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File contributed by:  C.Hunt

    [From Mr. A. B. E. Hillas.]

'The church was built in 1700 at the expense of Dr. Brown, 
Bishop of Cork, for the accommodation of sailors frequenting 
the port. 'The sea coast is very dangerous, and many vessels 
have been lost in the neighbourhood. 'Probably some of the 
tombstones which have only a date and I.H.S. may mark the 
graves of nameless drowned men.'

 to the memory
 Alexn Deane Notter
 aged 6 years
 Unfortunately drownd
 at Rock Island
 on the morning
 of the 10th July A.D.

The Burial place of the Baker | Family he died May
the __ 1802 | Aged 70 years.|

Erected by Joseh | Burchell to presrv | The Memory of |
His Wife Johannah | Who departd this | Life 18 Octr
1814 | Age 63 years | May her Soul Rest | In Peace

Sacred To The | Memory of Young Cole |  Who Died on
the 8th of Sept | 1850 Aged 74 years.

Sacred to the Memory of
Anne Lavinia Brook
Who died on the 2nd of Sep 1815
aged 7 months
and to
William Thomas Brook
Who died on the 27th of Aug 1818
Aged 2 years
Infant children (of)
William Brook
of the
Coast Guard Service.
ohn Mullane, Sculpt. Valencia.

'This is a slate slab, evidently from slate quarries at 
Valencia it has worn well.'

Here lieth the | Body of William | Avery Lieutenant
of | the Royal Navy | Who departed | this life 12 of |
March 1807 aged | 27 years. |

Here lies | the body of IN. L. COTEU | who died 30th
of June | 1808 Aged 25 years. |

'The lettering is quite plain, but Coteu is a form I have 
never met. Cotter is an ordinary Southern name.'

'And a second with same inscription. No trace of lettering.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland (source: vol. 9 - FHL #