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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & Gail Sexton

    [From Major J. Grove White, 57th Regt.]
It is more than pleasant to record the following account of 
the care bestowed on this burial-ground.  We wish we could 
record other similar cases:-

'This churchyard is kept very neat, through the exertions of 
Mr. David Roche, of Doneraile, churchwarden.  It is a credit 
to the parish.  I have seen no churchyard in Ireland better 
cared for.' - J.G.W., Major

'The following appear from the Parish Registers to have been 
buried in the churchyard, but the tombstones to their memory 
have disappeared':-

"JOHN WHITE, Esq., of Kilbyrne (Kilburn), near Doneraile, 
buried 24 May, 1754." 

"ANNE WHITE (FOWLEE), wife of above, died 12 June, 1745." 

"JOHN WHITE, 2nd child of above, buried 26 July, 1741, aged 
14 years." 

"JAMES WHITE, Esq., of Kilbyrne, buried 16 November, 1780, 
aged 52." 

"GROVE WHITE, Esq., of Kingstown, near Doneraile, died 1768, 
aged 38 years." 

'In his will he desired to be buried in the family 
burial-place.  There is now (1894) no sign of his old family 

"SARAH, widow of WILLIAM WHITE, Esq., of (? Hogstown), Co. 
Cork, buried 24 December, 1811, aged 80 years." 

"WILLIAM, infant son of WILLIAM and SARAH WHITE, buried 20 
February, 177 ." 

"DR. JOHN GROVE WHITE, of Charleville, Co. Cork, buried 
April, 1801."

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1894. FHL# 1279252