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File contributed by:  C.Hunt and Charles Donohue

    From Mr. T. J. Westropp

'The ancient parish church of Schull lies to the west of the 
harbour, on a rising ground, with a beautiful view of the 
little town, and "Gabriel's rough defiles, " beyond it. It 
consists of a nave and chancel, mainly built in 1720, and a 
porch, over which is a round-headed tablet, with the hardly 
legible date 1796. The windows, doors, and chancel arch are 
plain and flattish, round-headed. There seem to have been a 
gallery and belfry at the west gable. In the north wall of 
the chancel we find the only traces of an older building, a 
neat- chamfered window (fifteenth century) with an ogee 
head, and a pier with long and short masonry. The tombs, as 
usual, are neither remarkable nor old. I give some of the 
older inscriptions (near the south-west angle).

' A table-tomb; the arms were on a separate slab, and are 
gone' :--

Major William Hull dyed March the 29 1729 Aged 49 | years 
Herbert Tom Hull dyed | May 29, 1744 Aged .. years | Mrs 
Ric. Edwd Hull dyed | March 30th 1732, Aged .. years Ric. 
Edw. Hull Esqr, dyed Saturday June the Second 1759 aged  40 

'South wall of graveyard, a nearly illegible tomb' --

Underneath lieth the (body) of G ... Ch .. wo .. d ag(ed)
68. 1780.

Against north wall of church, at old window, ' – Erected | 
to the memory of | Major John Wynne Late 63 rd Regiment who 
departed  this life | the 66th year of his age December 2nd 

'In north-west corner of graveyard' 
The Burial Place of | J E Rcr* O'Sullivan | Died July 24 th 
1846 aged 56.

In The Chancel' -- : Sacred to the Memory of Robert 
Triphook, Esq. | who died 3 day of July 1858. | Mark the 
perfect man & behold the Upright man for the end of that man 
is peace.

*hard to read Rer or Rcr.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland (source: vol. 9 - FHL #