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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M. Taylor

CLONMEEN PARISH CHURCH (about 1-1/4 miles N E of Banteer)
    [From Major J. Grove White, 57th Regiment]

    'The church is closed and the graveyard overgrown with rank 
vegetation. A small portion of a ruin is in the churchyard, 
probably that of a former church.' 'The Communion plate is 
in the possession of the Rector of Castlemagner. (See 
Castlemagner, Co. Cork)
    'There is only one monument inside the church, viz.' :-

			of Banetyre for himself - his wife
			and children.

'Cherub		Coat-of-Arms		Cherub'
'Head and Wings			    'Head and Wings'
'Arms-Arg, in base, a mount vert, on the sinister side a 
burst of oak trees, therefrom issuant a wolf, passant, 
towards the dexter ppr,
'Crest - A bare dexter arm. embowed, holding bendwise a 
sword. twined with a small snake, all ppr.
'Motto - Fides et andax
'Skull and Cross-bones.  Cherub and head and wings. Skull and
'The letters of above are in gilt on a black ground.  The armorial
bearings are painted in gilt and colours in excellent preservation'


"Erected by Owen CALLAGHAN to his daughter Catherine DRAY, 
died 8th March, 1793 aged 19"
"Eugene O'CALLAGHAN, Kanturk, died 2nd March, 1872, aged 62. 
Erected by his son, Revd. Eugene M O'CALAGHAN, P.R. of 
Portsmouth, U.S.A."
"Erected by Corn's and James O'CONNELL, of Kilcorney, to 
their father, Denis. died 10th May 1875, and their 
grandmother died 1880"
"Michael O'BRIEN of Curras. died 8th Aug 1838 aged 63"
"Erected by Patrick O'BRIEN of Mallow and Jeremiah O'BRIEN 
of Kanturk, to their father Corn's O'BRIEN of [Duinchy] died 
8th Jan, 1844 aged 80"
"Erected by John O'BRIEN of [Duinchea] to his son James died 
11th Dec, 1855, aged 31"
'Erected by John SULLIVAN to his wife Debby SULLIVAN, alias 
LEARY, died 10 Feb, 1832, aged 65"

Foot NOTED: * Ref Callaghan - 'See Memoir of Viscount 
Lismore' - "Burke's Peerage"

"Erected by Dan RIORDAN, of Glynn, to his father Timothy 
RIODAN died 10th Aug 1860, aged 90 Also his mother Abby 
[Andy] RIORDAN died 16th Jan, 1860 aged 78"
"Mrs. Eliza RYAN of Kanturk, died 15th Nov, 1870 aged 80. 
Also her daughter, Margaret died 19th Jan 1882, aged 47"
"Erected by Denis and Cornelius HARRINGTON of Sally's-Cross 
to Cornelius HARRINGTON died 4th Aug, 1871 aged 60"
"Erected by Timothy FLYNN of Kanturk ...................... 
(Rest under ground)"
"Erected by Michael REARDON of Dysart, to his wife Mary, 
died 11th Dec, 1875, aged 65. And his son Dan, died 14th 
July, 1850 aged 10. And his son John, died 23rd Oct, 1850 
aged 14" 
"Erected by Catherine BLANEY to her 
father, died 11th Jan 18 1854. Also to her mother, brother 
and friends" 
"Timothy QUIN of Curragh died 20th 
Dec, 1841 aged 54. Also two of his children, Timothy and 
Sarah who died young"
Erected by Timothy LINAHAN of 
Conoppoge to his daus. Mary, died 15th Augt. 1825 aged 24, 
and Catherine died 10th Augt. 1833 aged 26" 
"Erected by Patk. and John O'CALLAGHAN of Kanturk to his 
father Danl. O'CALLAGHAN late of Keelaraly, died 23rd Mar 
1815 aged 56" 
"Erected by Timothy FITZ-PATRICK to 
his son Jeremiah died 1st July 1866 aged 20. Also to his 
father Jeremiah FITZ-PATRICK, his brother John and sister 
"Erected by Corn's and Denis LYHANE, to 
their Father Jeremiah LYHANE of Derry, who died March 14th 
Daniel COLLINS. of Couganes died 30th Nov, 
1820 aged 52,  Family Burial PLace 
"Erected by Denis LEAN of Knecknenany, to his father Danl. 
LEAN died 17th Nov 1821"
"Erected by George SMITH of Knockardrahan to his parents, 
brothers, and his wife and dau. Ellen, who died a religuese 
(sic) in Bordeaux on 21st March, 1872"
'A white marble tablet on outside wall of church.  Same 
crest as is on monument inside church:-

