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File contributed by: C.Hunt and Celia Ewald

    [From Major J. Grove White, 57th Regiment, Kilbyrne, 

'Inside the church':--
"To the Glory of God in loving memory of | HAYES ST. LEGER | 
IVth Viscount Doneraile | Born 1st October, 1818.  Died 26th 
August, 1887. | This peal of six Bells in the Tower of 
Doneraile Church is erected | by his daughter CLARE and her 
husband LORD | CASTLETOWN of Upper Ossory."

"Sacred | to nthe memory of |ARTHUR GETHIN CREAGH, Esqre., | 
who departed this life | on the 23rd of August, 1855, | aged 
75 years.  | Sincerely and deservedly Regretted | By all who 
knew him." [Marble] 
'Arms, &c':--Crest--A horse's head with a branch, rampant. 
Arms and Motto- "Virtute et nomine."

"This tablet is erected | by CATHERINE STAWELL | as a 
tribute of affection | to the memory of her beloved husband, 
WILLIAM STAWELL, of Kilbrack, Esqre., | with whom she lived 
in uninterrupted happiness | for fifty-five years. | He died 
on the 17th day of February, 1830, | aged 85 years." 

'On marble slab on floor west of communion-table':--
"To the Glory of God and in loving memory of | NICHOLAS 
EVANS, J.P., | Retired Commander R.N., of Newtown in this 
Parish, | who died 11th October, 1884, aged 78 years. | and 
of CATHERINE ALICIA his wife, | who died 30th December, 
1884, aged 72 years." 

"To the Glory of God and in loving memory of | JANE 
MARGARET, widow of ROBERT CRONE, of Byblox, } Donerile, and 
daughter of the late JOHN NOBCOLT, | M.D., died August 22, 
1878, aged 70 years." "These communion rails were presented 
| by some relatives and friends." [Brass.] 

"To the memory of ROBERT FENNELL CRONE, of Byblox, | and 
MARTHA his wife, and their 5 sons, JOHN, JAMES, | ROBERT, 
HUGH, RANDALL, and 4 daughters, JANE, | FRANCES, ANNE, 
MARTHA, this window is erected | by CONSTANCE, widow of DR. 
TROUSDELL, R.N., the fifth and toungest daughter, and sole 
surviving member of the family, A.D. 1878." [Brass.]

'Crest -- A dexter arm in armour embowed, holding in the 
hand a dagger all ppr. Arms--Ar on a chev gu, between three 
roses of the last barbed vert, seeded gold. 
Motto--"Nourissez l'esperance."' [All, over the 

LIFE MAY 17, 1876. | Aged 54 Years." [Marble.] 

'A handsome monument, 12½ feet, consists of a life-size 
figure of Hope, in pure white marble, holding an anchor in 
the right hand, and leaning with the left arm on a medallion 
of Arthur Sentleger, Lord Viscount Doneraile.  The figure is 
enshrined in a portico supported by pillars of Sienna 
marble, and on each side stands a figure of a boy, in white 
marble, the one on the right holding in his right hand a 
club, and the other, in his left-hand, a looking-glass, 
round which is entwined a snake.  Above is a viscount's 
coronet, with the family arms:  

Crest--A griffin passant or; Arms--Az. fretty, arg. A chief, 
or; Supporters--Two griffins, or, wings elevated and 
indorsed fresty, az.  Motto--"Hant et bon."  The whole is 
surmounted by a funeral urn connected on each side by 
festoons of tracery- work with a small lamp. 'Underneath 
runs the following inscription':--

"To the Memory of | ARTHUR SENTLEGER Lord Viscount 
DONERAILE and Baron KILMEADEN, who died 7th June, 1727, aged 
70 years | he married ELIZ. HAYES, daughter of JOHN HAYES of 
Winchelsea, in the County of Sussex, Esqre. | by whom he had 
three sons and two daughters, viz. ARTHUR, JOHN and HAYES, 
the present Lord Viscount DONERAILE. | MARY who died young; 
and ELIZ: married to RICHD. ALDWORTH of New Market, in the 
County of Cork, Esqre. | Descended from SIR ANTHONY 
SENTLEGER, Knight of the Most Honorable Order of the Garter, 
Gentleman of the Privy Chamber, | and employed in the most 
honorable offices under the most Renowned Henry the Eighth 
and Edward the Sixth, | Several times Lord Deputy of 
Ireland, by whose means in his first Government the Nobility 
and Commons were induced | by general and free consent to 
give Henry the Eighth, the style and title of King of 
Ireland to him and his Posterity for ever.|

