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			[Excerpted from] 
		      Parliamentary Papers 
		     REPORTS from Committees 
			Seventeen Volumes  
	      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  Ordered by 
The House of Commons, to be printed, 9 April 1838
				Appendix 6 - continued [H-Z]
NAME				Locale Residence	Voted 1837
Harvey, Rev. William		Athnowen Glebe		no
Helen, Emanuel			Bantry			no
Hutchins, Benjamin		Ballea Castle		yes
Halloran, Rev. William		Youghall		yes
Hungerford, Thomas		Cahermore		no
Hoare, Edward			Middleton Lodge		no
Harnett, John Crosbie		Kinsale			no
Harris, Thomas			Kinsale			
Heard, John Isaac		Kinsale			no
Hungerford, Thomas		the Island		yes
Hawkes, John 			Kilcrea			yes
Hill, James			Craig			yes
Hill. Arundel			Doneraile		yes
Hawkes, William			Rose-mount		yes
Hume, Clement			Mallow			no
Hawkes, Samuel			Kilcrea			no
Hill, Richard			Doneraile		no
Hill, Arundel			Clogheen		yes
Herbert, Rev. Bastable		Kilgarvan Glebe		no
Hall, W. H. (Catherine-st)	city Limerick		no
Hendley, Mathias		Mount-rivers		yes
Hodder, W.H.M., jun.		Hoddersfield		yes
Holland, W. H., sen.		Newgrove		yes
Hingston, Rev. James		Youghall		no
Hornibrook, John Thomas		Beechmount		no
Harding, Robert			Cherry-grove		no
Harding, Samuel			Cherry-grove		no
Harding, Henry			Harding-grove		no
Humphreys, Daniel		Middleton		no
Jones, Rev. Jonas Travers	Drumbeg			yes
Jones, Harry			Leadington Cottage	no
Johnson, Rev. John		Carrigaline		no
Jones, Rev. Francis		Coolcuher		yes
Jagoe, Jonathon			Dunmanway		yes
Johnson, Edward			lifford			no
John, Thomas, jun.		Youghall		no
Kenny, Edward Herbert		Kilmeen			yes
Kirchoffer, Rev. Robert		Clondwhid Glebe		yes
Kiely, John			Strancally Castle	yes
Kiely, John, jun. 		Strancally Castle	yes
Kenah, William			Castlemartyr		no
Knolles, Thomas			Oatlands		yes
Knolles, Thomas Walter		Oatlands		yes
Keily, Richard			Strancally Castle	no
Kellett, Edward			Clonacody		no
Kellett, John Dalton		Clonmell		no
Kingston, William Holland	Bandon			no
Lowe, George Bond		Clogher			yes
Lysaght, Nicholas		Mallow			no
Lindsay, Henry John		Myshill			yes
Lucas, Jasper Evans		Lackendone		no
Lawton, Hugh			Lake Marsh		yes
Lyster, Littleton		Glandore		no
Longfield, John			Longuefield		yes
Longfield, Henry		Waterloo		no
Labarte, John 			Cahir			yes
Lewis, William			Kinsale			yes
Lysaght, William		Hazelwood		no
Lawless, Rev. John		Woodview		yes
Lawless, John			Cloyne			yes
Lowe, William Harmer		Greenagh		yes
Leader, Henry			Mount Leader		yes
Langton, James			Brure Lodge		no
Mackler, Rev. James		Rockville		yes
Marsden, Frederick		Brooklodge		no
Maginn, Rev. John		Cloyne			yes
Milner, George			Lakemount		yes
Mongan, Rev. J.C. 		Kilnamartyr Glebe	yes
Martin, Hughes			Tulligreen		no
Morgan, Jonathon		Kinsale			yes
Massey, George			Woodfort		no
Massey, Henry			Woodfort		no
McCormick, William James	Killpatrick		yes
Madras, Rev. John Henry		Nohoval Glebe		no
Mockler, Rev. James, jun.	Cappoquin		yes
Meade, Rev. William		Donoughmore		yes
Maxwell, Robert, jun.		Charleville		no
Madras, Rev. John 		Donoughmore		no
Martin, James			Killahora		yes
Magrath, John			Cashel			yes
Magrath, Terence		Cashel			no
Martin, John 			Killahora		yes
McO'Boy, Laurence Corban	Bilberry Hill		no
Murphy, Michael			Newtown			no
Nash, John Michael		Lonesome Lodge		no
Newenham, Rev. T.		Kilcromper Glebe	yes
Nash, Webb			Kinsale			yes
Newman, John Spiller		Kinsale			no
Newman, George			Kanturk			yes
Nettles, Richard N.		Nettleville		yes
Nettles, Robert			Nettleville		yes
Newenham, R. 65th regt. Foot	Dunmanway		no
Newman, William			Kinsale			yes
Nash, rev. Thomas Edmond	Cove			no
Norcott, James			Springfield		no
Norcott, John			Cottage			no
