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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M.J. Bradley

    [From Mr. James Coleman, Southampton]

The walls of the old church are still standing, outside of 
which are only two headstones, whose inscriptions are the 
first here copied.  The remaining five are taken from the 
only other headstones here, which are erected within the 
walls of the old church.  The graveyard seems to be no 
longer used for interments.  At the upper end of the field, 
in which Killeskin graveyard is situated, is a famous Holy 
Well, at which rounds are still paid on Lady Day in 
August (the 15th).  To the tree overshadowing this Blessed 
Well are attached a large number of rags, and partly 
embedded in the ground close by is a slab with a 
representation of the Crucifixion, bearing the date 1737:-

Here lieth the Body of John Quirke who departed this life 
the 6th day of March 1752.  Aged 58 years.  And the Lord be 
merciful to his soul   Amen ______________

Erected by Thomas O'Neal in memory of his Wife Mary 
Lainif(?) who died May 4th 1812, aged 45.  And his daughter 
Mary O'Neal died March 25, 1812 aged 24.  Also his daughter 
Johana O'Neal died May 5 1812 Aged 18 years. 

This stone was erected by Michael Raney for hi Burial place, 
and in Memory of his Wife Margaret Raney who died april y* 
6, 1756  Aged 57 years.  God be merciful to her Soul. Amen 

This is the burying place of John Collins and his Family.  
Here lieth his son John Collins who died 7ber 30th 1759 Aged 
7 years. 

This stone was erected by John Carew in Memory of his Mother 
An*tice Carew.  She departed this life February the 2nd 
1777.  Aged 60 years.  Also his father Richard Carew who 
departed May the 1st 1783 Aged 69 years.  May they rest in 
peace    Amen 

Erected by Thomas White for the Buiral place of his 
Posterity, and in Memory of his father Maurice White, who 
died September 24th 1781.  Aged 56 years.  The Lord have 
Mercy on his Soul 

Erected by Patrick Neal and his Wife in Memory of their 
children James and Mary Neal. Mary died August the 10th 1802 
aged 3 Monts. and James died June the 12th 1817 aged 18 
years  May the Lord have mercy on their Souls   Amen

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland: vol. 6 1904 - FHL #