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File contributed by: C. Hunt & M. Taylor

     [From Major J. Grove WHITE, 57th Regiment]

"Sacred to the memory of George GRIFFITHS formerly of Hallow 
in the County of Worcester, England who died May the 186[?], 
in the 60th year of his age. "The Lord gave and the Lord 
hath taken away, Blessed be the name of the Lord" Job 1st, 
21st.								[Upright stone] 

"Erected by Thomas HENDERSON of Longleigh (*or 
Loughleigh) House, Buttevant to the memory of his brother, 
David, died 10th Jany 1861 aged 24 years.  Also his mother 
died 19th January 1862 aged 45 tears an his father died 11th 
April, [No yr given] aged 67 years. [Upright stone] 

"In loving memory of Francis Matilda the wife of Sampson 
STAWELL of Crobeg of Doneraile, Died October 16th, 1888 aged 
32 years.  'She is not dead, but sleepeth'" [A cross] 

"The Family Vault of John CRONE, Esqre. who 
departed this life the eleventh day of May One Thousand 
Seven Hundred and Ninty" (sic) [Altar tomb] 
"Matilta (sic) Anna wife of E.C. MURPHY of Streamhill Born 
September 4th, 1834, married Novr. 30th, 1854, Died January 
24th, 1872. 'Thy will be done'" [Upright stone] 
"Burying Place of Arundel HILL, Esqre., and Family"
									[Altar tomb]
"In loving memory of Mabel Evelyn [VEENON] Born 28th of Nov. 
1861, died 3rd of May 1890 'Blessed are the pure in heart 
For they shall see God" - Matth. v. 8" [A cross] 

"Sacred to the Memory of [CLUTTERBUCK] CRONE, Esqre., a 
magistrate of the County of Cork who died March 6th, 1819. 
Also his wife [Lucy] who died February 7th, 1824" (?) [Altar 
"Sacred to the memory of Henry Felix SCHUTTER, Esqre. who 
departed this life the 19th day of December, 1813. Aged 40 
years" [Altar tomb]
'Erected by Thoms. J. BUCHANAN in memory of his beloved 
father John BUCHANAN obiit 1 Oct. 1849 aetat 33.  'Blessed 
are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth yea saith 
the spirit that they may rest from their labours and their 
works follow them" Rev. xv. 18 [Upright stone] 
'Erected by her surviving friends in memory of Eugenie 
POLATON, Born in Switzerland 1844 died at Doneraile Court 
April 24th, 1867"

'The FLEURY Monument in Doneraile Churchyard is erected near 
the south-east corner of the church.  It consists of and 
altar tomb, (11 feet high by 6-1/2 feet broad)  The 
following is an accurate copy of the inscription and 
preserves the spelling and the position of the words':-

"John Daly Fecit.
"David FLEURY left ye Interest of 50 [d] a year
to the Poor of the Parish for ever.

"Here lyeth the Body of David FLEURY late of Doneraile
in hopes of a joyfull Resurrection through the merits of
Jesus Christ.  He was son to James FLEURY and Louise
Le MARCHAND and born at La Provotire in the Parish of
Torchand in Lower Normandy France on Tuesday the
2 day of August Anno Domini 1667 and he dyed on
Wednesday the 9th day of November Anno Domini 1720

Here allso lyeth the body of Barbara & Daughter to the 
Reverend Isaac MANSFIELD.  She departed this life on Munday 
the 4th day  of January 1724 in the 53 year of her age.

Here lyeth the Remains of Sarah MANSFIELD Daughter to
ev. Isaac Wife to John JOHNSON of London, Citizen &
oldsmith obiit 15th Decr 1756 aged 74.

"Here lyeth the body of Margaret JOHNSON only Daughter
of John and Sarah JOHNSON of ye City of London
obiit 23d March Anno Domini 1730 in ye 17th year of
her age."

Note: 'A copy of this inscription has also been kindly sent 
to us by Dr. Lascelles ROCHE, Esq., of Doneraile - {Ed.] 
*transcribers note

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1894. FHL# 1279252