Cork - Non-resident Freemen of Cork, those who voted in the 
Election of 1837 marked (Surnames A-G)

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		[Excerpted from] 
	      Parliamentary Papers 
	     REPORTS from Committees 
		Seventeen Volumes  
      Session: 15 November 1837 - 16 August 1838
"THE SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire how far the 
intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and 
registering FICTITIOUS and IMPROPER VOTES in IRELAND and who 
were empowered to report the MINUTES OF EVIDENCE taken 
before them, from time to time, to The House.

Have received several further Documents relating to the Cty 
of Cork, in addition to those already reported;  Ordered by 
The House of Commons, to be printed, 9 April 1838
                    Appendix 6
NAME				Locale Residence	Voted 1837
Allen, William			Liscongil		yes
Ashe, Richard			Coolehan		no
Austen, Rev. Robert		Hadwell Lodge		no
Austen, William			97th Regiment of Foot	no
Adams, Samuel Wallis		Killbree		yes
Allen, Samuel			Youghall		no
Aldworth, R. Oliver		Lower Drummore		no
Allen, William			Shandrum		yes
Ashton, Gough			Donerail		no
Aldworth, Robert Rogers		Newmarket		no
Aldworth, Rev. John		Newmarket 		yes
Anderson. John William		Ushfield		no
Armstrong, Rev. Julius		Mallow			no
Ashe, Richard			Ashgrove		yes
Ashe, ed ward			Castle Hill		yes
Annesley, Hon. Arthur Grove	Armsgrove		no
Atkins,  Heyward		Carrigalin		no
Alleyn, Henry			Middleton		no
Ashe, Richard			Macroom			yes
Becher, Richard Henry Hedges	Hollybrook		no
Barter, Joseph			Ballinphelie		yes
Beale, Samuel			Reddington		no
Becher, Michael Allen		Clonakilty		no
Barter, William Lovekin		Ballymurphy		yes
Baldwin, Rev. Arthur Bernard	Mallow			yes
Burke, Thomas, Lieut.-Col.	Prospect Villa		no
Barry. Henry Green		Ballyclough House	yes
Bowen, John			Oakgrove		yes
Bowden, Richard Cox		Dunmanway		no
Beamish, Adderley		Killcoleman		yes
Bernard, Arthur B.		Pallace Ann		yes
Berkeley, David John, M.D.	Skibbereen		no
Brasier, Kilner			Mitchelsfort		yes
Bruce, George			Milltown Castle		no
Briscoe, Robert			Fermoy			yes
Bernard, Walter			Newmarket		no
Biggs, Thomas Joseph		Garryhankardmore	yes
Brown, Rev. Carlton		Glandmore		no
Ball, Bob Stawell		Youghall		no
Baldwin, Hewit Pool		Bandon			no
Baldwin, William		Kinsale			no
Baldwin, Franklin		Bandon			yes
Brown, Henry			Ballythomas		yes
Barter, Thomas			Bandon			yes
Beale, John Felmyng		Reddington		no
Braddle, John Armsted		Mallow			no
Barrett, Richard		Mallow			no
Bernard, Hon. W.S. 		the Farm near Bandon	yes
Bond, Harmer			Crosshaven		no
Briscoe, Robert, jun.		Fermoy			yes
Brown, Thomas Mitchell		Rockborough		no
Bernard, John, jun.		Clareville		no
Barrett, Richard, jun.		Mallow			no
Bruce, Rev. Jonathan		Springfort		no
Bush, Rev. Charles		Castlehaven Glebe 	no
Bastable, Henry			Heathfeld		no
Bennett, Samuel			Clonakilty		no
Bland, Francis Christopher	Derrygwinn		yes
Bowls, Spottswood		Ahern			no
Cotter, Nelson Kearney		Rochforrest		no
Campion, Rev. T. S.		Knockamourne Glebe	yes
Corbin, Lawrence		Kilworth		yes
Creagh, John Bagwell		Kinsale			yes
Crofts, Charles			White Point		yes
Carden, Robert			Corel			yes
Chatterton, Sir William		Castlemahon		no
Cotter, Rev. James Lawrence	Buttevant		yes
Courtney, John 			Ballyedmound		yes
Courtney, Robert		Ballyedmound		yes
Courtney, George		Dromadda		no
Connor, William			Mishills		no
Colthurst, Charles		Clonmoyle		no
Crofts, Thomas Lucas		Velvetstown		yes
Crofts. Christopher		Ballyhoura Lodge	yes
Crofts, Rev. Freeman Willis	Churchtown		yes
Cramer, John Thomas		Rathmore		yes
Crooke, Thomas A.		Ahavim			no
Crooke, Richard Brown		Carrigadwhid		yes
Cudmore, Thomas			Millstreet		yes