* Alias Kilbyrne. 52 This grave Counsellor after his 
course of life spent in the service of these two Kings. | 
and having endured nevertheless some crosses in the time of 
Queen Mary, but living to see | the happy reign of Queen 
Elizabeth, Departed this life 1559, aged about 63, and is 
buried at Ulcomb in Kent, | where there is a monument 
erected to his Memory as well as several others to his 
ancestors. | This Monument was erected by HAYES SENTLEGER 
the present LORD VISCOUNT DONERAILE As an affectionate 
Testimony of his filial Duty." 

'In churchyard':-- "The Burial Place of WILLIAM ASHTON, 
Esqre., and Family." [Altar-tomb.] 

"Sacred | To the memory | of WILLIAM LORE, Esqre., | who 
departed this life the 23 | day of March, 1812, aged 75 
years."							[Altar-tomb.] 

"Sacred | to the memory of | JAMES GROVE WHITE | the 
Tenderly beloved | and eldest son of | CHARLES TUCKEY WHITE 
| and ELIZABETH his wife, | who died in Doneraile | June 22, 
1857, | aged 6 years and 9 months. | 'Them that sleep in 
Jeses | will God bring with him.' | Also the above CHARLES | 
TUCKEY WHITE, died | 12 July, aged 43."						
[Upright stone.] _____

"Beneath this tomb | are deposited the remains of | JOHN 
GROVE SEWARD, esqre. | He departed this life the 4th day | 
of June, 1825, in the | 50th year of his age. | Here also 
lie the remains | of JAMES GROVE WHITE, Esq. | of Kilburn, 
who entered | into rest Janry. 13th, 1866, | aged 74 years. 
Walking | in all the commandments | of the Lord blameless, 
he was beloved in life and in | Death, deeply lamented.  His 
afflicted widow places | this inscription as a record | of 
his Virtues and her regret.| 'Thess. Iv. 16.' Here also lie 
the remains | of PHEBE WHITE, widow of the | Above, who 
departed this life | the 5th of May, 1879."

'On the panels of tomb are inscribed':
"ANN (nee WHITE) widow of | THOS. SEWARD of  Nurse town | 
Mallow, died 6 Jany., 1828, | aged 93."

"MARY (nee CHEARNLET) widow | of CAPT. JN. GROVE WHITE | of 
Kilburne, Doneraile, | died 8 Sept., 1849, aged 84."		
[Altar-tomb.] 53 "WILLIAM ANDERSON, Esqre., of Abacross, | 
Died Decr. 5th, 1882, Aged 890 years."					
[Upright stone.] 

"In this Vault lies the Remains | of MARY the wife of | 
THOMAS PATERSON, Esqre. | and eldest daughter of JOHN LOVE, 
| late of Castle Saffron, Esqre, | Died the 17th day of 
December, 1708, | aged 77 years.		[Altar-tomb.] 

"MARTHA | the beloved wife of | CHARLES CROKER, Captain | 
Royal Navy, | entered into rest November 18, 1872. | I am 
the Resurrection and the life. | CHARLES CROKER, Captain 
Royal Navy, | sixth son of EDWARD CROKER of Ballynagarde | 
in the County of Limerick, | Born February 5, 1793, Died 
December 13, 1877. | Beloved are the dead which die in the 
Lord."	[Cross.] 
"In loving memory of | MABEL EVELYN 
ROSE, | the dear Little child of | the REVD. A. JACKSON 
NICHOLSON, | Rector of Doneraile, | and MARY BECHER his 
wife, | Born March 30, 1879, | Died May 12, 1882." "My 
beloved is gone down Into his garden to gather lilies Joy 
for the little sleeper The gentle timid lamb Safe with her 
tender Keeper Could there be sweeter Balm."		[Cross.]

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland FHL# 1279252