"Richard O'CALLAGHAN, Esqre, who died 18th July 1874, aged 
37.  Erected by his widowed daughter"
"Erected by Mrs. LEAHY of Guiteen to her husband Denis LEAHY 
died 12th Nov. 1852 aged 43; and dau. Mary died 22nd April 
1843, aged 23"
"Owen BARRY died 16th Jany 1880 aged 66.  Also Danl, CONNELL 
died 1st Sept, 1880 aged 63"
"Erected by John KELLEHER, of Fermoy, to his wife, Mary 
KELLERHER, alias SWEENEY, died Nov 26, 1832 aged 40"
"Erected by Philip MULLAND and his beld. wife Ellen  of 
Kanturk, to mark this ground"
"John FANNING, died 22nd Mar, 1856, aged 19.  Also Mrs. Mary 
FANNING died 27th Jan, 1861 aged 70.  Both of Coolfin, 
Queen's Co."
"Erected by Timothy LEHANE and brother, of Fortgrady, to 
their mother, Elizabeth, died 15th Sept, 1847"
"Erected by John and Denis, sons of Dan HALLIHAN, late of 
Curraigue,  to his memory, died 25th Mar. 1855, aged 70"
"Edmund BARRETT died 15th Oct, 1856 aged 18. Erected by Wm. 
LEADER, of Rosnalee"
"Patk. SINE of Clonmeen"
"Patk. BRICK of Banteer, died 5th Aug, 1867 aged 48 years"
"Pat ONEILL, of Gortmore, died 2nd Feb, 1858"
"Pat RIORDAN, died 1803 aged 24"
"Honora O'CALLAGHAN, of Inchidaly, in memory of her husband 
Edmund, died July 24, 1872, aged 74"
"Daniel LYNCH in memory of his wife Honora, died March 2nd 
1802, aged 74"
"John BRIAN"
"Erected by Dan CREEDON, of Fortgrady in memory of Jeremiah 
SULLIVAN, Castle HYDE, died 20th Mar, 1885 aged 75"
"Cornelius HERLEHY, died 7th Sept. 1783, aged 21"
"Denis LYHANE, of Derry, who, died 4th Mar, 1810"
"Jeremiah KEEFE, 1772"
"Davd. BUCKLY, 1863"
"John MURPHY of Knocknacolan, 1812"
"Jer. MURPHY, of Fortgrady, March 7th, 1839, aged 64"
"The burial place of James and Daniel MURPHY of Killeeneagh 
and [poR'] being the gueareay (sic) family"
"Ellen CRONIN alias MADDEN in memory of her husband Timothy 
CRONIN, died 21st Jan, 1828"
"Erected by John CALLAGHAN of Kanturk, Butcher, in memory of 
his father Daniel, died 3rd July 1782 aged 78"
"Daniel MULLHANE of Maoilenherach, in memory of his wife 
Mary MULLANE, died 10th July 1831, aged 54"
"Dan SHEA in memory of his father John SHEA died Mar 1834"
"Erected by Pat'ck HUDNER in memory of his mother Johanna, 
of Dromolour, died Mar 30th 1882"
Erected by Mrs. TWOHIG in memory of her father Cornelius 
"Mary O'CALLAGHAN of Fortgrady, died 27th May, aged 84"
"Timothy MURPHY in memory of his father, Jeremiah Of 
Knuckbrack, died 17 June 1817"
Mary CALLAGHAN of Fortgrady, in memmory of her husband. 
Michaek O'CALLAGHAN died 3rd Sept 1842 aged 55"
Noted: "In this crowded churchyard are other tombstones to 
the families of the names of: FOLEY, RIORDAN, DONOVAN, 

"It is very difficult to decipher the inscriptions on the 
stones, especially on the ones erected before this century. 
Pieces of wood from coffins are lying about in all 
Transcriber's Note: [   ] designate names-not clear in image 
- A very old book It's possible the 'Corn's' that are here 
is Cornelius abbreviated.

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1894. FHL# 1279252