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File contributed by: C. Hunt

[From James Buckley]

'Not a vestige of the ancient church survives--a 
circumstance, perhaps, unprecedented in this country. Some 
ruins existed a century and a half since, according to 
Smith's A. and P. State of County and City of Cork. A modern 
Protestant church, in the erection of which the old church 
was probably utilised, stood here, but was taken down about 
fifteen years ago. The late Rev. RICHARD AHERN, the Parish 
Priest, acquired the pews, and had them installed in 
Annakissy Church, where they are now in use. 'After a close 
inspection of most of the headstones in this cemetery, the 
one bearing the oldest and most interesting inscription I 
could find, was erected to a father of the flock. The 
inscription appears in no fewer than three different 
languages-- English, Latin, and Irish--and is probably 
Here Lieth The Body
of the Revd DANL KELHr
~~PP of Moinaimny~~
Who Died Feby Ye 20th
1751 Aged 56 Year
Resquiescat in Pace

('Then follow two lines in Irish characters.)

Here lieth the Body | of the Revd JAMs ROCHE | P P of
Monanimny Who | Died Febr the 26. 1777 | Aged 68
years | Requiescat in Pace Amen

JOHN O'BRIEN | erected this in me | morey of his
Broth | r the Revd PATk O'BRIEN | who died June 26th
1802 Aged 63 yrs Requies | cat in Pace  Amen

Here Lyeth The Body of RICHARD NAGLE who Departed
this Life the 21 Day of Sepber 1761 Aged 80 years And
his Wife ELLEN NAGLE departed the 4 day of February
1757 aged 80 years.

Memento Mori Here Lies The Body of ELIZABETH HIGGINS	 
Wife to DAVID MAGNER Who Depard This Life April the 18th 
1797 Aged 42 years He caused This Stone to Be Erected For 
Him And Family May She rest in Peace

Erected by JAMES MAGNER in memory of his son
EDMOND who died in 1798 aged 19 yrs also his
daughter ALIZA who died 31st Jany 1822 aged 35 yr
May they rest in peace Amen.

Erected by JAMES MAGNER of Kilquain in memory of his
Uncle PATRICK MAGNER who departed life Augst 61, 1859
Aged 58 yrs & also his Brother Son DENIS who departed
Augst 26, 1859 aged 23 yrs May their Souls rest in Peace
'The stone is neatly executed, but rather frail. It is at 
present cast down, but very little injured. Hence this 
record of it.'
TIMOTHY RIELY erected this in memory of his Son DANIEL
who died Decbr the 1st 1801 aged 33 years May he rest
in peace Amen.

JEREMh RIELY erected this in memory of his Son IOHN RIELY
who died June 20th 1812 ag'd 18 yrs Also JOHN 
RIELY son to DENs REILY died March 1st 1831 Ag'd 6 yrs
May their souls rest in peace amen. This stone and
ground is Regestered.

Here Lieth the Body of JOAN HOGAN Who Departed This
Life 16th February 1762 Aged 40 years

Here lieth the Body of DANIEL LINIHANE Who Decd
September 1766 Aged 78 Years Also JOAN LINIHANE his
Wife Who Decd June 21. 1766 Aged 61 yrs

Here lies the Body of JOHN LINNIHAN who did April
1793 A 84 Also the Fam Burying Place

'Mensal slab':-
Erected in Memory of DANIEL LINEHAN of Mount Nagle who died 
Octbr 25th 1830 aged 86 yrs Also to his son DENIS who died 
28th of Novbr 1796 aged 17 yrs And of his wife ELLEN who 
died 20th of April 1812 aged 60 yrs

Erected by THOS LANE in memory of his Father Iermh
LANE decd Ianry  17th 1794 Aged 69 yrs May he rest in
peace Amen
(Jeremiah Lane)

Here lies the body of DAVID MADDEN the son of WILLIAM
of Kilmacom and the Husband of MARGARET REA he was A
dutiful son and affectionate brother father and Husband
and an honest well conducted man he died Novembr
the 25th 1821 aged 48 yer May his soul rest in peace.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland.  Vol vii, FHL# 1279254