
Killer, Cornelius                        Watercourse-road

Laffan,  John                            Farranferris
Landen,  John                            Bridge-street
Lane,  James                             The Hill, Douglas
Leycester, William W.                    East-view
Lindsey, Joseph W.                       Ballyhooly-road
Lucey, Denis                             Barrack-street
Lyons, Francis                           Mentenotte

M'Garry, Mary                            Friar's-walk
M'Namara, Michael                        Belleville
M'Ostrich, Alexander                     Carolina
Mahony, Jeremiah                         Sundayswell
Martin, Russell                          Trafalgar
Massey, Nassan                           Old Youghal-road
Max,  Simon J.                           Ballinamote
Morgan,  Isaac                           Tivoli
Morrisson, Julia                         College-road
Murphy, John N.                          Clifton
Murray, Maurice                          Beechhill

Nagle, Jeremiah                          Tanner's-row
Neill, Patrick                           Evergreen
Nicholson, James A.                      Bellvue

O'Connor, James                          South-terrace
Olden,  Isabella                         Sundayswell
Ormond,  Ellen                           Old Youghal-road

Perrott, George                          Mardyke
Pim, James Edwin                         Eglantine

Quinlan, Richard                         Old Youghal-road

Railway Co., Cork & Bandon		         Albert-quay
Railway Co., Cork, Blackrock & Passage	 Albert-street
Railway Co., Cork & Macroom		         Albert-quay
Railway Co., Great Southern & Western	 Cork
Reilly. Richard D.                       Windmill-road
Rice, Robert                             Old Youghal-rd.
Rye, Richard T.                          Ryecourt

Saunders, Michael                        Friar's-walk
Scott, Robert                            Sydney-ville
Smith, James                             Richmond-hill
Sutton, Abraham                          Monkstown

Thornhill, Walter                        St-Patrick's-hill

Wise, Francis                            North Mall
Woodroffe, George                        Tivoli-road
Wycherly, George J.                      South Mall

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A 
Summary for each Province and For All Ireland Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen [Out of