O'Driscoll, Alexander		Shepperton		no
O'Callaghan, H. D.		Cardogan House		yes
Owens, Christopher		Cove			yes
O'Callaghan, Denis		Carduggan		yes
Orpen, Henry			Artully			yes
Orpen, Richard Becher		Bridgeville		yes
Orpen, Rev. John Emanuel	Glebe Hill		yes
Owens, Christopher, jun.	Cove			yes
Purcell, William		Altimira		no
Purcell, Richard Harris		Anabella		no
Perry, Richard Newman		Ballinadee		yes
Perry, Richard R.		Mallow			no
Popham, Bradshaw		Scartnamack		no
Purcell, Pierce			Castleview		yes
Parker, William			Rock Cottage		yes
Phillips, Robert		Convamore		no
Popham, John			Bandon			yes
Popham, Robert			Coolpadda		no
Purcell, John			Burton			yes
Penrose, John			Shandangan		no
Purcell, Rev. Matthew		Burton			no
Pyne, John 			Cottage			o
Pedder, Henry			Clonmell		no
Perry, T.S. Ensign 81st 	regiment of foot	no
Purcell, James			Kanturk			yes
Purcell, Charles		Mallow			yes
Rowe, Thomas			Mallow			no
Reeves, Francis Carlton		South Terrace		no
Rogers, Rev. William		Cloyne			o
Roberts, Michael		Killmoney		yes
Rye, John Tonson		Ryecourt		yes
Ryder, Rev. William		Ballinterry		yes
Sealy, Imas Morris Sealy	Barleyfield		no
Swayne, John 			Fermoy			no
Shaw, Bernard Robert		Ballymore		no
Smith, William			Ahada			yes
Scott, David Howe		Cove			yes
Spread, William			Kinsale			no
Stawell, George			Crobeg			no
Stevelly, Rev. Edmond		Dinagh			yes
Sullivan, William		Clonakilty		no
Stannard, Edward		Priory			no
Smith, Rev. John 		Ahavrin			yes
Spiller, John 			Clonakilty		no
Seymour, Nicholas George	Moncroe			no
Splaine, Richard 		Moneen			yes
Splaine, James 			Ballingilla		no
Swayne, James			Youghall		yes
Swete, John			Bandon			yes
Sealy, John			Ballymallis		no
Spratt, Thomas Edmond		Montevideo		no
Smith, Rev. George		Castlemartyr		yes
Splaine, Richard, jun.		Aherlay			yes
Somerville, Thomas		Druishane		yes
Stainistreet, Rev. Thomas	Concamore		yes
Travers, John 			Garrycloyne		yes
Travers, John 			Cummeen			yes
Tresilian, Thomas		Dunworley		no
Townsend, Rev. Chambre C.	Clonakilty		no
Townsend, Richard		Clontaff		no
Townsend, Samuel		Whitehall		no
Tuckey, Rev. Thomas		Dromeleague		yes
Thompson, Rev. Edward P.	Brade			yes
Taylor, Alexander		Cove			o
Triphook. Robert		Castle Townsend		yes
Uniacke, Crofton		Ballyre			yes
Uniack, Norman			Castletown		no
Uniacke, James, jun.		Glengara		yes
Wood, Andrew Jordaine		Sydney-place		no
Wood, Thomas			Coolinrisk		no
Westropp, Amos Freeman		Monkstown		no
Wilson, Edward Henry		Ballycuna		yes
Wilson, Joseph			Ballycuna		yes
Ware, Thomas			Woodfort		yes
Wallis, Michael			Passage West		no
Warren, John B.			Warren's Grove		yes
Welstead, Richard		Ballywalter		yes
Wheeler, Richard		Fort Prospect		yes
Wigmore, Richard Harding	Ballyona		no
Wigmore,Rev. Thomas		Middleton		no
Walker, Rev. Thomas, jun.	Gardeville		no
Warren, William Bourne		Rose Lodge		yes
Wigmore, Henry			Ballyrodock		yes
Wakeham, William John		Springhill		yes
Warren, Massy Hutchinson	Shandangan		yes
Wheeller, Joseph Thomas		Bandon			no
Wheeler, Robert Smithson	Bandon			yes
Wood, George			Ballyhalivick		yes
Wigmore, Henry			Ballyona		no
Wood, Henry Owens, Captain 	37th Regt-Fermoy	no
Williams, Columbine Lee Caire	Crosshaven -house	no
Williams, John			Bridestown		no
Welstead, Richard		Ballywalter		no
Wrixon, John 			Walshestown		no
Wrixon, Edward			Kilmore			yes
Wallis, Henry			Drishane Castle		yes
White, Hon. Simon		Bantry-house		no
Woodley, George			Frankfort		no
Wakeham, Joseph Barter		Springhill		yes

No X-Y-Z 					
NOTED:  Gross number of non-resident Freemen		385		
                      Of whom  voted in 1837 		184		

Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from SECOND REPORT] 
Parliamentary Papers REPORTS from Committees [Online Google 
Books- p328 to p330]