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File contributed by: C. Hunt

  [From Mr. James COLEMAN, M.R.S.A.I.]

'This graveyard lies within a short distance of the seaside 
village of Gyleen, and not far from Poer Head. A small 
portion of the old church remains, and near it is a 
Protestant church. It is curious that even the oldest of the 
headstones here are much more legible than those in the 
other graveyards in this part of County Cork' :

Here lieth the Body of Morrish LEAN who departed this Life 
the 4th of November 1752, Aged 26 years.

Here lieth the Body of Maurice FINN who departed this life 
October 3rd 1779. Aged 76 years. Also his son John Finn who 
died July 9th 1775.

This stone was erected by Thomas WALL in memory of his 
father Daniel Wall who died Jan. 17th 1790. Aged 70 years.

Here lieth the Body of John CASHMAN who died November 1st 
1793 aged 23 years.

Erected by Owen and Richard AHERN of Ballyvoloon in memory 
of their Father Richard AHERN, who depd this life Sept 10th 
1829 Aged 66 years. Also his son Thomas AHERN who died March 
16th 1830 aged 28 years. May their souls rest in Peace.

Erected by Richard SISK of Ballyshane in memory of his wife 
Mary SISK alias FITZGIBBON, who departed this life 7th 1837. 
Aged 62 years.

Erected by Catherine HENNESSY, San Francisco, California in 
memory of her beloved father Richard AHERN, Ballynatray, who 
departed this life April 29th 1836 Aged 40 years.

Erected July 1857 by Ellen CLANCY, now a resident of Boston, 
U.S.A., in memory of her beloved father John CLANCY who died 
March 25th 1839 Aged 42 years.

This Stone is placed here | to mark the spot | where rests 
the Body of the Revd | John Pane Lawless PYNE for | 39 years 
Minister of the Parish of Inch | who departed this life 26 
March 1869 | Aged 63 years. Deeply lamented.

Erected by Daniel HARTNETT in Memory of his father Maurice 
HARTNETT who died May 23rd 1806 Aged 60 years. Also his 
brother John, died July 4th 1818 aged 24 years. May they 
rest in Peace.

I.H.S.  Erected by John CUDDEGAN of Ballycroneen in Memory 
of his daughter Anstice, who departed this life May 11th 
1820 Aged 9 years. May her soul rest in peace Amen.

Erected by Michael COLLINS in memory of his brother John who 
departed this life Dec. 10th 1825 Aged 39 years. May his 
Soul rest in Peace.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland: vol. 6, 1904 - FHL #