Campion, Richard Gifford	Bushey Park		yes
Chester, Rev. John		Ballyclough 		yes
Cotter, Rev. John Rogerson	Templetrine		no
Crooke, William			Derreen			yes
Crone, John			Byblox			no
Coppinger, John Rye		Carkue			yes
Creah, B. B.Laverntinim		Donerale New		no
Creagh, Arthur Gethin		Donerale New		no
Creagh, Michael			Killbrack		no
Crofts, James Nelson		Concamore		yes
Cotter, Rev. John 		Edmomd			yes
Cotter, George Sackville	Heathfield		no
Connell, Rev. Richard Loane	Templebrady		no
Collis, William Crooke		Castlecooke		no
Cowen, John			Glanmire Road		no
Campion, Rev. R. D. 		Knockinirvine Glebe	yes
Campion, Robert			Croomore		yes
Clarke, Charles Henry		Passage West		no
Chute, Rev. Francis Arthur	Cahirciveen		yes
Clarke, Charles			Skibbereen		yes
Cleburne, Joseph		Bridepark		no
Colthurst, John Henry		Dripsey Castle		no
Connor, Daniel, jun.		March House		no
Corker, Chambre jun.		Innishannon		yes
Corker, Chambre 		Innishannon		no
Connor, Daniel			Ballybricken		yes
Clarke, David Horan		Weston			yes
Creagh, Arthur Gethin, jun.	Bally Ellis		yes
Coghlan,  John			Bride Park		yes
Coghlan, Rev. C. L. 		Keen Adragole		yes
Cotter, John			Ashton			no
Dunscombe, Richard Meade	Brookville		yes
Daunt, George A. 		Newborough		yes
Daunt, Henry Arthur		Newborough		yes
Daunt, William 			Inniskean		yes
Daunt, Francis			Ballyneen		yes
Dunn, George Newman		Kinsale			yes
Dunn, Robert Lander		Kinsale			yes
Delany, George Foster		Gurtmore		yes
Daunt, Achilles			Kinsale			no
Daunt, John 			Inniskeen		yes
De la Cour, Robert		Bearforrest		no
Donovan, Philip			Castletownsends		no
Daunt, Thomas Achilles		Coolnagouge		yes
Deane, James Roche		Dunkerreen		no
Daunt, Thomas			Baltineen		yes
Damas, Peter			Claghreen		no
Davies, Roger Green		Ahadoe			yes
Daunt, William 			Springhill		no
Dorman, Bishop William		Kinsale			yes
Doherty, Edward			Bandon			yes
Dunscombe, Richard Child	Brookfield		no
Delany, Edward			Lisnagoorneen		yes
Evanson, the Rev. Alleyn	Four-mile Water		yes
Evanson, Nathaniel		Four-mile Water		no
Evanson, Charles		Four-mile Water		no
Elliot, Thomas			Kanturk			yes
Evanson, Abraham M.		Four-mile Water		no
Evanson,William B.		Four-mile Water		yes
Evanson, Richard Tonson		Ardoguma		yes
Evanson, Nathaniel		Friendly Cove		no
Edgar, the Rev. John Ware	High Purk [Park-?]	yes
Evanson, Nathaniel jun.		Four-mile Water		no
Eyre, Robert Hedges		Macrom Castle		yes
Forsayth, Thomas		Ringuskiddy		no
Finlayson, John			Bristol			no
Foot, Henry Baldwin		Carrigacunna Castle	no
Freeman, Richard Deane		Charlestown		yes
Foot, Thomas Wade		Springfort		no
Foot, James			Springfort		no
Foley, Robert Yard		Kinsale			yes
Fitzgerald, Joseph Capel	Cloghroe		no
Foott, George			Carrigacunna Castle	no
Foot, James Boyce		Carrigaline		no
Furlong, Charles		Convamore		no
Green, Rev. William		Middleton		yes
Gambleton, Rev. George		Mount Rivers		yes
Gumbleton, John B. 		Lismore			yes
Gumbleton, Richard		Castleview		no
Galway, St. John		Mallow			no
Garde, Thomas William		Ballindynis		yes
Garde, Charles			Ballindynis		no
Gollock, Rev. James		Cloghroe		yes
Garde, Henry			Ballincurra		yes
Gardiner, John			Mallow			no
Gibbings, Robert		Kilcrea			yes
Good, John			Rockgrove		yes
Good, Charles			Balinvowsig		no
Gibson, Lewis			Kilboy			no
Gollock, Thomas			Leemount		yes
Gollock, Lewis Crusins		Classes			no
Green, Roger			Youghall		yes
Gaggin, Rev. Richard		Dungourney Glebe	no
Glover, James 			Drumcorbett		no
Green, James Ellis		Youghall		no
Gumbleton, Henry		Curryglass House	no
Gumbleton, Richard		Curryglass House	no
Galwey, William			Mallow			no

Seventh Volume Part 1 [Excerpted from SECOND REPORT] 
Parliamentary Papers REPORTS from Committees [Online Google 
Books-p328 to p330]